Anyone Tried This Flavor?

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fcakes Posted 4 Nov 2012 , 10:13pm
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AHas anyone tried pumpkin cupcakes/cake with coconut buttercream frosting? Is that a good combination of flavors? TIA!

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fcakes Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 1:14pm
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AAnyone please?

AnnieCahill Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 1:23pm
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I probably wouldn't be a fan of that combo, but I know a lot of people make carrot cake with coconut so you could always give it a try.

fcakes Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 4:05pm
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AYes, I've done carrot with coconut.....wanted to see if anyone's tried pumpkin and coconut :) And I have a bad case of flu this week so can't taste and detect flavors myself :( Thanks Annie!

Chasey Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 4:24pm
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I would not be a fan of that combo.   My taste buds like cinnamon, vanilla or cream cheese with pumpkin.

BakingIrene Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 4:36pm
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I wouldn't do coconut as there are probably plenty of spices on that pumpkin cake (or there should be).  To my taste, plain cream cheese will be more than enough contrast.

fcakes Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 7:31pm
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AOkay! Thank you so much for the replies! So coconut's out! Thank you!

Godot Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 9:14pm
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Sounds gross. I love pumpkin and I love coconut, but the two together sound gross.


I like cream cheese icing with pumpkin cake, sometimes flavoured with just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of orange zest.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 9:53pm
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 I don't like coconut. About the only coconut-containing confection I ever liked was the old BC "Vienna Dream Bars" bar-cookie mix. And in my reconstruction and reimagining of it ("Innsbruck Dream Bars"), I replaced the coconut flakes in other reconstructions with a 50-50 mix of almond flakes (made by running sliced almonds through a hand-crank nut-chopper) and long-cooking rolled oats. (And the nuts are a 50-50 mix of chopped cashews and macadamias, from the same nut-chopper.)


This thread-hijack is now concluded. We now return to your regularly scheduled thread. (PM me if you want the recipe, though.)


I think if I were making a pumpkin cake, I'd be inclined to go with a maple or maple-cinnamon BC (PM me for that recipe, as well; mine is made with Vermont Grade B, for its robustness), or just a plain vanilla BC.

fcakes Posted 7 Nov 2012 , 2:47am
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So on the customer's insistence, I had to make pumpkin cupcakes with buttercream mixed with sweetened coconut and topped with flaked coconut. I tasted one..and loved it!! It didn't taste bad or out of place at all!!! So any of you interested might want to give it a try!! :D

Annabakescakes Posted 7 Nov 2012 , 4:47am
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AI'll take your word for it;-)

fcakes Posted 7 Nov 2012 , 12:48pm
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ASure Anna! Try it and see! Just received a message from the customer that they really liked them!

Annabakescakes Posted 7 Nov 2012 , 4:48pm
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Original message sent by fcakes

Sure Anna! Try it and see! Just received a message from the customer that they really liked them!

Maybe if it was a coconut milk, and no flake coconut... I hate the way it feels to chew coconut, lol, and I think fake coconut tastes like tanning lotion;-)

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