Wilton Tube #403, It's New And Exciting To Me, So How Do You Use It?

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Thegalnextdoor Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 7:39am
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 So, for my birthday, my MIL gifted me a bunch of cake decorating goodies. I'm just starting out, so there are so many tubes that I've never seen before. She gave me a box of large tubes, open star, large basketweave, closed star, a few other ones, and tube #403. I have a baby shower cake coming up, and I'm wondering if I could use #403 to do some ruffles along the bottom then make it even better with a small shell border along the top of the ruffle. Do any of you use this tip regularly, and where else on the cake could I use it? Would it be good for a complete ruffle cake? Thanks so much!

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kazita Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 9:55am
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AI think you mean tips instead of tubes unless im wrong and someone here corrects me they are called "tips" I don't mean to sound mean ( if it comes across that way , sorry ) anyways I had surgery on my foot and haven't been into michaels or hobby lobby in a few months so I haven't looked at cake stuff in a few months. I have been making cakes for 12 years and have never seen tip number 403, is it a brand new tip that wilton just came out with? Oh I went and dug out a cake book and the book is over 10 years old and tip 403 is in the book so its not new I just have never seen it or paid attention to it at the craft store. In the book it shows it making ruffles. Guess you learn something new every day. It does look like its a bigger tip so the regular coupler would'nt work with it, you would probably have to put the tip in a new uncut piping bag and carefully cut the tip of the bag off to fit the tip( no coulper used, just the tip inside the bag, if that makes sense) than you can use that bag for tips that are that size. Hopefully this makes sense and I didnt even answer your questions , I dont know the answer to your questions being that didnt even know that the tip existed . Hopefully someone here can answer and let us both know what tip 403 can do.


kazita Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 10:16am
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ALooking in my cake book I think you would really like tips numbers 86 ,87and 88 they make a ruffle with a border right on top of it all at the same time. Tips are very reasonable priced, heck they are one of the cheaper things that you can buy for caking , they are just a couple dollars some of the fancy tips cost more but not to much more than that. Looking at tip 403 its pretty wide , at least it looks wide in the book, I would use a little smaller tip to cut your piping bag, that way you can use that bag with your medium size tips.


Gefion Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 11:22am
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Originally Posted by kazita 

I think you mean tips instead of tubes unless im wrong and someone here corrects me they are called "tips"



Tube is another (and older) word for tip. It's still called tubes in the UK, at least at the supply stores where I shop.

kazita Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 11:52am
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Original message sent by Gefion

Tube is another (and older) word for tip. It's still called tubes in the UK, at least at the supply stores where I shop.

Ok again I learned something new, didnt know they where called tubes. So exactly what does tube 403 do?

Dani1081 Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 12:09pm
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thegalnextdoor, to see a small section of the ruffle this tube/tip makes, here's a link:



Dani1081 Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 12:12pm
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Well, Cake Central won't allow the link, so here's the picture. 

BakingIrene Posted 12 Jan 2013 , 2:33pm
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Tube 403 is the largest of three--numbered 401, 402, 403.  They were introduced in the 1970's for extra large curved ruffles. Also great for very large flowers.


Wilton has discontinued the 401 and 403 so grab them from stock in a decorating store if you can.

Thegalnextdoor Posted 13 Jan 2013 , 7:35am
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 I figured it was a ruffle tip, I had never seen it till now. I'm hankering to bake a cake right up just so I can play with it, tip 403, that is. Thanks for the replies. If I fashion a stunning cake with this #403, I will certainly post pics, so that way in the future someone can maybe look and admire the awesomeness that is tip/tube #403  (:

princelyess Posted 6 Sep 2014 , 12:15am
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Hello Ladies!  I found this post while looking for info on how to do ruffles with this tip tube).  I had never heard of it either, until a bakery in Ohio posted pictures on Facebook of their "Signature" flowers made with something I believe is similar.  They say that the have theirs custom made, but I don't know for sure.  It is the White Flower Cake Shoppe.  Have any of you worked with this tip?  I am looking to learn all the things that I can do with it.  I will try to link to their website. http://i.instagram.com/whiteflowercakeshoppe

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