Bc Bubbles?

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KimErskine Posted 25 May 2012 , 2:51am
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Wondering if this has ever happened to any one. I frosted a cake with BC 1st I did a crumb coat then used the Wilton large icing tip. Smoothed over with warm knife and viva. Decorated, put in fridge over night. Everything to this point looks great. I take out half hour before party time and large bubble appears under BC. I had to punch it with a tooth pick to let out air. Why did this happen and what can i do to avoid it? Luckily this was a cake for a party I was giving wouldn't want it to happen to a cake I did for someone else. HELP

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Jeep_girl816 Posted 25 May 2012 , 3:56am
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That sucks! The only time I've had buttercream bubbles is when I've been impatient and whipped it too fast. Sometimes they showed up right away, sometimes it took a bit for the bubbles to come to the surface. Not sure if this is what happened with yours but after a couple times I make sure to mix everything slooowicon_smile.gif

KimErskine Posted 26 May 2012 , 3:32am
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It wasn't bubbles in the butter cream it was a bubble between the BC and the cake. Like a big are pocket. Strange! Jeep__girl816 Love that photo.

icer101 Posted 26 May 2012 , 4:34am
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Hi, i have seen this asked before. Here is an answer on youtube.

KimErskine Posted 26 May 2012 , 2:21pm
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icer 101 thats exactly what happened. I wonder why?

Lynne3 Posted 26 May 2012 , 4:01pm
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I found this information online:
Note, if you refrigerate the cake for more than 30 minutes, let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step. The air inside very cold cakes will start to expand when it heats up and if it is trapped, may start to create air pockets in the frosting.

kakeladi Posted 26 May 2012 , 9:40pm
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1st off why did you put the cake after it was finished into the frig? Did you use a filling that HAd to be kept cold? If that was not the reason, there was NO reason to frig the cake icon_smile.gif

2nd: the reason it developed an air bubble was most likely because you did not press the icing hard enough to make it adhere to the cake. The most often happens on small cakes (like 6 or 8"ers). When smoothing the icing you need to press it to the cake.
When using the icer tip (I definately recommend that!) you might have lifted you hand away from the cake slightly while piping out the icing. This leaves a gap between the icing and the cake that develops into an airbubble. So when you smooth the icing be sure to be firm. OR after it has crusted a bit take a paper towel and use a fondant smoother to go over the icing well. This should attach any gaps that might be there.

KimErskine Posted 26 May 2012 , 10:25pm
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kakeladi I put in the fridge because it had strawberry preserves in the center and it was a 6 inch and I did use the Wilton icing tip. Maybe I lofted it off the cake at some point. I don't know. Might not use that tip again. since tyhen i have done several with out and have not had a problem. Thanks

kakeladi Posted 26 May 2012 , 10:34pm
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I use that tip for all my cakesicon_smile.gif It just takes a bit of practice to keep it tight against the cake - especially on those small cakesicon_smile.gif

KimErskine Posted 28 May 2012 , 4:40pm
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Maybe I'll give it another try. I'll just use on my cakes not a cake for someone else until I get the hang of it. Thanks

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