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catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 2:09am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Who's Up? Whatcha' working on?


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catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 2:15am
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Hi there everyone...I've been working on sugar flowers all week. I have a cake due Sunday that has all different types and colors of flowers so I've been doing that all week. I just finished and am suffering the effects of hunching over flowers all week! LOL! The base cake is just white fondant with a "lace" trim. The flowers are the thing on this one. It's for a Bridal Shower on Sunday afternoon so since all I have to do is wait for the flowers to dry I'm pretty much done.

I actually haven't been upset about having the flowers to do since it's been well over 100 degrees all week and I get to hide out in the A/C! LOL!

How has everyone's weeks been?


cheatize Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 3:20am
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I'm working on a cake that has a chocolate shoe on top. It weighs 10 1/2 oz. Hubby says it doesn't need support. I say it does. It also has a make-up compact on it and I need to figure out how to place it on top so it doesn't wobble.

Other than that, I took a 4 hour break and went to the fair. Yep, I spent my 28th anniversary watching the truck rally. One more for the redneck files! lol

BarbaraM0809 Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 3:28am
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A cupcake bouquet for my friends get to know the future in-laws picnic tomorrow icon_biggrin.gif

catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 3:33am
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YES! The shoe needs support! That is way too heavy to just sit on top and hope for the best. LOL!

And Happy Anniversary! 28 years! We are headed to 25 this November...not many of us "long marrieds" around<G>

Barbara...I've never made a cupcake it hard?


Brettley Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 4:14am
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Hello Cat/everyone,

I delivered a Western Wedding cake this morning (in my albums), and now just putting the finishing touches on a vineyard themed wedding cake. The vineyard wedding cake will be my first wedding cake of my own that I actually get to eat.

I will be attending this wedding so I am excited to see the actual reactions for once. I usually sneak in unnoticed and drop the cake off and hope for the best. I will also be cutting and serving the cake, which is also a first for me! I am very excited though!

aundrea Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 4:23am
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good evening everyone,
im working on a cake for a friend of my daughter.
im struggling with the fillings. she wants fresh strawberries and peaches.
its a vanilla cake with vanilla bc.
im personally not a fan of any fruit with my cake. so i dont usually make this type of cake.
im most worried about the fruit becoming soggy and making the cake nasty
now i learned from a previous post/answer that i need to prevent the peaches from turning brown.
the cake design it self is simple. im open to any suggestions-since its too late now for me to use vitamin c or fruitfresh.
hope everyones cake comes out amazing!!!!

catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 4:35am
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Brettley, I love it when, on the rare occasion, I get to actually attend the wedding. I do offer, for a small fee, to cut the cake at all of the weddings I do cakes for but rarely am I actually a guest. It's SO much fun when people realize that you have made the cake on display!

Aundrea, I can't help you with the peaches but with any fruit filled cake I spread buttercream onto the cake surface along with a VERY stiff dam and then lay the fruit and finally cover with a layer of buttercream to seal it into the cake. You just have to be SO careful! I have one coming up soon and I really hate having to do the fresh fruit. I'd rather do preserves so you still get the chunky without the "weepy" risk. Good luck!


aundrea Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 4:58am
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im wondering.....should i fill the cake tonight or tomorrow?
im used to crumbcoating my cakes the night before i decorate. but since this is fresh fruit is the longer i wait better?
i cake needs to be done by tomorrow night for a sunday party.
my plan was to fill and crumbcoat tonight, decorate tomorrow.
my cakes are cooled now just waiting for me to decide what to do? i dont know how much settling time a fresh fruit cake needs
thanks again!

aundrea Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 5:02am
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ugh............another question: do i peel the peaches? i honestly dont know!! i know to have all fruit uniform in size to help leveling the cake.
but im not sure if i peel the skin from the peaches.
and off topic....but it anyone else having a problem typing here at CC?
my computer keeps scrolling down to the bottom while im typing or my cutrser goes into a random sentenced ive already typed.
i hope its a problem here at CC and not my laptop......

catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 5:07am
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Aundrea...I really don't know about peaches but I do know that when I've made pies I always peel them first! I was told it was a texture issue. And, yes, I always fill and crumbcoat the night before decorating. Since my fresh fruit cakes always have buttercream sealing in the fresh fruit the sugar keeps it from spoiling. Also, if you do have some issue with leakage you will have time to fix the issue.


cheatize Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 5:45am
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Thanks, cat! My husband thought I was crazy 20 years ago when I told him our kids would be odd b/c their parents would still be married to each other. lol

Aundrea: here's what I would do- I would peel them and dice them (not slice) into uniform chunks. Drain, drain, drain those suckers! Even go so far as to push on them a bit with a paper towel or something.Then double dam the cake (two high, two deep). Wrap it up tight and let it settle.

I tried cherry pie filling last week as a cake filling and it didn't work. After an hour of trying to ice it, I took it all apart, scraped it down, removed the filling and used buttercream instead.

I just spent an hour with the beat the heck out of um's...I mean Tappits. There's got to be a better way!

SammieB Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 5:46am
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Just got done with a KFC bucket of chicken cake for my niece. icon_smile.gif

cheatize Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 6:02am
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Oh! Cat: I tried using more liquid in my frosting this week. I still used half the Dream Whip but I added a touch more milk. I didn't want to add less powdered sugar because I don't like dealing with opened bags of it and all the lumpiness that comes with it. This cake I'm working on now didn't crust too soon at all. Woo hoo! Thanks for the suggestion! Now if only I could get that top edge clean. Grrr.

aundrea Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 6:10am
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thanks everyone for your suggestions tips and help.
maybe after this cake i will do more cakes with fruit. hmmmm anyone else having a problem typing in the forums?
im really hoping its not my laptop.
its driving me crazy!!!

cheatize Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 6:24am
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No, I'm not currently having that problem but I've had it before here and on Facebook. I can't remember what Indydebi said to do to stop it. When it happens, I usually open up Word, type what I want, and then copy and paste it here.

Chellescakes Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 6:34am
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Hi Cat and everyone ,
It is rather cold here in the land of Oz today , I had to put the heater on so I could actually roll out my icing .

I did a drag racing car this week , I took a rather hurried photo of it , as the lady turned up two hours early to pick it up. She had to sit there while I finished off the ribbon around the base board and popped the letters on top.

Originally Posted by cheatize

I just spent an hour with the beat the heck out of um's...I mean Tappits. There's got to be a better way!

The answer is clickstix , I have just replaced all my tappits with them , it was worth it for the loss of aggravation alone

I also did a cake for my niece this week , caramel mud with salted caramel ganache. It was quite a success as a flavour and my sister has ordered it for her birthday in December.
Here is a link to the last couple of cakes I did on my Facebook page[url][/url]

aundrea Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 6:41am
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it seems to be only happening here. oh well lets hope it stops!!
chellescakes i saw your link your cakes are amazing! and sound delicous too. im sure your neice loved it.
thanks for sharing.
im still putting along. trying to figure out a good support system for the cake. my daughter will be bringing the cake to the party.
ive never had anyone deliver my cakes except for me. so im alittle worried about it traveling.
funny how i (we?) obsessed over my cakes. i spend so much time/energy/money that i want it to get there safely and have everyone enjoy the cake.
anyone else still up?

Chellescakes Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 6:52am
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Thanks Aundrea , I am up cause it is Saturday afternoon here.
I worry when someone else deliverers my cakes as well. I have got in the habit of actually loading my cakes into clients cars. I always put grip mat under the cake in the box and under the box in the car.
I really should buy shares in a grip mat manufacturer as I use so much of it.

aundrea Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 7:31am
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i know what you mean. i use them all the time. i just saw where you are from. how is the weather there? our summer is winding down now. its getting darker earlier and school will be starting in 3 weeks.
one of the things i love about CC is talking to people from all over the world.

Chellescakes Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 8:05am
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It is cold here at the moment , and at this time of year the westerly winds have started howling , as soon as they start we know our state show is not far away.

catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 4:03pm
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Sammy! I wanna see that cake! Can you post a photo here so we can see it?

Chelle, cold there? 104 here today. But then it is summer in the States and winter down there.Love to see the drag racing cake too. I suck at cars<G>

Cheatize! I'm so happy the more milk helped. It was explained that the crusting had to do with the fat to sugar ratio but that you could always thin with milk and that is what I do. I make a really stiff batch then thin as needed.

Aundrea, even tho' I have had success with it, I don't like using fresh fruit. Just too much moisture in it that can make a mess. Hope everything is smooth sailing as you wake up this morning. As for the typing, no, not having issues. Hope that straightens out as well!

I'm off to get a haircut this morning...chopping it all off again...then back in the kitchen to decorate this flower cake. See y'all later on!


SammieB Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 5:09pm
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Here ya go Cat! I'm mostly happy with it. I despise making red fondant. I normally buy it, but my favorite store is 40 minutes away and I didn't have time with short notice. So much kneading and color softened the fondant more than I wanted, and it ended up having pockmarks a bit, but oh well. Such as it is when you get free cake for your birthday. icon_smile.gif

catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 9:02pm
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Love it! How did you do his face??? That is SO cool! And, yes, I buy my red, dark blue and black fondant<G>.


SammieB Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 9:36pm
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Thanks! icon_smile.gif For his face I just rolled out some white fondant between 2 pieces of wax paper covered in shortening. I pulled one side of the wax paper off, hand painted his face with food color/vodka mix, waited until it dried, then reapplied the wax paper. Then I used an exacto knife to cut it out exactly, peeled away the back of the image, and applied to the cake. I leave the wax paper on so it won't stretch and distort. Then peel off the front layer, and voila! I saw an awesome tutorial once about how to get even stripes, dots, plaques, etc by using wax paper with shortening and it has helped immensly in things like this!

HalifaxMommy Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 11:15pm
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Last night I made a 4 tier wedding cake for a friend. The humidity was 98% with the temp outside @ 31 C.

I watched the thing start to melt in front of me. I had to put it in the fridge to save it.

catlharper Posted 11 Aug 2012 , 11:36pm
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Sammy! What a great idea! Like slicing the bread first! LOL! I'm going to do that next time!

HalifaxMommy...WOW! Those are some hard conditions to work under that is for sure! I'm totally spoiled by having a fully air conditioned kitchen to work in and I even have control of the thermostat so if I want it to be freezing I can make it freezing! Hope everything turned out ok!


HalifaxMommy Posted 12 Aug 2012 , 12:14am
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I did have a mini melt down at 230 am when I had to come to terms that I was not going to be
able to put the piping on it and the pearl things on it.

I am surprised the ganache didn't turn to liquid before the bride and groom cut the cake.

catlharper Posted 12 Aug 2012 , 1:27am
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I bet you got to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief once the cake was cut! LOL! I went thru that shower cake, A/C not working well, buttercream going very soft so it had to be kept in the fridge till the last moment and then the leftovers literally melted the 50 feet from the hall to the car...icing just slid due to the 109 degree heat. UCK! I only offer fondant cakes in the summer now<G>


HalifaxMommy Posted 12 Aug 2012 , 2:00am
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I called the bride at midnight and told her not to expect local high end bakery perfect because of the humidity and cake might be dry due to being in the fridge for a long period. She loved it regardless.

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