Need An Idea On Wine Glass Set Up For Tiers Please..

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jenscreativity Posted 26 Oct 2012 , 11:54pm
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Ok, so I"m doing a 4 tiered squared wedding cake. The lower 2 tiers will be a 10,and 12 ", then I'm needing to put wine glasses on top, then put 2 more tiers, 8 and 6" on top of wine glasses..SO would you recommend how many glasses? 3/5 wine glasses and heavy or light wine glasses? What should i use for putting wine glasses on and on top of them for the top 2 tiers to sit on? A clear plastic one OR??

Please help!


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jenscreativity Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 12:17am
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BakingIrene Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 2:07am
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First of all, LOTS of dowels in each tier. Glasses are heavy.

Four glasses would match the four corners of the cake, right? One more in the middle for insurance.

The glasses need to sit on a rigid plate. Use pairs of clear acrylic squares or pairs of regular square separator plates with the nubs taken off.

Make DOUBLE SURE the table is braced, because this is going to be a wobbly setup.

pastrygirls Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 3:34am
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I've done a cake similar to's in my photo's.

Dowel the cake before you frost it. do a thin layer of buttercream on top, then a cardboard the same size as your cake. blend the edges with buttercream, then fondant as usual. then turn glasses upside down (i put flowers inside the glasses), and nestle the rims into the fondant. use royal icing on the "top" of the glass to glue the cake that sits on top of the glasses. we added a little glue (glucose syrup or corn syrup) to the rim of the glass to help it stick a little more.

If you have any questions, just let me know icon_smile.gif good luck!!

jenscreativity Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 1:22pm
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I have to get like med. thick glasses right, so they are in between heavy and light glasses? I'll do the five glasses vs 4 and yes it will be like more near the edges . I can get the clear separator plates and used that/Also, would you recommend maybe some clear foam to go on top of wine glasses and then place the separator plate on top so cake doesn't break them? Thank you!

She wants the glasses to be upright, so you think I should still glue separator plates to glasses? Thanks so much!


BakingIrene Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 1:42pm
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No need for any foam. Most glasses are a lot stronger than they look. Try to get them from a restaurant supply, they will be more durable glass.

DO NOT USE family crystal heirlooms.

Of course you MUST drive with the cake in two sections and assemble on site. But you will see that when you gently place the top section onto a perfectly level cake, the glasses will hold up just fine.

If the separator plates are securely iced to the cake, you don't need to glue the glasses either.

jenscreativity Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 1:55pm
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Ok, great! I told bride about the glasses and is it ok to use 4 glasses and have a crystal rod in center of separator plates instead of 5 glasses? Just want to ask in case she gets only 4 as most come in 4 as a set> Will that work?

Thanks for your awesome advices!!

BakingIrene Posted 27 Oct 2012 , 4:21pm
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Please ask the bride to try to find restaurant wine glasses, because they will be stronger tempered glass. They come either in 6's or by the each.

Please tell the bride to NOT ask for "crystal" or "cut" because these are far more likely to chip and crack.

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