Red Edible Ink Looks Orange On Edible Emage, Help!!!

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jackmo Posted 6 Apr 2012 , 9:24pm
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i have a canon mp560 wireless edible ink printer. when i print out a picture, i noticed the red is orange instead of red on the paprer. What is going on? thanks.

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jackmo Posted 6 Apr 2012 , 9:25pm
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i mean on the frosting sheet.

vickim6948 Posted 7 Apr 2012 , 12:50am
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I don't know if you got it figured out yet. But 1st check your levels on the colors, mainly the magenta and cyan. If they are fine, perform a printer head deep cleaning. That should hopefully fix it. Have you used it recently and was it working fine the last time?

jackmo Posted 7 Apr 2012 , 1:44am
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just brought the cartridges. all are working but the red. i did a print head cleaning. i don't know what is going on. its frustrating. the people who sold me the cartridges said that i enlarged the picture. .

vickim6948 Posted 7 Apr 2012 , 1:54am
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Does your printer has 3 colors plus 2 blacks? Also, I know this is a stupid question, but you did remove all the plastic film tabs from the colors right? You never know its easy to forget when your in a rush. Was the printer working correctly in the past with all colors? Does the printer recognize all the cartridges? There are no errors right. Also, you can go into the advance settings and make sure that some how the settings were not changed. That would be some of my next suggestions. I don't think that enlarging the photo as they said would change the color that drastically. Normally it can change the clarity of the photo image. HTH

vickim6948 Posted 7 Apr 2012 , 2:00am
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I realized I put cyan not yellow. I meant yellow. Also, I'm trying to check for online manuals for the printer right now to see if I can suggest something else. I have used a similar cannon printer and 1 had several issues with colors randomly dropping off like this did. I'll let you know if I can find some more suggestions that are more specific. icon_smile.gif

icingimages Posted 7 Apr 2012 , 4:33am
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What happens when you print a nozzle check? That is under the maintence tab of your printer preferences.

jackmo Posted 8 Apr 2012 , 9:11pm
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idid a nozzle check, even cleaned the printhead. The people who sold it told me that because i enlarged the picture. but orange??? This is frustating.

icingimages Posted 9 Apr 2012 , 1:35am
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My question is when you print the nozzle check, what comes out? Explain to me what you see. I am not sure what you mean that they are saying it is because you enlarged the picture. Is there only one picture that it is happening to or can you not get any reds at all?

jackmo Posted 10 Apr 2012 , 5:52pm
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hi debbie, well i think i know what is wrong. I asked another person who bought theirs at the same place and they too said their magneta was orangey. so how could that be? The coloring in the cartridge is red. why is it comming out orange?

icingimages Posted 10 Apr 2012 , 6:16pm
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IT may be their color base. Remember, that you never get a pure print of that cartridge color except on a nozzle check. THe colors mix create coloring that produces the end result. I know that for our cartridges we have our customers use specific printing settings for our inks. Are all your nozzles printing out? Sometimes it can be the picture as well. For example what you see on your screen is a different color then what the printer interprets. But for the most part, you should be close with edible printing

DianeLM Posted 11 Apr 2012 , 12:38am
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what you see on your screen is a different color then what the printer interprets

This is very important to remember. At times, I've had to make drastic adjustments to the hues that appear on the screen in order to get the correct color to print. In one case, I had to change purples to greens on the screen in order to get the printer to show purple. Aggravating!

Red is the most difficult color, IMO. I suggest cropping a small area of your picture to use as your test picture and just keep making hue adjustments until you get the colors you want.

icingimages Posted 11 Apr 2012 , 2:02am
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Remember, all edible inks are not the same. There are several different brands of inks out there. Some brands print more towards the pinks, some towards greens and some towards blues. I have tested many inks before so that I can be knowledgeable on all inks to help everyone, to the best of my abilities. While I am an expert on my inks, I also have worked with almost every brand out there. Red is the hardest. But the origin of the picture can also influence. THe type of file you are working can effect the picture and the quality as well. With the internet, people download all types of pictures and you sometimes do not know what you are working with. Whether the picture is a true graphic or if it passed through a word file can effect the outcomes and even change colors over a period of time. But settings are important. WIthour inks, you have to have it on paper type Matte and you can get some awesome results!

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