How To Improve My Writing?

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Thea519 Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 8:48pm
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Does anyone have any tips on how to improve my handwriting on cakes? I have great handwriting on paper, but anytime I write a message on a cake, it looks completely terrible. I always practice before I do it and I even mark the top of the cake with a toothpick so I'll know where the message goes, but it always looks like crap. It's so bad that I've taken to doing buttercream transfers for the writing instead icon_redface.gif

Any advice, at all, would be greatly appreciated!

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kakeladi Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 8:55pm
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We all are our own worst critics. I bet it's not near as bad as you seem to think it isicon_smile.gif
Have you tried making your own presses?
Write out the most common words used; turn the paper over and copy so the writing is backwords. Now put it under some plastic and using *royal icing* pipe over what yu have writen. Make a gumpaste OR plastic 'card' and glue your wirten message on it so you can imprint the icing with it.

leah_s Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 8:56pm
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"Lock" your wrist. Your whole forearm moves as you write. Also, go for an "artsy" look with curlicues and writing at an angle. That way no one will think it's messed up! It's artsy!

Thea519 Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 9:09pm
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Wow, Kakeladi! That is genius! Cake decorating never ceases to amaze me in that way. Just when you think you've tried EVERYTHING, someone comes out of the woodwork with a new technique you would've never thought of yourself. I'll definitely try that!

leah_s, I think my lack of "artsy-ness" is one of the main issues. I typically don't write in cursive, so it just looks unnatural when a try to be artsy and fancy. The locking the wrist thing is a great tip. I'm actually not sure if I do or don't lock it, so I'll pay special attention to that next time!

Thank you, both!

sfandm Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 9:33pm
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You can also do what I use to years ago. Find a font that I like on my computer, then size it to the correct height, print it on paper, put wax in back of it, then poke the paper with dentist pick with food coloring on the tip. You won't see the food coloring when you pipe over the dots, works great.

Unlimited Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 9:34pm
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Your printing is nice. If you're wanting to do cursive handwriting, it helps to watch. I made a video... click on the link in my signature line below to view.

kakeladi Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 9:38pm
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,,,,,,Just when you think you've tried EVERYTHING, someone comes out... with a new technique........

On my NO! It is a *very OLD* technique icon_smile.gif
I'm glad leah mentioned using the whole arm as I had forgotten that's how we taught writing. Making you letters tall and very thin helps too. Rather than using a toothpick to makr your cake, place a piece of thread/string to help y ou stay straight.
Also, use the same color icing as your cake is iced in to write the message. If it doesn't come out right you can smooth it into the top and start over. Once you are satisified, then use whatever color you want and over pipe the writing. Say your cake is iced in white, 'practice write' in white, then go over that using the blue you wanted in the 1st place for the message.

Thea519 Posted 27 Jul 2012 , 9:53pm
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Well, it was new to me! icon_smile.gif

Thank you for all the great tips! I LOVE the suggestion of piping it in the same color as the cake first. That's an awesome idea!

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