Cheap Cake Mix!!!

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missmersh Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 8:43pm
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I am not sure if the prices at all wal-marts are the same, but
they have their Duncan Hines cake mix priced at $.78 right now....

Just wanted to let y'all know!!! I am in Tennessee, not sure if it is like this everywhere.


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Misdawn Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 8:48pm
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Same here in Texas too!

momoftwogirls Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 8:57pm
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I need to go check it out. I usually buy ducan hines from walmart and it cost me 88 cents here in georgia.

ntertayneme Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 9:01pm
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It's the same price here too .. I just don't care for DH cake mix... for some reason, mine always want to fall in the center ... I don't open the oven door or disturb the cake in anyway... I changed to Pillsbury and have had great results... maybe I'm just doing something wrong to the DH cake mixes...

nanni Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 9:06pm
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Have the same problem with DH-switched to Pillsbury and never have a problem! Do the same thing as far as mixing, additions, time, don't open oven, etc.

missmersh Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 9:09pm
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I didn't notice the price of the Pillsbury. (Sorry) I should have looked, I just always buy DH. And the price is normally $.94 a box (almost 20 cents different). I bought 12 boxes!!!!!!! LOL My buggy was full and wouldn't hold anything else, or I would have gotten more. Also, I noticed there was a thread on a possible powdered sugar shortage....They only had 15 bags of powdered sugar in the store.....I bought 10(some of them were busted) But I don't know if this is a "shortage" in this case, cause they were out of alot of other stuff too.


MrsMissey Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 11:30pm
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I am so glad to read this thread, I thought maybe it was just me! I have the same problem with DH..except for the French Vanilla...that turns out fine, but other than that one I have problems! icon_confused.gif When I use a cake mix now, I only use Betty Crocker, which I can get on sale for $ .75... that is the cheapest I've seen it anywhere!

crimsonhair Posted 13 Sep 2005 , 11:37pm
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Gee they are a lot more expensive up here in Canada.. I just bought a few DH at a Walmart last weekend and they were $1.76. Here in my small town at the local grocery store they are $2.19 so I was happy to pay $1.76.. I need to stock up when I go south..LOL

tanyascakes Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 6:59am
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Liz, you are like me. Here at the base store in Germany the DH price is $1.45-$1.75. Not sure why the prices are different. But I tell you when they go on sale for .75-$1.00 I load up. I always check the dates, too. Plus it is easy for me to know when they have an excess of product that they are putting on sale because I work there!!LOL And our Pillsbury prices are usually about $1.28 or something. I just prefer the DH because I haven't had a prblem yet. Maybe I will try one out to see if there is a difference. Sounds like a good reason to make a cake, right??


missmersh Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:26am
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That is why I have stuck with DH, cause no probems yet. Well, I DID have a problem once with the Butter recipe Fudge flavor. It broke in half and the inside looked REALLY wierd! It didn't look like cake was supposed to look like. That time I was really glad the cake broke!!! I won't buy that flavor anymore. I usually just buy white mix and doctor it up. I did buy Devil's food today, cause I have to make a chocolate cake this weekend. Do you think that would work, ok? I have never tried this flavor. I really don't like chocolate cake! LOL
I had to go check the dates on my boxes, cause after I read your post, I got worried I might have bought old mixes!!! LOL

I will have to test the others more too....

And yes, that is a great reason for you to bake a cake!!! icon_lol.gif

Daniela Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 4:40pm
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Since this came up I thought I'd let everyone in the Toronto area know that No Frills also has cake mix on sale for 99 cents. I believe they're either Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker. Not sure which one.


TinaRe Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 4:46pm
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I use Betty Crocker also here. It has been the same for a while now @.88 at Wally world! Dh always tasted a little off... so I swithched! Funny how things vary so much!

trini Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:45pm
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yes the duncan hines is 99cents at no frills and they also hve the frosting also 99 cents has anyone ever decorated a cake with the frosting in the container

twindees Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:51pm
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Wow that's a good price. i will go to the Wal-Mart here in New York City and check out the price.

ajoycake Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 7:51pm
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In northern wisconsin, walmart pillsbury is 82 cents. DH is 95 cents.
This is way cheap compaired to my local grocery. 1.89 per box

wifeshelper Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 8:04pm
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ya i work for walmart. the prices wont last long. my wife loves it beacuse she gets a discount.

JennT Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 8:52pm
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I need to move!!!! lol I just got back from the store....6 cake mixes, all Ducan Hines...$1.79 per box!!!! icon_surprised.gificon_mad.gificon_sad.gif With tax it's more like $2.00/per box. Before I left the house this morning, I called Wal-mart & asked if they could tell me what their price was on the mixes I needed...after waiting for about 6 minutes, someone came back and told me they were $1.29/each. So considering I have to drive an extra 8-10 minutes, 18 miles or so, through lots & lots of traffic to get to the Wal-mart that never has a parking space that isn't on the "back-forty" of the lot, and I would have a 3 yr old and 11 month old with me....I chose to pay $1.79/each at the grocery store that's near my son's school!!! lol icon_razz.gif

Also - 2 lb. bags of 10x pwd sugar has gone up to $1.50 used to be $1.09. But the butter has dropped in price by about 30 cents, while milk is up 25 cents or so. There are still a lot of empty shelves at our store, though...especially the sugar shelf! I bought 7 bags of pwd sugar...there were 5 left after that. And it's a good thing I didn't need chocolate, spice, french vanilla, or the golden butter recipe cake mixes....they only had 2 or 3 each of those flavors....I needed lemon and white....thank goodness!! This hurricane sure has screwed things up around here....our prices on everything (& I do mean EVERYTHING) have rocketed due to it being more difficult to get things delivered as usual to the stores....can't wait 'till things get back to normal.

mpitrelli Posted 14 Sep 2005 , 9:07pm
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I think I struck it rich. 2 weeks ago I bought DH at my local winn dixie and paid 1.79 the next day I went to sweetbay which is the new store taking over kash and karry and they had it for 1.19. well this past weekend I was in winn dixie again and they were clearancing out pillsbury for .47 a box for that price I stocked up and bought all they had I got 20 boxes 6 different flavors could not beat that deal.

trini Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 1:04am
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you are lucky girl 47 cents a box you have struck gold i did not know that pillsbury had a cake mix and came in different flavours ihave never seen that in canada

ntertayneme Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 1:42am
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Has anyone tried the WalMart brand? I'm too scared to try it. I'm not sure if it would taste good or not. And Pillsbury cake mixes are $.83 here. I can't say I've tried Betty Crocker. They may be priced a bit higher here, but I'm not sure.

nanni Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 2:04am
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DH is 98cents, Pillsbury is 88cents, BC is over $1- funny how the area makes the price!

thyterrell Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 2:17am
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Hey Missmersh - where in TN are you from? I'm also in Tennessee. My walmart almost always has Pillsbury for 88 cents and that's just about all I ever buy. I've got several DH in my pantry that I need to use, but always end up going and buying more Pillsbury.

southernbelle Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 2:31am
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I have decorated a cake once and once only with containerized icing. Never again. It is way to soft to use for borders and forget anything else. I like making my own icing as I know what went into it and it makes more for less money.

It will do in a pinch for a filling or just covering the cake but I usually make 2 batches of bc at a time so that I always have some on hand.

ccbakes Posted 15 Sep 2005 , 2:45am
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I've used the Wal Mart brand and they come out just fine..can't tell the difference. At our local grocery store they have Pillsbury mixes 10 for $10 every other month,so I tend to stock up on them then.

ajoycake Posted 16 Sep 2005 , 5:27pm
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I have have used the walmart brand cake mix and have no problems, tastes the same. Only complaint is the box instructions are hard to read. If you are worried, try mixing one box of walmart brand with your favorite brand and see what you think, I did this the first time also.
Happy Baking

debsuewoo Posted 17 Sep 2005 , 4:27am
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I am, like, totally bummed! The DH took the family to Walmart after dinner to buy cake mixes and they only had TWO lousy boxes of the sale mixes! Bummer!


nanni Posted 17 Sep 2005 , 1:04pm
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did you get a raincheck? I always ask the person working that isle if there are any more in the back-alot of times there are-they have to restock the section anyway so most of the time (depends on the worker) they don't mind checking-and if they do mind-oh well-they do it anyway and I thank them and go about my merry way.

wifeshelper Posted 17 Sep 2005 , 5:00pm
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Originally Posted by ntertayneme

Has anyone tried the WalMart brand? I'm too scared to try it. I'm not sure if it would taste good or not. And Pillsbury cake mixes are $.83 here. I can't say I've tried Betty Crocker. They may be priced a bit higher here, but I'm not sure.

my wife uses that when shes doing a cake for us. it tastes the same there really is no diff. and if you look on the back of the box. it has the same ingred. as the name brands

nanni Posted 17 Sep 2005 , 6:52pm
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I've used the Wal-Mart white one-to me it is denser-didn't really care for it-I don't eat cake but the look and feel didn't seem right to me-didn't get any complaints but I decided not to use it again.

jennjd Posted 17 Sep 2005 , 7:21pm
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Whenever I find cake mix on sale I stock up and store in the freezer. They last an eternity and still taste exactly the same.

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