Phantom Of The Opera Mask Template?

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dawnybird Posted 20 Aug 2012 , 4:51pm
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Hi. I would love to make a Phantom of the Opera cake for my 14 yr. old grand daughter who is obsessed with it!! I'm trying to find a template for the mask. I've PM'd two CC members about the ones they used, but have not received an answer. I've searched the internet and I can find masks, which I will use to dry my gumpaste one on but I can't find a template to use to cut the gumpaste. I'm not being lazy asking someone else to search for me, I've just exhausted all of my ideas and thought one of you might know where I can get one. Thanks so much! Your help will make a very happy 14 year old girl!!

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sexysnowtiger Posted 20 Aug 2012 , 6:44pm
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Hi I haven't made the mask but have you tried a yahoo search like phantom of the opera mask image?
I came up with a lot. I sure hope this helps. You can always print one out from there that you like and then take it to like office depot to have them blow it up to what ever size you want.
Good Luck and Happy Birthday to your grand daughter

MaurorLess67 Posted 20 Aug 2012 , 7:44pm
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Hi Dawn-

I did make a Phantom Cake last year- the pics are in my other phone- which have to upload the photos-

It was black with a deep red rose on top/ red border and a gumpaste mask propped up against it- I will try and get the photo up today for you-

What I did was... I found a Mardi Gras type of mask at the dollar store!! -- They have the Halloween decorations out now so you should be in good shape right now in finding masks- they actually had the phantom mask- but it was like 11 dollars at some of the stores-- the mardi gras mask - it had a stick attached to the bottom- look so similiar-- I washed it then covered it in plastic wrap and molded the gumpaste around it-- it can out great- (I made one error in the molding and kept the lip part in- should have molded around it)-

I let it dry for a few days- worked like a charm-

Like I said- I'll try and get pic up today-

Hope that helps

dawnybird Posted 20 Aug 2012 , 8:03pm
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No, I didn't do a Yahoo search, just Google. I'll try that - thanks!!

That's a great idea to use a halloween mask to drape the piece over to dry! Let me ask you this, though: how did you get the basic shape to begin with. Did you use a template, freehand it, or drape it on the real mask and cut around it? I would love to see a picture of your cake! (My grand daughter knows all of the songs by heart and has watched this movie enough to practically memorize the words!) icon_smile.gif
Thank you both for responding!

Katie_Jane Posted 21 Aug 2012 , 9:02am
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for mine i used a craft mask to form the shape and kept it on there for a few days until totally dry. I tried using sugarpaste, pastallage and flowerpaste as i wanted it thin but strong and found that flowerpaste gave me a strong thin mask and was a lot smoother. My cake is my gallery if you want to have a look

dawnybird Posted 21 Aug 2012 , 12:34pm
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I took a look at your cake. That's great! Thank you for the tips. I really appreciate it!

MaurorLess67 Posted 21 Aug 2012 , 9:04pm
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I rolled out the gumpaste- draped it over the mask and then cut around - you know like half down the middle- I cut out the eye- I rubbed around the inside of the so make sure the edges were smooth-

For the next day or two- I wouldkind of move the mask around a lottle to make sure it wasn't sticking-

I'm trying to charge up my phone so I can upload pics--- i think my sister has a copy- I will try and get that too-


dawnybird Posted 21 Aug 2012 , 10:03pm
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Thanks, Mo, for the description of how you cut it out. I still have not found a template so I'm glad to hear you did it without one. I'll keep watching for the picture!
Thanks for going to all the trouble. All of you guys have been so sweet and thoughtful!!

MaurorLess67 Posted 22 Aug 2012 , 12:17am
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Ok- I was able to get hold of a photo of the Phantom Cake- I tried posting in this message- but was unable- I posted it to my gallery- I will add the link to this message-

Like I said I wish I had cut the mouth/lip portion out- but it was too late when I noticed it
Once I found the mask at the dollar store- my frustration of how to create this was over-
I hope this helps- If you have any other questions don't hesitate- Can't wait to see your version-


dawnybird Posted 22 Aug 2012 , 3:18am
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I took a look at the cake - it looks great! And you made it for a 14 year old too! My grand daughter thinks she's the only one who loves the old broadway musicals! Thank you for all the trouble you've gone to to help me out. It was so sweet of you. I hope my cake turns out half as well. Maybe it will be the first one I feel confident enough about to post in the gallery!

MaurorLess67 Posted 22 Aug 2012 , 4:05am
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You are so welcome- I have had so many people offer advice, links, pics etc I'm so glad I was able to do the same .

I know what you mean about posting pics- I JUST started posting pictures to my gallery a few months ago- That is one of the reasons I didn't have the pic so handy- ha. I have so many in my old phone- that I could/should post-- but... I'm self conscience too-

I know - we all know - how much work, effort , thought, time and money goes into each and every cake- I think once you start posting them- you will feel more confident- We should be proud of our efforts- icon_smile.gif

Love that your grandaughter loves Broadway-- it is old school! I just took my niece to se the closing show of Ghost last Saturday- I sat next to a producer who gave us his card for me niece to follow-up for future plays- very exciting!!!

Good Luck with your cake- Can't wait to see it-- I looked at Katie's Phantom cake - now that's a great cake too!!!


dawnybird Posted 22 Aug 2012 , 2:47pm
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Thanks for the encouragement! You're right about posting pics. Maybe I'll give some thought to putting mine up! I'll definitely PM a picture of this to you.

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