Fondant: Brand/kind That Tastes "good"

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kendraanne Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 12:18am
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I'm interested in hearing from others about the brands of fondant that you think taste good/great. Anyone have high praises for certain brands? And, if so - where do you order it from? I'm wanting to experiment and I might as well make it worth the $$! icon_biggrin.gif

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lastingmoments Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 2:49am
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I find the best for me is Marshmellow Fondant.

but if you dont have a choice adding flavoring to the fondant my local craft store in the candy aisle they have tons of flavors besides the basic vanilla ......

LadyCharm Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 2:55am
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I live in Chesapeake, Virginia and all I can find is the Wilton fondant it does not taste very good can it be flavored with oil based flavors?
Thank you,

vicky Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 3:13am
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Satin Ice tastes and smells good. The chocolate is supposed to be wonderful. I'm getting ready to try the chocolate one. I purchased 5 lbs of chocolate from and the white from Delores at Wilton tastes horrible and I don't know if it would make it worse by adding flavors. Good luck!
Vicky, MO

MissBaritone Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 5:19am
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Don't know if it's available in the states but I always use supercook regalice brand

Keliames Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:19pm
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The only brand I have used is wilton, and it is horrible! I use the MMF and think it is great and as an added bonus, it is very cheap! Good luck on your quest. Keli

HollyPJ Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:32pm
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I've tried three kinds of fondant. Here is my evaluation of each:

Colette Peters' recipe---- Tastes OK--sugary, of course, but not bad. Can stick a little when you roll it out, but otherwise very nice to work with. The finish is very smooth and it hides imperfections (!) in the cake quite well. I've used this fondant for 3 wedding cakes and 1 other stacked cake.

Bakel's Pettinice brand---Decent taste, but not quite as good as the homemade. It tastes a little too much like artificial vanilla, which I don't care for. I had a terrible time working with this fondant. It didn't stick, but it tore every time I tried to put it on the cake (in spite of endless kneading and adding glycerine etc). I ended up with little stretch marks here and there on the cake surface, though the finish was beautiful otherwise. It firms up quite well. I used this for my most recent wedding cake.

Marshmallow fondant (the recipe on this site)---Tastes the best of the three, though of course it's still very sweet. More people ate the fondant than usually do. Not bad to work with. It stays softer than than the other fondants I've used. It also showed imperfections in the cake's surface a little more, even though I thought I'd smoothed my cake quite well. I might try rolling it a little thicker next time. I've used this on one single-tier cake and plan on using it again.

BTW, I'm in a high-altitude, dry climate. I think that can affect how the fondant handles.

Rankings for Taste:

1) MMF
2) Colette's recipe
3) Pettinice

Rankings for ease of use:

1) Colette's recipe
2) MMF
3) Pettinice

Rankings for appearance on the cake:

1) Colette's recipe
2) MMF
3) Pettinice

Rankings for most affordable:

1) MMF
2) Colette's
3) Pettinice

Sangria Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:37pm
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Thank you so much Holly!!!

MrsMissey Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:45pm
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Satin Ice has my has a more sophisticated taste than the MMF...that's the best way I can think to describe it! The drawback is that Satin Ice costs more

HollyPJ Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 8:28pm
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Hmmm...maybe I'll give Satin Ice a try next!

kendraanne Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 1:15am
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Thanks for the comments. And Holly - great review!!!

JennT Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 2:11am
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Wonderful information, HollyPJ!!! thumbs_up.gif Thanks so much for all of that detail, too! icon_biggrin.gif

adven68 Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 12:47pm
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SatinIce gets my vote for best taste. My kids love the "extra" when I'm decorating. Wilton is just BLECH!!!! I still can't believe that such a giant company can't change their darn recipe!!! They cost approx. the same here in NY....SatinIce may be a dollar less expensive per 5 lbs.

I am trying MMF today for the first time. I hope it works out because it is sooooooo much less expensive.

IHATEFONDANT Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 5:40pm
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I love the Satin Ice...and the best part is that I am only about a half hour from where they make it and can go pick it up. No shipping costs....

eve Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 5:47pm
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Making MMF yourself is the way and just add whatever flavor you want. icon_smile.gif

silver Posted 18 Sep 2005 , 7:11am
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I have been hearing great things about the Satin Ice.

If you buy the "white" can it be colored??


missmersh Posted 18 Sep 2005 , 7:25am
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Satin Ice is the only fondant I have used.

Yes, it can be colored.

Leslie icon_smile.gif

TamiAZ Posted 18 Sep 2005 , 3:08pm
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Your going to have to experiment.... I would order different brands and try them. Everyone has different tastes.... I hate mmf, but there are a lot of people on this board who just rave about it.... I only use Satin Ice. I think it has the best taste of any of the commercial fondants (I'm pretty sure I've tried them all) and you can also buy it in colors which is great.. I had to make 280 fire truck cookies and I used their red fondant...The color was beautiful!! Can you imagine trying to color enough fondant red for 280 cookies???? :::shudder::::

frulund2600 Posted 18 Sep 2005 , 8:58pm
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I have only tried the pettinice and the homemade. I'll stick to the homemade any time.

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