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TinyKitchen Posted 12 Apr 2012 , 3:31pm
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Hey everyone! New to the forum, but have been getting tips from the site for a while. I've always been able to find answers to my questions...until now.

I've been playing around with fondant and different cake flavors and my family has decided that I'm the official family cake baker. Yay for more practice! But now, my brother (who absolutely NEVER asks for anything) has asked me to make his birthday cake. He made up what he wants in his head and rattled it off to me last weekened. His request went something like this:

Swirl brownies made into a circle with peanut butter icing and chocolate chips on top and then another swirl brownie circle on top like a sandwich, and freeze it! Then, cover the whole thing in marshmallow fluff, and freeze it! Then, cover that whole thing with hard shell chocolate, top it with multicolor sprinkles, and freeze it!

I have no idea what his fascination is with freezing things, but anyway...

I got two boxes of the regular Pillsbury swirl brownie mix and plan on using two, 8" rounds for the "cake" part. I also have a recipe for peanut butter icing to sandwich between them and some chocolate chips for the center, but the next part is what puzzles me. He wants the sticky consistency of melty marshmallows, but is it possible to cover the whole brownie cake with a jar or two of marshmallow fluff? Seems like it would be incredibly hard to spread. I've seen recipes for marshmallow creme icing, but I don't think the consistency would be right. I have melting chocolate for the hard shell, but that also seems like a problem. Would I just melt the chocolate and pour it on the cake over the fluff? Would that melt the fluff? Would that even work??

Sorry for asking oh so many questions, but I'm super lost here. To me, and the family members that heard this description, it sounds like the cake is going to be a big mess and probably won't taste very good. Any suggestions as to how to do all this and actually make a tastey birthday treat? Help in any form would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Momofjaic Posted 12 Apr 2012 , 3:52pm
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I don't know if it would work but could you melt the mmfluff and pour it over the cake like gnash? Get it really cold ( don't know if I would freeze it tho) then pour the gnash on top of that? Hope that helps

ljchevygirl Posted 12 Apr 2012 , 3:57pm
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Maybe you can ask your brother where he got the idea from. He may have seen it on tv or somewhere else and you can find out a recipe or see a picture of what he wants and get more info that way.

TinyKitchen Posted 12 Apr 2012 , 6:03pm
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Unfortunately, I did ask him where he got the idea from and his reply was, "My head, of course!" Yep, he made up that craziness all by himself.

As far as melting the fluff, would it take back it's original, gooey texture when it firms up again? Do y'all think the melted chocolate will re-melt the fluff?

Momofjaic Posted 12 Apr 2012 , 7:59pm
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Originally Posted by TinyKitchen

As far as melting the fluff, would it take back it's original, gooey texture when it firms up again? Do y'all think the melted chocolate will re-melt the fluff?

I would think it would, when you melt it for RKT it kind of goes back right?? I would get it really really cold before you put chocolate on it think of the chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies at Easter! You could always test a small amount before a whole cake! HTH

kakeladi Posted 12 Apr 2012 , 8:19pm
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This may be a great time for you to show what YOU knowicon_smile.gif
Not every request is possible. Sometimes (not often, but sometimes) we as creators of such sweet confections have to say no - it just can't be done.
I'm referring mostly to the MMFluff.
Get yourself a jar of it and spread it on someting to see how it will hold up. Then maybe try melting a bit also to see how that works. Depending on your experiements you can advise him if his request if possible.

ggonzalez91 Posted 12 Apr 2012 , 8:34pm
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Maybe instead of mmfluff you could use Italian meringue buttercream or swiss meringue buttercream. Pop in the freezer and then dip in cooled melted chocolate. Sort of like this

myxstorie Posted 15 Apr 2012 , 2:45pm
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I've used melted MMFluff to top cupcakes before, and after a few hours, it starts to slip. It held up find with the cupcake liners to hold it in, but where some of the domes were higher than the liners, it kind of seeped down around the edges. I get the feeling that unless you were to keep this very cool, it would just slide down the sides of your cake.

How about turning it into an ice cream cake? If he wants it frozen, you could try using vanilla ice cream and some peanut butter for the filling, which would go with the brownies and ganache rather nicely, I think? That way he still gets all the flavours he wants, it shouldn't taste too bad, and hopefully the marshmallow fluff will hold up underneath the ganache...

TinyKitchen Posted 16 Apr 2012 , 2:14pm
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Hey everyone! Thanks SO much for all the suggestions! I ended up doing just about what he asked for and it turned out great! I used peanut butter icing for the filling and iced the sides of the cake with it as well. Plopped some marshmallow fluff on the top and let it set over night and just like you said, myxstorie, it definitely ran! It ended up working out nicely though because I laddled melted chocolate on top and let it run down the sides too. Topped it with rainbow sprinkles and it ended up looking somewhat like an icecream sundae! I even added a fondant Transformer face last minute and he loved it! I'll have to add some pictures when I get a chance. It was a pretty yummy "cake" but everyone definitely needed some vanilla ice cream and milk to wash it down!

myxstorie Posted 16 Apr 2012 , 2:33pm
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I'm so glad you managed to make it work, it sounds like you made it look wonderful too! icon_biggrin.gif

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