Anyone Else With "decorator's Wrist"?

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simplyeden Posted 7 Dec 2012 , 10:46pm
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So with Christmas around the corner it has been hectic around hectic in fact I've given myself a repetitive motion injury to my wrist from decorating. Ive tried Advil, a brace, ice and rest....has anyone else had this that have some other good tricks to use? I've got 25 more dozen cookies to crank out this weekend and don't think my wrist will hold out.

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-K8memphis Posted 9 Dec 2012 , 10:55pm
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Ouch ouch ouch. I think that you need to consider changing the way you decorate--it sounds difficult but your hand/arm is worth it. But you have to put the fire out first too. Not easy. Takes time. Yes, ice, rest, advil--you got it!!


I worked for a lady who had left nursing and bought a bakery and she decorated wrong--she ended up with nerve surgery and never changed her style -- never changed or adjusted how she held the bag etc,--and wound up having to sell it. Inflamation doesn't ever forget!! Has a looooong memory.


I'm not saying you decorate wrong. I'm saying it's more serious than you might think at first.


Be very very careful. We only get the one pair of hands.

-K8memphis Posted 9 Dec 2012 , 11:03pm
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An idea for you is to take an ice cube and ice your hand/wrist down at night right before bed. In the morning lay your arm on the counter top from your elbow on down to your wrist. Gently pull up on your hand stretchign for a count of 10 leaving your arm from wrist to elbow on the counter. Repeat this a few times pulling up and pushing down not aggressively just enough.


Do this for weeks and weeks and it will help. Remember it took a long time to damage yourself and it will take a while to fix it. It does help.


The best to you.

remnant3333 Posted 9 Dec 2012 , 11:09pm
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How does one decorate wrong or right to cause injury to your wrist? I I have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome before.  Is this similar?  Which way would be the wrong way to hold the piping bag? 


I will be praying for your wrist to get better!!!  Putting ice on it will probably help.  I always use prescription strength ibueprofen 800mg for injuries where your muscles and tendons are swelling inside.  Hope your wrist gets better!!!  In the meantime if you have someone who can help you out in the kitchen would be good so you can rest your wrist.  I am sorry to hear about your wrist hurting.  It has to be pretty frustrating.  Hang in there!!

-K8memphis Posted 9 Dec 2012 , 11:23pm
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She kept her wrist extended, bent back open to pipe. Like how the royalty in England or a beauty queen on a float waves. It hurts just to think about it. I mean she even went for acupuncture. Then she never accomodated for her injury. What could she expect to happen ecept to re-injure herself.


When I pipe I keep my wrist protected and bent in toward my elbow somewhat. I never got carpel tunnel. I never got injured from decorating. I did get callouses--parchment bags of course. But Ironically I have more arthritis than I know what to do with. But not from piping. That's some kind of victory--not sure which kind but...


That icing down your arm at night plus the exercise in the morning is good info I got from a tennis coach.

simplyeden Posted 10 Dec 2012 , 12:44am
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This weekend went fine. Maybe it was a fluke. Unfortunately my real job involves a lot of typing and my physical activities are hard on my wrists so I think this was bound to happen. HOpefully I can continue on the path to being better. 

BakingIrene Posted 10 Dec 2012 , 3:11pm
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Originally Posted by simplyeden 

So with Christmas around the corner it has been hectic around hectic in fact I've given myself a repetitive motion injury to my wrist from decorating. Ive tried Advil, a brace, ice and rest....

I kept my hands healthy with some prevention: One Advil just before I started the hard work, making sure that I spread the work evenly between both hands.  End of the day: one more Advil and HEAT not ice. When you can: a proper gym workout of hands and wrists with small weights.

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