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GeminiCake Posted 4 Jun 2012 , 8:29pm
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Does anyone still have the link with the post for off-set tiered cakes? Someone (cannot remember the name) who commented on the post constructed a computer diagram to show how to stack them to make sure they remain sturdy. I cannot seem to locate in my watched topics.

When I say off-set I mean stacked similar to this round cake, but it was for square cakes.

If you have it, please provide me with the link to the post.


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mcdonald Posted 4 Jun 2012 , 8:37pm
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I hope someone replies that knows, because I too would like to know.. I have been wanting to try one of these but have been too afraid to without someone "holding my hand" !!!

FromScratchSF Posted 4 Jun 2012 , 8:38pm
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I don't know about a tutorial or diagram, but all you really need is foamcore to put the cakes on (I'd double up), then stack. As long as there is 2/3 of a cake supported on the cake below (as demonstrated fantastically by the cake you posted), you use the cake above to counterbalance while you use straws to peg, then a center wooden dowel to hold everything in place. I'd use a 1/2".

GeminiCake Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 4:45pm
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Thanks for your help ForScratchSF! I do remember the information about 2/3 of the cake having to be supported by the lower tier. I will take that advise and see what happens.

sweettreat101 Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 6:58pm
post #5 of 13 she uses the Stress Free cake supports to create this cake.

FromScratchSF Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 7:14pm
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Um, wow. That's super expensive. No way would I spend that much on cake supports when I know foamcore and straws work just as well. But that's just me!

I mean, wow. People spend that much on that stuff??? Wow.

carmijok Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 7:38pm
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My question is, why do people like this? I do not like the look of this type of cake at all. It's like 'how can we make our cake look stupid? Oh yeah, let's make it look like it's going to fall and put tons of pressure on the cake designer to make sure that doesn't happen! " What's the theme of the wedding...Jenga? Make everything off center! Why not make the chairs at the reception teeter on one leg?

I know some people love this...but anymore I'm getting sick of seeing cakes done almost on a dare! There's more attention paid to structure than the stuff you actually eat.

I know, I know, I'm off topic and probably in the minority. Don't pounce on me. I'm just tired of seeing this type of cake and praying no one I know asks for one! thumbs_up.gif

GeminiCake Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 8:32pm
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LOL! Carmijok, you gave me a great laugh for today.

fcakes Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 8:42pm
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Hahaha lol carmijok!

GeminiCake Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 9:50pm
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After searching and searching, I finally found the link. (yes I am anal like that)

Here is the link mcdonald

sweettreat101 Posted 5 Jun 2012 , 10:11pm
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Quality cake decorating supports are an investment and worth the extra money. I paid 78.00 for two supports with adjustable legs. I have been using this support system for six years now and I have never had a cake wreck. One cake traveled two hours over a dirt road. Rebecca Sutterby also uses this cake system. Buying separated SPS plates and pillars and dowels will add up to the cost of the system in the long run.

FromScratchSF Posted 6 Jun 2012 , 12:03am
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I dunno - I have a box of straws that I bought 2 years ago and I buy dowels for around $.50/each and I generally get 2 cakes per dowel. I'd have to make a LOT of cakes to make up for the price of that. icon_biggrin.gif

And I live in the arguably the craziest place to deliver cakes - San Francisco icon_biggrin.gif.

ahorn586 Posted 6 Jun 2012 , 8:06pm
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Originally Posted by FromScratchSF

Um, wow. That's super expensive. No way would I spend that much on cake supports when I know foamcore and straws work just as well. But that's just me!

I mean, wow. People spend that much on that stuff??? Wow.

My first wedding cake fell and that's with me waiting to assemble it at the reception hall. So to avoid the embrassment of that happening again I just bought a cake stacking system from yes it was expensive but worth every penny. I was able to transport my cake stacked without any problems and my cake looked leveled even though it wasn't. I think my oven maybe unleveled (but that's another subject). Where can I find foamcore?

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