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Izzy Sweet Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 12:59am
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Now I know so many of you have worked with poured fondant but I myself never have.I am adding cookie bouquets to my menu for valentines day and I made my first batch of poured fondant and it came out awesome and I love , love, love working with it.I used some pear oil and added some salt to cut the sweet in it and I am very excited about the end result.


So that is my share and thank you for listening icon_biggrin.gif

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shanter Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 1:12am
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What recipe did you use for the poured fondant?

Izzy Sweet Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 1:23am
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Poured Fondant


6 cups confectioners' sugar, sifted (about 1 1/2 lbs.)
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1 teaspoon clear almond extract (may substitute any clear flavor, lemon is also delicious)
food coloring, if desired


1.Cover cupcakes lightly with buttercream icing. Let set 15 minutes.


2.Place sugar in saucepan. Combine water and corn syrup; add to sugar and stir until well-mixed. Cook over low heat. Don't allow temperature of mixture to exceed 100°F Remove from heat; stir in extract and icing color.

3.Place cooled cupcakes or mini cakes on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet or pan to catch excess icing. Cupcakes which will be covered completely should be turned bottom side up. Pour icing on center of cupcake using pan or measuring cup. Or, pipe icing from a cut decorating bag. Cover the cupcake completely, or use your coating as a glaze to simply cover tops and drip over the sides. Touch up any bare spots with spatula. Let set.

4.Excess icing may be reheated just to pouring consistency. Don’t overheat the icing as it will lose its shiny finish.


shanter Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 2:03am
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Thank you so much for sharing! Can't wait to try it.

HotPink_LipGloss Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 3:19am
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AThank you! Did the salt really help cut the sweet? What is the texture like? I've never had poured fondant.

Izzy Sweet Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 4:21am
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AThe fondant has a nice stiffness to look and a nice creamy texture to eat..The pinch of salt did make a difference i found paired with the flavour oil... it looks so pretty..tomorrow i will post some pics..i put the fondant in a disposable piping bag and it was easy to handle.. i am going to try it with my single bite cheesecakes next.

Dayti Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 10:27am
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Is this thin enough to dip cake pops in do you think? I would like an alternative to chocolate.

cazza1 Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 12:27pm
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Thanks for this.  I have bought some little letter cake tins, each being about the size of 2 cupcakes, and I was wondering how it would be best to cover them.  I shall give this a try.

LaneeLou Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 4:25pm
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AThis sounds great. I would love to see pics! Cookies are my fave (to eat), not really cake. Lol!

Izzy Sweet Posted 17 Jan 2013 , 7:02pm
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Originally Posted by Dayti 

Is this thin enough to dip cake pops in do you think? I would like an alternative to chocolate.

Yes, when you still have the fondant in the pot you can dunk the cakepops in them...What a great idea!!!

rr2sweet Posted 19 Jan 2013 , 1:45am
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Do you have any pics? Does it look just like royal icing?

Izzy Sweet Posted 19 Jan 2013 , 3:42am
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Sorry have been very busy, I will post pics promise.. It does not look like royal icing at all, it looks like fondant to me.

howsweet Posted 27 Jan 2013 , 1:51am
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I've never used anything but the traditional method (pouring onto a marble slab and working it until it's solid). there is nothing better tasting. the one time I made petit fours using this, I thought the customer was going to cry. She was older and she said she hadn't tasted anything like that in 40 years.

Izzy Sweet Posted 27 Jan 2013 , 6:43pm
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Sorry the flu hit my house and I did not get time to post these pics sooner. As you can tell my hand skills have to get better but this was my first go.I flavoured the sugar cookie with Pina Colada and the fondant I flavoured with coconut.I myself love this poured fondant and It can be refridgerated and used at another time.


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