Question About Edible Ink Printers?

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icingimages Posted 17 Oct 2014 , 4:06am
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Hi Vicki,

If you have a sponged cartridge, your ink must have some sort of alcohol to prevent bacteria.  The trick to good ink however is the formula should not have too much alcohol.  There has to be a good balance.  Too much alcohol can cause premature printhead burnout.  Finally, the addition of a alcohol based ingredient in the inks helps to keep the edible inks from changing colors after you have printed.  What I would recommend since all brands of edible inks vary is to go by recommendations from peers or look at the prints, order prints from various companies to see how vibrant the colors are.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

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sweetcake2 Posted 3 Dec 2014 , 10:30pm
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Ok...I am very confused.  I want to purchase an edible imager.  When I check the models people recommend Canon, and all of them are regular scanner/printers.  So.... regular scanner/printers will accept edible ink cartridges?

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leah_s Posted 3 Dec 2014 , 11:31pm
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yes, some models do.

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Sever96 Posted 4 Dec 2014 , 2:16am
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AIs there a spongeless, wireless edible ink printer available?

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molly_36 Posted 4 Dec 2014 , 2:17am
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I just bought a Canon and I'm wondering how to go about setting up to print an image on the 6 round (cupcake size) paper? Can anyone help with this?

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icingimages Posted 9 Dec 2014 , 10:36am
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If you are using Icing Images Premium Icing Sheets, there is a free program called iPrint that you can access on our website. Make sure just a with any software that you follow all directions prior to using.

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joejenn06 Posted 9 Dec 2014 , 12:34pm
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So you can just use Cannon printers? I just bought a HP can i use that with edible ink?

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leah_s Posted 9 Dec 2014 , 3:21pm
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AGo to the website of the brand of edible ink you plan to use and check to see what printers are supported.

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icingimages Posted 10 Dec 2014 , 2:26pm
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HP is not compatible sorry... Canon is wonderful for edible printing. 

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paula3164 Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 6:03pm
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I be grateful if you would answer a few questions please:

1. I suppose by now Canon has upgraded to the MG5620 and 6620 which are on your website ( Do you discontinue the older versions that do not appear on your site?

2. Is the Canon IX6820 a better quality print than the MGs?  Or is the only difference the wide format?

3. How to sites like amazon and best buy sell the MG5620 so cheap?  Is it really inferior to your printer?  I have a friend who's on her 4th Canon printer but none of them were purchased through you and her printed images are not sharp.  Could it be the cheaper printer or just the icing sheet (she doesn't use yours)?

Thanks for helping me decide :)

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icingimages Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 6:28pm
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Hi Paula,

I am more than happy to answer your questions, as many as you have!

Every year Canon adds and changes their printer line up.  We do not upgrade until we have fully tested and approved of the next generation printer.  Sometimes the printer changes are cosmetic and sometimes functional.  But at Icing Images, we need to fully understand the printer before we approve it.  This last series for example, Canon changed the way you can get to the printhead and they got rid of their rear tray.  Some of the edible companies had products that would not work with these printers, but we tested, researched and fully understood and have had no problem recommending the printer once we knew how to properly maintain it. 

The Canon ix6820 is a wide format but it does not have a scan bed.  Those are the major differences for our use.  These days the dpi and quality really do not matter as you are not printing regular non edible pictures.  Edible inks can only reach a certain clarity because you are printing on the Icing Sheet.  So buying super high quality is really a waste of money.  What is important is the inks and papers that you use.  Just because a company says its High Definition really makes no difference.  You want an icing sheet that is reliable, wont fall off the backing and resists cracking and chipping.  In addition, it needs to be easy to peel when it's humid.  Regarding the inks, you are looking for a high quality ink, that does not clog easily.  Edible inks do not use toxic ingredients so you will never get exact matches, but our inks are pretty close and vivid.  You want an ink that has alccohol in it, but not too much.  Alcohol acts as an antibacterial ingredient keeping the ink safe and clean.  With the ink being in a closed up dark area, the alcohol is a must.  Also, the alcohol helps the ink to retain the color after it prints and helps the ink dry a bit faster for you.  I bet this is more than you asked for!!!!

The printers on our website we have found to work well, especially with our products. 

The difference between the printers on Amazon and our site are the warranty and obviously one stop shopping.  But you have to be careful.  Some of the companies that are offering cheap edible printer kits are offering supplies which may not be of high quality which can give you problems.  As for your friend, if you are not using quality ingredients and using the proper printing settings and using your printer regularly then you can have problems.  With Icing Images products, we recommend that you use your printer once weekly to biweekly.  Other companies require more usage depending on their inks.  Some companies require you to take your cartridges out between use.  We recommend just using it and do not remove cartridges or the printhead or anything like that.  Just use it.  After all, that is why you bought it! 

So if you go to Amazon to purchase your printer, just buy the printer only and purchase your supplies from a company that has  a good reputation.  Our warranty protects you, but obviously our kits will cost more because of the warranty.  But our printers are on sale right now!  If you buy from a place like Amazon, we are happy to try to help you if you run in to problems, obviously we can't warranty the printer, but we are here and happy to help. Also, sometimes there is hidden value when you purchase from our company and maybe others, things like we offer iPrint, an edible printing program free for our icing sheet customers.  With your printers, you get a free trial for iDesigns which is a pattern printing program that is so fun to use!

  I recommend that you call the company you wish to buy your edible supplies from and talk to them.  If they are knowledgeable and friendly and what they are saying makes sense then that is a great place to start.  But be careful.  More and more edible companies are popping up that are fictitiously stating false information.  Asking here at Cake Central is a great place to make sure you are in the right hands!

Oh, by the way, we just slashed our prices and are offering free shipping.  I invite you to check out our website and put us to the test, give us a call!

Please feel free to call our office or email us at 540 869 5511 or [email protected]  Also, keep asking until you are comfortable with making the right purchase!

Thank you for allowing me to answer your questions.

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Adriatix Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 7:14pm
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I can tell you one thing. We have taken a different route. We made our edible printers based on Canon iP 1800 and our customers absolutely adore this solution. They all have been changing at last one new Canon printer yearly.  They need to refill cartridges all the time . And when they buy a new printer they have to buy a new line of refillable cartridges as well. And you never knew how these new cartridges would love your old edible inkjet ink.

All these printers you are talking about a are using CLi 551 and PG550 cartridges. And for these cartridges there is no resetter. So you have to use them on blind. And in that case you have a great chance to run them dry or without ink and burn your print head. So you are going to by yourself next new printer. And the same story goes on and on.

But in our case you buy yourself just a new decontaminated print head CLi 41 or PG40. And keep on printing on the same printer.  These printers have CISS installed. And as far we have tested these CISS installation on Canon printers this is only plug and play conversion. And these Canon iP 1800 printers are running and running. You have free tools for resetting ink levels, and  waste tank if you like. While that is all a big mystery, when you have to buy always a last Canon model on the market.

So this is our experience. And we do have more than 20 these printer installed in Cake service business or backing industry.  Yes there are some troubles at beginning but after the customer has used to the procedure, he will say >>I do not knew how we have been living and working without this little beast.  Simply it does not want to die. And when it finally passes a way I hope you will have some same model saved for us. Or some of them just took a second same printer as a back up when they need to order and to replace these print heads. Or the answer  lies in our edible ink formulation.  It is based on honey and as you knew the bees knew what the best in the nature is. I do not knew but  pair works beautifully for us


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icingimages Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 8:09pm
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Congratulations Adriatix.  I have heard of a few people trying the CISS with edibles with a lot of trial and error.  They always call us for help and suggestions.  We never took the leap in to it as it seemed to be too problematic for the people who were doing it.  I know of one that got it working well, but that was after a lot of work with the CISS.  He told me it was rather quirky, so I am assuming you have to be very tech savvy. 

The printers we are using with the series listed above do not need a chip resetter, the chip actually automatically resets when they go to refill.  It has been very successful and there is no risk of printhead burnout at all which has been very nice.  We no longer even need to stock printheads for our customers.

Please PM me as I would love to discuss more on to how you were able to get it to work so well.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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Adriatix Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 9:43pm
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This CISS subject is definitively not an easy task. We have been installing and developing CISS installation since year 2001. And we knew all about it. If you think you can install it on any printer you like or would like to have, you are absolutely wrong.  You have to choose the printer that is proven to be trustful for this installation. And after that you are going to design a ink that is going to work on that particular installation.  So considering Canon we have made our first installation based on Canon BJC 4300.  Leather we tried to made a same thing based on Canon inkjet printers based on individual cartridge platform. Unfortunately no one out of 10 of this professional installation survived longer than 6 months. So you can not base your business on something like that. That is why we knew that this is not a way to go if you are professional and you want a plug and play solution. But that Canon iP 1800 would be a winner. So it happened to be a full hit. Besides that all these new or last generation of  Canon printers do not have any longer direct or straight  paper feed system. But  an cassette r under printer.  This is very narrow S and flimsily feed system and I do expect a lot of trouble with little bit stiff or cheep edible paper.  Up to my opinion, that is definitively not a way to go. Yes I have not have on my table yet iX 6850 but this is only new Canon print engine that I would put a finger on it and recommend for professional application,. We have iX 6450 on test so it look me that this is a same mechanics.  But still you can not install CISS on this platform so our iP 1800 I definitively a winner besides its age. You just print and print on it. Yes it prints slowly. You have to use the best resolution option only. But the colors are beautiful and much more punchy than some printed on more advanced models  and printed with  competitive edible inks for the simply reason because this ink is custom designed for this particular printer,  driver and  ICC profile. And as I said these print heads are designed for one time only usage, but in our case some of them can last for 50 - 100ml. Depending how much you are pushing it and what color you do use the most.  The next thing we do not like about compatible CLI 551 and similar refillable cartridges is  a sponge inside this cartridge. These all cartridges are ali  from China. And they use cheep sponge inside. Do not worry we have them on our stock as well and this is definitively not he same lige like Canon original cartridges or sponge. In fact original Canon cartridges do not use sponge at all but mallard and that is why you have to designed edible ink for particular system.  And mallard is  far superior solution because it does not collect a air like sponge does. And in this case you do not have a change in ink viscosity collected in sponge cells like you do with these Chinese sponged cartridges. That air or ink surfactant trapped in sponge cells blocks ink circulation and that do reflect in overheating of print heads heaters. And you do not know that until you have not ruined your print head. So you have to buy a new printer. What is not a bad for your business, while our customers just need to buy new fairly inexpensive print head. That is supposed to be one time only. As I told you these things are not easy or simple so we are not going to develop any new solution as long this iP 1800 on stock.

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icingimages Posted 17 Jul 2015 , 9:52pm
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That is pretty interesting.  I can see you have had a lot of trial and error with your system trying to find the best solution.  While the newer systems do not have a straight paper feed, our Icing Sheets are superior and we have no problems with the curve.  A lot depends on the quality as I am sure you are aware of.  Our Premium Icing Sheets do not have the problem of drying out too quickly and falling off the backing, our Icing Sheets stay on their backing until you take it off.  Our secret is the backing!  Our cartridges have had no problems either with our ink formula.  As you know, the formula is so important with the correct viscosity and we have nailed it so our colors are vibrant and we have very little problems with them.  A lot of the overheating was a problem in the past when the ingredient balance was incorrect with too high of an alcohol content causing the premature burnout.  However, again, formula, formula, formula, the most important factor!  It's been a pleasure learning about your system!

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WayneSeabright Posted 28 Feb 2016 , 6:05pm
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Hi, icingimages

You talk about non sponged cart, but the only printers I find on your site are sponged. Do you sell or recommend a printer that does not have the sponge cart? 

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icingimages Posted 4 Apr 2017 , 1:40pm
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We are now in 2017! Years after this original post was launched and I wanted to give you an update.  Technology is always changing and better cartridges evolve allowing for us to make changes in our ink as well.  We are constantly evolving, constantly trying new things, new formulas and to always provide the best product for our customers.

That being said,  it is the quality of the ink that is used that will make the biggest difference in your success with edible printing.  Canon is still the preferred choice in edible printing, even with the curve of the paper path.  My guess is future Canon printers may change the curve.  With the advancement of cartridges, we have switched to a sponged cartridge with an ink that we have found to be superior in minimizing clogs. This has changed all our cartridges with the exception of the Elite series (an older printer no longer sold) which was the only series we found worked well with the cartridges that did not have a sponge in it.

Do not blame the printer if you are having problems, look at the ink, you do get what you pay for! Paying a little more for your cartridges filled with quality ink and refilling is the most economical way and will give you the most success in edible printing. Use your printer regularly.  For Icing Images edible ink, use your printer 3-4 times per month for success, if you cant use it for edibles that month, just print on regular paper to compensate.  I can't advise you for other brands though.

I hope this information is useful to you.

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lkern777 Posted 5 Apr 2017 , 2:27am
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I have a Canon MG5520 that I use for edible images. I went a couple of months without using it and now it will not print black. I have cleaned and aligned several times, but to no avail. Do you have any suggestions on how to get it working again? 

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icingimages Posted 5 Apr 2017 , 9:03pm
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Hi LKern

I am sorry that you have ea clog.  The alignment wont help and it sounds like the regular cleaning cycles wont help either as its too strong of a clog.  It's ease of cleaning are going to be a direct result of the brand of ink you are using.  Do you have any printhead cleaner? You can try removing the printhead and soaking it in warm water, nothing too hot.  That may work, if you don't have cleaner.  You can try calling our office at 540 323 7990, we can definitely help you if its Icing Images brand, however if it is not, you may have to talk to your ink manufacturer, but we will definitely try and help.  There are a lot of steps and questions to get you moving so its best to call.  Let them know that you are from Cake Central.

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lkern777 Posted 7 Apr 2017 , 1:49pm
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Thank you! I bought the ink from Kopykake. I do not have any printhead cleaner.  I'll try the warm water and see if that helps. Would vinegar hurt it?

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icingimages Posted 7 Apr 2017 , 2:42pm
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I wouldn't use the vinegar cause we haven't tested it. Let me know how it goes. Be sure to thoroughly dry it before using it again

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icingimages Posted 7 Apr 2017 , 2:42pm
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I wouldn't use the vinegar cause we haven't tested it. Let me know how it goes. Be sure to thoroughly dry it before using it again

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icingimages Posted 7 Apr 2017 , 2:42pm
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I wouldn't use the vinegar cause we haven't tested it. Let me know how it goes. Be sure to thoroughly dry it before using it again

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Sweet_Art Posted 14 Apr 2017 , 12:09am
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If you are having problems with black printing, particularly the Large Black cartridge, you should check your printer settings (Printer Properties>Main Tab) and confirm that you have your Media Type set to "High Resolution Paper" (this may be listed under "Other Papers" on some printers) and the Print Quality set to "High".

I do agree with icingimages that buying the cheapest inks is a risky practice. Some companies out there are selling their edible inks so cheaply that it calls into question the suitability for use as an edible product. Cutting corners in this area seems to be an irresponsible choice.

Best of luck,

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cazza1 Posted 22 Apr 2017 , 11:11pm
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I recently bought a computer for the home that has no cartridges at all.  It has tanks on the end that you just pour the ink into.  Super simple.  I was wondering if anyone out there has tried one of these with food inks?  Life would be so easy if they worked.  Any thoughts?

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Sweet_Art Posted 23 Apr 2017 , 2:51pm
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FYI: We had a high-volume customer that wanted to try this, but they finally decided to stick with individual cartridges. They didn't elaborate on their reasons for not pursuing it, but I assume the headaches outweighed the incremental savings on edible ink. My experience is some customers get so focused on cutting costs on their printing supplies that they lose sight of the fact that the top priority is to have a reliable system so they don't have downtime. A good example is when a customer won't do regular nozzle test prints because they don't want to "waste ink", even if they risk not being able to fill orders because their system goes down when the printhead clogs.

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Adriatix Posted 23 Apr 2017 , 7:39pm
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Yes we have done this on HP CISS platform as well. It works perfect after decontamination and with suitable  edible ink

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cazza1 Posted 6 May 2017 , 10:11am
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Thanks guys for your answers.  Sorry it took me so long to get back here.

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