Michelle Fosters Fondant

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mamas07 Posted 5 Dec 2012 , 9:28pm
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Aok so i was gonna try and make marshmallow fondant for a cake and saw everyone giving this great reviews- i dont have a KA ( maybe santa will bring me one) can i do this recipe by hand?

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kazita Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 5:52am
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AWell I read the recipe here on cc and it says to use a stand mixer and to not use a hand mixer I'm not 100% sure but it doesn't sound like you can make it by hand

Debbiebakes Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 7:32am
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AActually, it's best not to use a mixer and make mmf by hand. It could burn out your mixer.

pinky73 Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 2:25pm
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I have made fondant a handful of times..the most recent being Michelle Foster's. I like it MUCH more than I do marshmallow fondant. With that said, I do have a stand mixer and use it sparingly at first, but honestly, I do most of the kneading by hand, much more so than the recipe says too. I have had really good luck the last two times I made fondant and I am by no means an experienced caker, especially not when it comes to fondant. I think it's possible to make it completley by hand, it will just be a bit more messy than if it's confined to a mixer bowl. Good luck!

Ducky316 Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 3:13pm
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Yes, it can be done by hand...I only use my stand mixer for the initial mixing because it cuts back on the counter and my hands mess...but I knead it mostly by hand. Just remember to sift all of your powdered sugar. First recipe I tried did not tell me to do this, and I had a heck of a time kneading out all of the grainy lumps!icon_biggrin.gif

allcupcakedout Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 5:41pm
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AI never make my fondant with my mixer. I always just knead by hand. I burned out a mixer once doing it and will never do it again!

Annabakescakes Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 6:10pm
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My preferred fondant is MFF, and I have made it entirely by hand 3 or 4 times, and it came out well. I just sprayed a large plastic bowl with cooking spray, dumped my liquid in, then all of the powered sugar, and mixed with a plastic spoon (shaped like the typical wooden kind, just not porous) and stirred until I couldn't anymore, then mixed in by hand, then turned it out and kneaded it. I prefer my mixer though, since I have weak wrists and one that is damaged from a break that didn't heal properly. The less kneading, the better. 

imagenthatnj Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 6:39pm
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By the way, Michele Foster's fondant (MFF) is not the same as Marshmallow Fondant (MMF). 


And yes, you can make both by hand.

mamas07 Posted 6 Dec 2012 , 8:51pm
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Original message sent by Debbiebakes

Actually, it's best not to use a mixer and make mmf by hand. It could burn out your mixer.

so i made some mmf last night.. the recipe called for 4 cups if pwder sugar.. i kept kneading but it was sooo sticky and kept adding pwder sugar until it finally wasnt as sticky wrapped in plastic wrap waiting to check it when i get hime tonight-- i probably used about a 1.5 of the sugar instead of 2 lbs other recipes called for.. hope it works out

did i do it right?!? lol i didnt make mff i just made regular chocolate mmf

rdiazgreenberg Posted 10 Dec 2012 , 7:14am
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Thank you, Michelle Foster, for sharing this recipe. I finally made it last night and I really liked it. I think my "lukewarm" was on the hot side because it took almost 4 lbs of sugar, but today the consistency was fine. I will make it again soon since I found it far superior to my Marshmallow Fondant. Thanks again and God bless you!!

MBalaska Posted 30 Aug 2013 , 7:17am
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MICHELLE  FOSTER: You are the 'Cats Meow!" I just followed your directions to the letter, and made the most interesting fondant.  I just now took a bit out to test it, rolled it out on a Silpat mat with a nylon rolling pin.  Without sprinkling or dusting any PS or CS (on either the mat or the fondant)  I was able to roll it to about 1/16", lift it up, turn it over, move it about.......shocking.  I just know that I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and this will have been a dream..............

MBalaska Posted 30 Aug 2013 , 8:36am
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   pretty close to MMF recipe

RoxieCakes Posted 1 Sep 2013 , 4:53pm
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Finally Santa came thru with my KA, but I still make this fondant by hand for the reasons listed above.  I didn't come this far only to sacrifice my KA to the curse of the burned out motor!  And a shortcut I was given:  yes, it is important to sift your powdered sugar to get out the lumps but an easy (for me that is) way is to put it into your food processor (if you don't have one, add that to your list for Santa) and use the blade attachment to spin it around awhile (highly technical term for "no set amount of time").  This sifts it without the pain of actually sifting.  So the time you save sifting can be invested back into the time you take kneading so it's all equal (and yummy!) in the end.  Good luck --

RoxieCakes Posted 1 Sep 2013 , 5:04pm
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mamas07 - if your fondant turned out and tastes great, you did it right no matter the amount of PS you used.  I've found that lots of factors affect the amount of sugar you need, especially the warmth of the fondant when you start the kneading process.  As rdiazgreenberg points out, hers was maybe too warm and therefore took more PS but it still turned out just fine.  Maybe yours was less warm when you started or maybe you live in a lower humidity area; don't focus too much on the amount of PS but rather on the end result; you'll probably use slightly differing amounts of PS with each recipe, or at least I do.  Good luck and have fun!

Carrie789 Posted 1 Sep 2013 , 5:15pm
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Ok, You have convinced me to try this recipe again. I thought I followed the recipe exactly, but it turned out awful. It was soft and had no stretch whatsoever. It pulled apart like cotton candy. I threw it away. Obviously, others are getting great results, so here goes, again.

Carrie789 Posted 1 Sep 2013 , 5:19pm
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I bought a battery-powered sifter from Amazon for $10. Worth every penny and then some. It sifts two pounds of powdered sugar in less than two minutes. My best cake purchase in a long time.

MBalaska Posted 3 Apr 2014 , 8:57am
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Just did something fun for flavoring the MFF.  I used clear vanilla and Loran Marshmallow flavoring in a batch.  So it had the taste of marshmallow fondant with the structure and workability of glycerine fondant.

Might try that again.

hamtrina Posted 3 Apr 2014 , 12:58pm
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Well, I must be doing everything wrong lol. I've made both Michelle Fosters fondant and MMF and once I've wrapped it in plastic, then try to use it the next day it crumbles. I wanted to use it to cover a cake instead of using Satin Ice which is so expensive. I'm by no means a professional, just self taught but really love cakes and learning. The minute I tried to roll it out, it just crumbles no matter how much I knead it. Any tips?

theicingontop Posted 5 Apr 2014 , 4:25am
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AOk going to make some MFF for a cake I need on the 4/12, how many days in advance can I make this. Trying really hard NOT to percradtinate.

jennicake Posted 5 Apr 2014 , 4:31am
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I've made some two weeks in advance before and it was still perfectly good.  Usually I aim for one week before I need it if that helps :)

theicingontop Posted 5 Apr 2014 , 4:48am
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AIt certainly does, Great help, Thank You sooo much!

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