Set Up In Front Of Everyone?!!!

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mmmcake0072 Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 5:08pm
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Hi all,
I just need to get all little nervous energy off, I figure that all of you cakers would be able to relate better than my husband! I am doing my first wedding this weekend, which is an outdoor event, all discussions relating to the cake and environment have been discussed with the bride and dealt with, however the venue has just contacted me and asked me to be there to set up the cake, cupcakes and candy at 7:30 during the meal. OMG! I have to set up during the reception in full view of all of the guest!! It cannot be set up earlier due to the fact that the humidex is going to be upwards of 37 degrees! OMG my aprons and shirts will not be in on time. And I don't like to be in front of crowds. I am so nervous about having to do this in front of everyone!

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lorieleann Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 6:14pm
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Is there anyway that you can set up in an A/C area and keep the cake there as a staging place, then carry the cake/table to the outside area at that time? I would try to have as much done as possible before being put on the display in the reception hall. If the heat and humidity is going to be that high (being from the US, I'm not sure what that number means, but it seems high), is it even safe for the cake to be out in it? or the guests for that matter?

icer101 Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 6:33pm
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I know you are nervous. I don,t like to set up a cake in front of the guest. One thing, they can get in your way. Been. there , done that. I hope you can make a few little changes for your benefit. Good Luck!!

Lynne3 Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 6:46pm
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It's completely understandable to be nervous. And its good that they contacted you now so the nervous energy is not a shocker close to delivery time.

I assume you are not going alone.
Remember that your outer self doesn't have to show your nervousness.

I looked at your photos and you are very talented. Instead of stressing, plan every detail. Trays/boxes for cupcakes. Containers for candy, Emergency cake repair kit in a pretty container. Camera just incase you get the opportunity. You got this girl and you are now a Weddig cake designer!!!

I hope that this is the first of many wedding cakes in your future.

kakeladi Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 6:51pm
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I do not suggest setting up in one place, then moving the cake to another, There is way too much chance of even more problems!
It's not easy to ignore guests. If all (most) of them are eating they most likely will be talking amoung themselves and not pay that much attention to you icon_smile.gif OR at least, not be asking ?s or otherwise talking to you, or even coming around the set up.
Is the time set by the venue going to be enough for you to do a good job? Can you up it a bit - especially if you start w/ the candy so you don't have to work extra fast?
Just put on a smile, stay focused on what you have to do and ignore everyone CAN do it! icon_smile.gif

BlakesCakes Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 7:11pm
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Since the venue is telling you that this is how it must be done--I wouldn't like it either---perhaps they could provide some sort of simple screen around the table while you work?

If they can't do it, I might be inclined to figure out something for myself. My own comfort aside, having people watch during set-up really takes the "Wow" out of the end result.


southerncross Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 7:27pm
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Oh I feel your pain. I HATE setting up in front of even the wedding reception workers. Invariably, at least one feels compelled to stand over your shoulder asking questions. When it's just another worker, you can just politely tell them that audiences make you nervous and you need your full concentration on the task at hand. When it's the guests there's not much you can do. I don't recommend drugs or drink but I've been known to take a wee Xanax for such events. Failing that, just take a deep breath, know you'll do your best and no matter what happens, they won't shoot you at dawn.

Annabakescakes Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 7:44pm
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If it were me, I would SORRY! but I don't deliver or set up that late, and my cut off is 5:00. I need to set it up and go.

CWR41 Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 8:51pm
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Nobody needs to know that you don't like to be in front of crowds. If they don't know you, you can be whatever you want to be. Use this as an opportunity to show off your talents and what you can do because afterall, you're doing something that they can't do. If they could, they'd be doing it... if you have an audience, it's just because they're curious and hope to learn something from watching. YOU'RE the pro... show them so. No biggie -- it will be over quickly.

sillywabbitz Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 9:29pm
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I agree about the wow factor and the screens are a great idea. In a pinch could you get those tri-fold things kids use for projects and line the table while you're working. Might help your nerves and also be less disruptive to the reception.

BlakesCakes Posted 13 Jun 2012 , 9:42pm
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Originally Posted by sillywabbitz

I agree about the wow factor and the screens are a great idea. In a pinch could you get those tri-fold things kids use for projects and line the table while you're working. Might help your nerves and also be less disruptive to the reception.

My DH suggested the folding project boards, too.

I think the cheapest method might be to bring along (or draft from the service staff) 2 people who could hold up a pretty sheet or piece of fabric.

I had 2 kids without any anesthesia at all, but that's not everyone's cup of tea--and neither is "performing" in front of an audience--no matter how quickly the pain may be over. Stage fright can be debilitating and being a baker/decorator doesn't really prepare you for that scenario.

Heck, my hands still shake in the privacy of my kitchen when I have to pipe words on a nearly completed cake--LOL. It's just "the thing" that gets to me and breathing or mental exercises don't help.

Hope you find something to make it a positive experience for you.

mmmcake0072 Posted 14 Jun 2012 , 1:28am
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Thank you for all of the wonderful comments and advice! I knew that you all could relate! I spent the day planning and re-planning.....listing and re-listing, generally trying to get a grip on everything!! I know that I can get thru it, its just a matter of getting thru it without peeing my pants!!! And hopefully no nausea that typically follows my stage fright!! THAT WOULD BE BAD!!
Worst nightmare....something going wrong in-front of EVERYONE!
They did say that I can deliver the cake before 2pm and then come back....but they want to put the cake in the cooler......NOT happening...once it hits that humidity, it would be a soupy mess of condensation! BAD!
You are a funny funny lady!! Thanks for making me laugh! Gosh knows I need it!
Wedding is at a vineyard.....I may be needing a bottle or two when all is done! Unfortunately I'm a lightwieght so there will me NO sipping before or yes it crossed my mind during the setup.

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