Friday Night Cake Club 5/18/12

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catlharper Posted 19 May 2012 , 12:42am
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Hi everyone! Opening up another session of the FNCC! I'm opening it up really early because I've been having LOTS of problems getting my browser to work today and I'm afraid that if I don't do it now, when I know I can be here, that I won't be able to log in when I want/need to!

Week off for me! My son was away for a week long school field trip so I took this week off to get some projects done around our house while he was gone. I will be making cupcakes for our scrapbook weekend but no client work this week!

How is everyone else doing? I have been noticing lately that the level of work has just skyrocketed around here. I am always amazed at what truly beautiful edible Art that we are turning out and posting here!

Let me know what is up with you guys this weekend!


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catlharper Posted 19 May 2012 , 3:41am
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Sure enough....almost an hour after I would have opened the FNCC I can finally access it again! Glad I started it early but I think I'm too early for the regulars? Let me know what's goin' on!


catlharper Posted 19 May 2012 , 4:53am
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Looks like everyone else is having the same connection issues to CC that I am so I'm gonna sign of for the night. IF you do manage to make it here tonight please do check in and let me know how it's goin?


SweetPea0613 Posted 19 May 2012 , 5:15am
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Hey everyone!!! I'm about to stack a huge three tier topsy turvy cake. The sizes are 9/10", 10/12" and 15/16". Then I'm done for the night. I'll be decorating it tomorrow morning, just fuschia and purple stripes with a silver band border. Easy Peasy!

lcubed83 Posted 19 May 2012 , 7:26am
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Finished up a karate themed cake with a cookie topper that looks like the little girl. Boxed it up, then realized I didn't take any pictures! Will have to pull it out again in the morning.

Also just finished several dozen cookies for my granddaughter's first birthday party!!! I played around with my airbrush for most of them. Still need a lot of practice! Will platter those up in the a.m. Oh, and I need to get pix of these too!

Chellescakes Posted 19 May 2012 , 11:26am
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Hi Cat and everyone, I had a week off this week too. Just as well as I have been really sick with some dreaded lurgy all week. I had planned on making the roses for next week's cake but I will have to do them Monday now.

I did make an Igloo for the display our cake club is doing for our big cake show next month. The theme is winterwonderland and we have been busy making penguins and seals and reindeers and walruses . We are having and all day workshop tomorrow to work on it .

rosech Posted 19 May 2012 , 12:02pm
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Saturday afternoon here. I really wanted to cook this weekend. Am happy that my oxtail is cooking nicely whilst checking out the latest on CC. Will start making flowers after about an hour's break.

cakecraving Posted 19 May 2012 , 3:29pm
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I also had a week off of cakes. See you next week

cakecraving Posted 19 May 2012 , 3:30pm
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I also had a week off of cakes. See you next week

catlharper Posted 19 May 2012 , 4:24pm
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Susie, that sounds like a challenging cake! I hope you share photos with us when you get it done!

Linda, oooohhh...karate cake! Dying to see that one cause my son is in karate!

Chelle, hope you are feeling much better now! At least it hit you on a week off! Working on a Winter Wonderland piece in summer has to feel odd tho I would think it was fun too...I love Christmas so anything to do with winter decor makes me happy! LOL!

Hope to see everyone next week! I have a Memorial Day Wedding Cake to do so I'll be here working on the beginning steps of that.


SweetPea0613 Posted 20 May 2012 , 3:01am
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Hey everyone! My topsy turvy is done!! It's in my gallery pics. Hope you all like it!

DeniseNH Posted 20 May 2012 , 3:40am
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Hi from New Hampshire. Just two this week. One wedding and a baptismal. The wedding cake was a riot to make. Deep purple large peonies, twigs, leaves, waterfall, two birds cudding in the waterfalls splash and a rock heart - on a bark stand over fabric hiding fairy lights that went on and off slowly - looking like fireflies.. The groom has the longest braid down his back to his butt so I got out my skulpy and created a braid on one of the little cuddling birds. So cute.

catlharper Posted 20 May 2012 , 3:55am
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Wow, Susie..that turned out great! Looks like tons of work!

Sounds like it was a direct split this week for those who had a full week to those who had the week off like I did!<G>

That last wedding cake from Denise sounds like a riot...especially the bird with the braid! Hope you post photos soon!


Chellescakes Posted 20 May 2012 , 6:37am
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Love the topsie turvy Susie, I admire the buttercream cakes , it is not something that is very common here , we tend to be fondant all the way . However I did help a friend on Saturday with piping rosettes on to cupcakes with IMBC . She also did her first ruffle cake too . So it is something that is starting to be experimented with , we even have for the first time this year a buttercream class in our State show.

It is just about Winter here at the moment , the cold weather has started to set in ( well as much as it does in my part of Australia) so lustring and glittering snow flakes doesn't really feel strange at this time of year. Christmas for us is Hot so the snow scenes from the colder countries seem odd to us.

Today we made icebergs and snowflakes and snow and started on the layout for the display. We have just under a month to finish it all .

It is fun doing the display as cake decorating tends to often be a solitary art, working together and chatting and sharing ideas is great when you are working for a common goal. It is also a lot less pressure than completing a single cake project.

auntginn Posted 20 May 2012 , 6:54am
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Glad to see everyone. Its been a while since I've even had time to be on for the FNCC. The last time I checked way back then lol, I couldn't find it. I have this week off but spending it with the family because its my mother's birthday. After that there will be so.. much work. My books are packed with work for June and July. Happy Caking ya'll

catlharper Posted 20 May 2012 , 11:59pm
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Chelle...yeah, I remembered that you are down under after I sent that reply! LOL! I guess penguins and igloos would seem normal this time of year! LOL!

Gin: Welcome back! We are here just about every Friday night from 745PST till whenever people stop posting! I start it off and then log off at about 11pm PST. I always check back to see what is going on since I know we have a bunch of International cakers who log in while those of us in the USA are sound asleep. I simply love hearing from everyone!


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