Chocolate Icing Melting.... Help!

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MustHaveCake Posted 17 May 2012 , 3:49pm
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My instructor told me I can't use butter in my chocolate icing... and I love the one recipe I have been using (I could sit in a corner and just pig out) but the cake won't be able to leave the house as it will melt and slide right off so that obviously won't work icon_sad.gif

Is there a good chocolate icing recipe that you can decorate with that doesn't use butter (that someone would be kind enough to share)??


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matthewkyrankelly Posted 17 May 2012 , 4:12pm
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Not sure I get this. Why would it automatically slide off? Is it 110 degrees out?

I like chocolate ganache, whipped or poured. I also like Hershey's perfectly chocolate frosting, but that's made with butter. I've used it thousands of times with no failures to date. Any of the meringue butter creams can be chocolate, but they are all made with butter.

There are many good chocolate recipes that use shortening.

I would get clarification from your instructor about what is the problem. It most likely will affect everything, not just chocolate frosting.

MustHaveCake Posted 17 May 2012 , 4:30pm
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I use the hersheys one and I am so upset to be having this problem. I made a chocolate cake with this icing for a cake class and the bottom started to slump onto the cake board and thats when my teacher was like "what are you thinking?! You can't use butter at all in your icing" We live in Florida.

I officially felt like a moron......

With the hersheys could I substitute the butter flavored crisco?

Thank you so much for your help!!

matthewkyrankelly Posted 17 May 2012 , 5:22pm
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Yes you could try the butter flavored crisco. Also, search this site. You will get good help. I found this:

Good luck!

sweettreat101 Posted 19 May 2012 , 5:57pm
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This is my all time favorite recipe. It uses butter, shortening and ganache sooo good. I have never had it melt on my and it crusts too. Give it a try I know you will be happy with this one.

sweettreat101 Posted 19 May 2012 , 5:59pm
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Forgot to add stay away from using Crisco. Liquids don't mix well and it will leave a grease slick on the roof of your mouth. Try to use Hi ratio or a store brand shortening that still contains a little trans fat.

kakeladi Posted 19 May 2012 , 6:26pm
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......Forgot to add stay away from using Crisco. Liquids don't mix well ......

If that was so then *none* of the cakes I have made were any good! icon_sad.gif
COME ON!! Everyone is different. We all have different taste buds and I'd put my b'cream recipe next to your any day and say it is as good as OR BETTER than yours!

sweettreat101 Posted 21 May 2012 , 6:21am
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Kakeladi get a life and stop bashing other people. You can Google Crisco and read numerous posts of people who have noticed the same issue since they changed their formula several years ago. Maybe you like having a grease slick in your mouth. Hi ratio is the way to go but if you can't find it store brands work just as well. Crisco also posted a solution to their formula change by adding cornstarch or flour why would they take the time to post if there wasn't an issue. Here are two posts and many more out there. No need to be rude and I would be happy to put my butter cream recipe up to yours any day.
Yes, I have noticed a distinct difference, my borders were melting, my flowers weren't holding up, there was a shininess to the full bowl no matter how much powdered sugar I added. I was so relived to find out that it was Crisco's change not me going nuts after almost 25 years of making the same recipe. I went ahead and tried Kroger brand shortening as it still has the trans fat in it, so far so good, the texture in the can seems a little different but the mixed icing seems to hold up just fine and I did not notice a difference in taste. I always use almond for flavoring.
As for me, I plan to let Crisco know that this new bakery will NOT be buying Crisco shortening with the new formula. My 8-10 large cans a month may not make a difference to Crisco but my customers come first.
I have noticed a difference in my frosting I purchased a can in Feb. to do my nephew b-day cake a pooh cake and noticed how the red kept separating and tasting greasy I thought that it was my sugar or maybe I picked up an old can of crisco checked the date and it was a fresh can. The next batch I made I put the meringue powder in it. I don't always use it. The frosting tasted great, but I also didn't use color this time all white since that I was doing cupcakes. But did notice the difference and thought it was me.

carmijok Posted 21 May 2012 , 6:50am
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The Hershey's recipe is not a crusting buttercream....I think...I'm not sure because I've never made it...but from the looks of the recipe it may be softer.

I only use real butter in my chocolate and regular buttercream and they have not melted yet. If it's for an outside event, then yes, you might want to reconsider it, but if your cake is going to be inside then why worry about it? Make sure your cake is cold when you deliver it. Butter hardens quite nicely and your cake can come to room temp while the event is going on.

My recipe is 2 1/2 sticks of butter, 1 box of cream cheese, 2/3 cup (or more) of powdered cocoa, 2lbs of powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla. Add a touch of salt if you think it is too sweet.
Cream your butter and cream cheese well and mix in your cocoa. Sometimes I make a paste of the cocoa and some water so it blooms a bit before I add it to the butter mix. Slowly add the powdered sugar and splash of vanilla.
It will darken with time so don't panic if it doesn't look deep chocolate right away. It crusts nicely and tastes very rich and chocolatey.

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