Can I Get This Look With Buttercream?

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Alwayzmakincake Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 12:59pm
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Hello there,

My customer wants this cake, but she doesn't really like fondant. Do you think it would look just as nice with navy buttercream? And is it possible to get a nice navy buttercream? Never made navy.

Thank you!!

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AAtKT Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 1:16pm
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Just as a reminder to your bride... You may wish to tell her that Navy Buttercream will turn everyone's mouth navy...

If you must, I think I would use an airbrush for the outside only... Though, I haven't used an airbrush so I dont know how well that would look or work...

Alwayzmakincake Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 1:25pm
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Thats true! icon_redface.gif Why didn't I think of that? Can you airbrush buttercream? What that still turn mouths blue?

debidehm Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 1:54pm
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I think it will still turn mouths blue. The thing with using fondant is that your clients guests can peel off the fondant to avoid the blue mouth (blue teeth) icon_smile.gif

dantherex Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 2:37pm
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Yes it is possible to get the same effect but with buttercream but only you know if you can get the buttercream to look like fondant.

Also keep in mind that you must use only certain kinds of buttercreams. Buttercreams made by melting sugar usually do not hold color well.
I would recommend a crusting powdered sugar b/c of some kind. Tint it a medium blue, then with an airbrush, go over it with navy luster spray/gold luster spray icon_smile.gif

AZCouture Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 2:54pm
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Or tell your client that as an experienced cake decorator, you know that's it's best to use the same mediums as the original cake if you want nearly the same result. Don't people realize buttercream is underneath the fondant?

DeliciousDesserts Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 3:07pm
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Word of Warning....the ONLY way to do this with buttercream is airbrusing. Airbrushing will highlight even the tiniest flaw or impression in the buttercream. Buttercream that would look rather smooth no longer looks as flawless once airbrushed.

Also, even airbrushed color will leave traces on teeth etc.

FromScratchSF Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 3:48pm
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I think the source cake looks airbrushed navy icon_biggrin.gif

Sometimes people just can't get what they want because it's a really bad idea... like buttercream that has that much color dumped into it.

DeliciousDesserts is 100% spot on - aurbrushing on buttercream will show every little nick and imperfection, but worst it will still tint mouths, teeth and colons. Yes, another aspect with using that much color... it will dye your poo! If THAT doesn't turn your bride off it, nothing will.

I had a bride once that wanted a cake heavily piped with black buttercream. She changed her mind once I explained that much black icing would dye all her guests poo black!

AZCouture Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 4:06pm
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And yeah that is airbrushed fondant for sure.

Alwayzmakincake Posted 9 Oct 2012 , 7:45pm
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Thanks everyone for the advice. She decided on a different color BC. icon_biggrin.gif

ReneeFLL Posted 4 Nov 2012 , 10:20pm
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AHow did the cake turn out? I would love to see the pictures. Did she go with the nautical theme? I have always really liked the nautical and beachy themes. You said she does not really like fondant. Has she tasted several, especially a good one? If you don't make your own, then you might want to try Carma Massa Ticino. It cost more, but is worth it.

Alwayzmakincake Posted 4 Nov 2012 , 11:33pm
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AYes I did the nautical theme but she picked an ivory buttercream. Here is the pic.

ReneeFLL Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 1:03am
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AYour cake came out great. I really like the blue one, because I love lots of color. Unfortunately, colors such as blue and black just aren't practical. Her color choice came out very nice.

Alwayzmakincake Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 10:19am
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AThank you. She was very happy with it. I like the blue better too!

carmijok Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 4:09pm
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I just want to point out that you don't have to have your buttercream colored all the way through.  For all my highly colored cakes I use my regular buttercream, get it really cold and solid and then use the highly colored stuff in very thin layers on top of that.  My most recent picture is of a pink baby shower cake.   The icing underneath the pink is chocolate buttercream.  Believe it or not, it really didn't take that much pink to cover the chocolate.  


You can avoid the discoloration worries as well as the food coloring taste that can happen. 

Alwayzmakincake Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 4:44pm
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AThat's a great tip. Will try that. Thank you!

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