Help! Having A Lot Of Trouble With This Cake

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maraki1818 Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 5:49am
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Hello! I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. I have to make this cake for Saturday, and I am really having a hard time mastering the rose technique. Also, I was wondering if I should be doing roses at all, as the sample picture doesn't look like it is made of definite roses.

Can someone please suggest:
-What tip to use
-What pattern to use
-Any helpful videos

Thank you!

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heartsnsync Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 6:21am
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Could the "rose swirl" technique be sufficient for your purposes? Google it and you will find a lot of videos on how to do it. HTH

bakencake Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 8:34am
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I agree with you, It's almost a rose but not quite. It looks frilly but no pattern.. here is a tut on how to make the rose. Its easy just need to practice
also youtube has some tuts.

sleaky77 Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 8:50am
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I think it looks more like a wave done with the 1M tip

Pearl123 Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 9:20am
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If you don't mind me jumping on the bandwagon.
thumbs_up.gif I also struggle with getting the roses correct. Although maybe the tip I am using is not correct? It is a star tip but the ends of the tip curve in a little - so its not an "open" star tip perhaps? The tips I have are not numbered... ? Any tips also would be wonderful. Here is one I just tried last night.

matthewkyrankelly Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 10:23am
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On closer inspection, it does look like individual flowers done in a traditional style on a flower nail. I'm guessing they just kept piping roses as fast as they could, which would explain why they don't look perfect. The imperfect flowers add greatly to the effect.

Also, it looks like a fairly stiff buttercream to get the ragged edges

kazita Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 10:25am
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I agree it looks like a 1M tip done making a swirl rose

lovinspoonfull Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 2:56pm
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It looks to me like a large star tip was used with some really stiff icing and just sorts jiggled and wiggled around the cake!
Since it's Minnie, the rose swirl pattern would be prettier.

Raagam Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 3:19pm
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I found this tutorial on youtube, which looks similar to the cake you're trying to make.

I agree with the other posters that it def looks like stiffer consistency to give it that look on the edges of the petals. I would use a 1M tip and almost to a rosette motion like in this video.
Hope this helps and good luck with your cake!

maraki1818 Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 3:23pm
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I cannot thank you all enough for your replies! I found a really great tutorial by Xanthe Milton. It looks like it will be good for what I need!

Any other suggestions are welcome icon_smile.gif I am quite nervous, as this is my first "fancy" cake.

cakegal1195 Posted 8 Aug 2012 , 11:39pm
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i agree with your suspicion that you are using too "closed" of a star tip...something like a 1M has deeper cuts, fewer and more spread out than the tip you tried. Good luck!

mommynana Posted 9 Aug 2012 , 12:51am
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I made this one with the 1M tip

Bakingbythebeach Posted 9 Aug 2012 , 3:00am
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I have been making and decorating cakes for 28 years (since I was 7) and I still can not make a rose in a nail to save my life. I've had 2 pastry chefs show me and several others, but I just can't do it. When I have to make flowers, I do a very tight rose swirl or suggest something I can make. B

maraki1818 Posted 9 Aug 2012 , 10:48am
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Originally Posted by mommynana

I made this one with the 1M tip

Oh wow that is exactly what I need!! Thank you so much for posting!

How did you get that swirly effect at the top? Just kinda piping randomly?

Pearl123 Posted 10 Aug 2012 , 8:45am
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Thanks Cakegal! Will have to get the proper 1M tip

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