Dipping Cake Pops And General Cake Pops Question I

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sberryp Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 2:59am
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My sorority sister is picking up cake pops on Friday for an event Saturday.I would like to start dipping them tomorrow because I have 80 to do will they be ok for Saturday? Should I put them in the fridge?is tomorrow to early to start them?

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Diana81 Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 3:21am
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The fridge worked fine for me when I made cake pops. I think it should be good.

sberryp Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 10:57am
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Thanks for replying, do others agree that it's ok?

Dani1081 Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 11:18am
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I make tons of cake pops and they will be just fine if you go ahead and dip them and store them in the fridge. I've had people eat them a week later and they are still fresh and delicious.

sberryp Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 11:27am
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Thanks for replying. I just want more than one opinion. Thank you ladies. Let get started. Lol have a great baking Wednesday.

sberryp Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 1:39pm
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Sometimes I have issues when I am dipping the cake pops in the chocolate where they fall off the stick while dipping. What can I do to ensure that this will not happen? I do dip the stick in chocolate and then insert it into the cake pop and then put them in the fridge. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

fcakes Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 1:59pm
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If they are falling off the stick, that means there is too much frosting added to the cake crumbs. If you've already made the mixture, add more cake crumbs to it so the frosting ratio goes down.

Also, freeze the pops for 15 mins before dipping. HTH!

leah_s Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 3:19pm
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Refrigerated cake pops are good for a long time. Also, if you can learn to work with these things at room temp (not putting them into either the fridge or freezer prior to dipping) you will eliminate any cracking, if that is a problem. I sell these on my Dessert Truck and a "small" batch would be 9 dozen, made at night while watching TV.

I personally don't much like them, but what the heck, I sell a ton of them.

fcakes Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 4:58pm
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Leah, do you work with them at room temp? Don't they fall off?

Diana81 Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 6:10pm
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sberryp, no problem! If they fall off the stick perhaps u can try this:
- make sure your chocolate is not too thick.
- make sure the balls are not too big and heavy.
- before you stick the lollipop sticks unto the ball, dip the tip on your stick unto the melted chocolate and then stick it unto the ball. Put in the fridge for a little while, then proceed to dipping the ball unto the melted chocolate.
Hope it wasn t confusing! icon_smile.gif

sberryp Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 6:37pm
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Not confusing at all. I am having a bad cake pop day. Usually I don't have problems with the chocolate not being smooth but today is one of those days. Any suggestions for getting the chocolate smooth? The balls are still falling off the stick. I think the chocolate is too thick. I had to walk away from it for a moment because I had 90 cake pops and have already messed up 4 and I need 80. Please help with any suggestions.

Diana81 Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 7:25pm
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There s something called paramount crystals that u can add to it to thin the chocolate. If you don t have time to get some online, I use crisco and add 2 or three teaspoons to a pack of chocolate melts and stir it in while I m melting the chocolate. It worked wonders for me!

sberryp Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 11:38pm
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I used the Crisco and it worked. Thanks a Million! Cc and YouTube are my life savers

Diana81 Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 11:46pm
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Yay!! Happy it worked out! thumbs_up.gif

Serena4016 Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 12:25am
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If the are too big, they will be too heavy once dipped and fall off the stick. I use 1 Tbsp. of "dough" and it is the perfect size.

fcakes Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 6:03am
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is there a difference in using veg. oil and crisco? I use veg oil only...never tried crisco....

mommachris Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 7:03am
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I think in this case..yes.
Crisco is solid at room temp and veg. oil is a liquid.
Wouldn't suggest that substitution.


fcakes Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 7:51pm
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Thnx mommachris! I'm going to try Crisco in the choc. icon_smile.gif

Barb1959 Posted 27 Sep 2012 , 9:53pm
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You can also get paraffin wax. It is sold in the baking aisle in a box. I shave a little in the chocolate, till the consistency is smooth. It also makes the chocolate shiny.

angie1738 Posted 20 Mar 2013 , 7:41am
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AHow do you make them the cake pops and how do you frosting them the wedding pop ones?

Lizelard Posted 20 Mar 2013 , 9:42am
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Originally Posted by angie1738 

How do you make them the cake pops and how do you frosting them the wedding pop ones?


if your looking for something similar to these....i dipped them in white first (i tinted the chocoate grey as this was the grooms colour) when the white is dry you dip it your cake pop at an angle in the other colour one side at a time to create the waistcoat. have fun x

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