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catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 2:48am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Who's up? Whatcha workin on?


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catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 3:19am
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I've been working on my son's cake today. Angry Birds. But he has a baseball game tomorrow which is his actual birthday so he needs cupcakes for that. On top of those cupcakes I have 48 more cupcakes for an apartment Open House tomorrow. So I'll be up for awhile baking and then decorating all of those<G>.

What is everyone else doing tonight?


eringm Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 3:34am
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I just finished baking a white chocolate mud cake. I am making a rock climbing cake for my husband's birthday on May 1st. I will be working on the fondant rock climbers this weekend.

catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 3:44am
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So are you making a "mountain" for the cake or a climbing wall?

Jess155 Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 3:44am
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I'm working on a 5 tier for a non-profit daycare center's fundraiser. Complete with RKT cupcake on top. With the leftover batter, I'm making cuppies for my kids' birthday party this weekend.

I'm so glad this is only a hobby. I could NOT do this every night!

catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 4:06am
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Your kid has a birthday this weekend too? My son is 11 tomorrow!

I've been SO busy the past 4 weeks that I'm looking forward to the break I have coming up the weekend after Mother's Day...that's IF I don't take work for that weekend before then. I was supposed to be off last week but then took a grad cake on. Gotta feeling I'm going to get more of those before June is over.

Jess155 Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 4:14am
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Actually, I have 2 kids with April birthdays, so we're celebrating them with family/friends together as one party because it's out of town. One turns 4 and one turns 2, so at this age, it's more fun to have one big combined birthday! April's been insane, and I'm glad it's almost over!!

eringm- White chocolate mud cake sounds divine! I've got to try that some time!

catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 4:20am
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My grandson's was the 14th...he turned son's is tomorrow...he's turning 11. I only WISH we could have put the two together but, nope, that's not a possibility<G>.

eringm Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 4:34am
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Catlharper, I will be making a mountain...the only way to climb icon_biggrin.gif

catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 5:16am
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I was thinking "Mountain" but I have a nephew who climbs indoors so a mountain wouldn't be good for him...this is why I was wondering.

As for me...Except for wrapping and putting a 6inch into the freezer I am totally done! YEA! My list, which was SO long today other than caking is finally done! Whew! I'm looking forward to seeing all of my kids/grandkids tomorrow and just hanging out.

My son has a baseball game tomorrow so we put his party on Sunday at lunchtime. So the cake and favors needed to be done but don't actually have to do the party till Sunday..that means lots of R&R and just being with family tomorrow after delivering the client cupcakes.

The 6 inch is for next week. So I'll just put it into the freezer for working on next Thursday.


Marianna46 Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 5:26am
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Well, I came to this party kind of late - after I finished babysitting my granddaughters so their parents could take in a well-deserved movie. I'm finishing a cake in the shape of a Mexican torta, which is a sandwich made on a special kind of roll called a telera. My son-in-law and I have a running joke: every time I go to Mexico City, he asks me to bring him back a torta, which I never do, because they don't travel. So I'm making him a torta for his birthday cake. I'm also trying to decide on designs for Mother's Day and a friend's birthday. I think the Mother's Day cake (which is for my daughter) is going to be a dummy. For one thing, I have to go out of town several days before Mother's Day and for another, neither one of us are eating sugar these days. But I want her to know how special she is, so I still want to go all out on the design.

catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 5:44am
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Marianna! Tortas look like some GOOD food! Hope you post the photo when you are done! As for the dummy...what a sweet idea! To show how much you love her without giving her sugar that she doesn't want. I, too, am not sure what I'm going to do for M'Day yet...still thinking about it. I'm sure to come up with it on the fly..I usually do<G>


catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 5:55am
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Good night everyone! I'll check back in the morning for anyone who may arrive after my bedtime<G>.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


cakecraving Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 6:21am
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Just finished my stepdads granddaughters bridal shower cake. It was a first and iam quite pleased with the outcome. Thans for asking oh and I see we are in the same neck of the woods.

Marianna46 Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 2:50pm
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Mornin', Cat! Hope you got some sleep! You're right, there's nothing like a good torta. The thing is, my SIL isn't a fan of sweets, so this is the second time I've made him a cake that looks like one of the foods he IS into (the other time was a grilled T-bone). The thing about the dummy cake for Mother's Day is this: when I want to do something to show somebody I care, for me it has to be cake. Not that I can't give a gift or a bouquet or a nice bottle of wine, as well, but it has to include cake. It may sound corny to say this, but cake is my artistic medium, and it's the best way I have of expressing my feelings sometimes (I used to write poetry, but everybody thanked me for cutting that out!). I think a lot of us that come to CC feel the same way, even if we don't say it a lot.

theresaf Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 3:29pm
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It's way way past the Friday night status but here's my idea I'm working on with my nephew tomorrow. We are making cupcakes but they will really be mini meatloaves with mashed potatoes swirled in top like icing! I might tint the mashed potatoes but haven't decided! It's a reverse fool for the other times I make French fries that are really cake! That's fun to me!

catlharper Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 3:51pm
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LOL...Morning Marianna! Caking is one of MY artistic outlets as well. I'm a photographer as well. So,yes, often my birthday "gift" to someone is going to be their cake. This has been going on so long that when I once gave my nephew a gift instead of cake he was openly disappointed. Not sure he forgave his mom or me!LOL! I happily spend hours and hours crafting a loved ones cake. Oddly enough I have NO patience cooking "dinner" food. The quicker the better! LOL!

Hope he loves his cake!


annakat444 Posted 28 Apr 2012 , 6:05pm
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I've been working on a birthday cake for my friend's mom - she loves frogs, so I've made a frog "family" out of fondant & gumpaste (first time making figures) - a daddy frog (who ended up looking drunk, lol), a mama frog (wearing a crown, eyelashes, and kissy lips), and a baby frog. Gonna put a pond with some rocks and cat tails along with the frogs on top of the cake. I think it'll be really cute!

catlharper Posted 29 Apr 2012 , 3:59am
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OMG..that's sounds hysterical! You must post a photo here when you are done! LOL!


theresaf Posted 1 May 2012 , 3:25pm
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Here it is, my mashed potatoes and meatloaf cupcake! I made it for extended family so if you can't fool them, well, why not! One of my sisters has no sense of smell so she did not suspect at all that it wasn't buttercream. I told my husband straight out what it was - he ate the mashed potatoes! Since I also made some faux hero sandwiches, no one was disappointed. Thanks for looking!

Marianna46 Posted 2 May 2012 , 3:15pm
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I love your meatloaf and potato cupcakes, theresaf. I finished my torta, too, and will post a pic the minute I have a chance to sit down and get them off my camera and onto the computer.

theresaf Posted 2 May 2012 , 7:59pm
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Thanks Marianna. Looking forward to seeing your torta! Even though I have a really great camera, a nice mini Leica, I find I use my Iphone camera more. Then I email the picture to myself, adjust the orientation if neceesary and upload the pic from my gallery to CC. It's less of a pain than uploading photos from my camera. I even print out and frame other photos I take with my Iphone and the quality is great.
And no, I am not an Apple employee! lol.

Marianna46 Posted 2 May 2012 , 9:23pm
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Yeah, one of these days I'm going to drop kick myself into the 21st century!

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