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believer Posted 3 Apr 2012 , 11:40pm
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I brought the wrong shortening. It is 0 transfat. Will the icing crust and smooth easily. PLEASE HELP!

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SRumzis Posted 3 Apr 2012 , 11:50pm
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From all my experiences, NO do not use it, your buttercream will look like cottage cheese. Hth!

believer Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 12:40am
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Yes it Does!!!!!!! I hope Food Lion will take back the 6 cans I have. Wedding Cake due Saturday! icon_cry.gif

believer Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 12:55am
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ALL Crisco is trans-fat, even though the label now deceivingly says trans fat free. Check the ingredients its Fully Hydrogenated Oil. Hydrogenated oil is just another way of saying trans fats. I just saw this posted in a recipe is this true? icon_confused.gif

Sonya Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 1:45am
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If you have a receipt for it you can return the unopened cans and get your money back, however if you dont have the receipt you cant get any money back but can get other stuff in place of it. Just tell them you got the wrong thing.

TexasSugar Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 6:05pm
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In April 2004, Smucker introduced "Crisco Zero Grams Trans Fat Per Serving All-Vegetable Shortening," which contained fully hydrogenated palm oil blended with liquid vegetable oils to yield a shortening much like the original Crisco. From January 24, 2007, all Crisco shortening products were reformulated to contain less than one gram of trans fat per serving; the separately marketed trans-fat free version introduced in 2004 was consequently discontinued.[3] As of 2010[update], Crisco consists of a blend of soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils. According to the product information label, one 12 g serving of Crisco contains 3 g of saturated fat, 0 g of trans fat, 6 g of polyunsaturated fat, and 2.5 g of monounsaturated fat.[4] It is claimed that this reformulated Crisco has the same cooking properties and flavor as the original version of the product.

According to the FDA, "Food manufacturers are allowed to list amounts of trans fat with less than 0.5 gram (1/2 g) per serving as 0 (zero) on the Nutrition Facts panel."[5]

The process of hydrogenation adds hydrogen atoms to unsaturated fats, eliminating double bonds and making them into partially or completely saturated fats. However, partial hydrogenation, if it is chemical rather than enzymatic, converts a part of cis-isomers into trans-unsaturated fats instead of hydrogenating them completely. Trans fats also occur naturally in a limited number of cases: Vaccenyl and conjugated linoleyl (CLA) containing trans fats occur naturally in trace amounts in meat and dairy products from ruminants, although the latter also constitutes a cis fat.

According this this, I would say that the world hydrogenated and trans fats are NOT the same.

jgifford Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 6:09pm
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Originally Posted by believer

I brought the wrong shortening. It is 0 transfat. Will the icing crust and smooth easily. PLEASE HELP!

Since I live in West TX where it gets REALLY hot, I rarely make bc with butter. I only use Crisco and it crusts just fine. The crusting depends on the amount of ps you add. See? Not a disaster. thumbs_up.gif

inspiredbymom Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 6:37pm
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I used to use Crisco in the past with Sharon's recipe and it did crust. However, the Sweetex does smooth better and the "crust" is different. It is so much easier to work with and it has a different taste and feel when you eat it. I will not go back if I don't have too! If you have a chance to work with Sweetex, you will love it. But, you should be fine.

KarolynAndrea Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 7:02pm
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I think it is more in the smoothing technique than the recipe. Sharon uses all sweetex. I use 2 sticks butter, 1/2 cup Crisco, 1/2 cup Sweetex. I get it really smooth with that recipe. I haven't seen a difference since Crisco changed their product. But as someone said before, shortening IS trans fat, so it makes no sense that they can advertise it that it is not.

Jody130 Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 7:27pm
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where do you purchase Sweetex from??

inspiredbymom Posted 4 Apr 2012 , 7:41pm
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I order mine from Fondant source. They are great! That is because there is nobody withing 500 miles that carries it. I have read on CC that some people get it at grocery supply stores and places like that. Also, don't get the Z. I think you can get it from Global Sugar Art as well. Get it early enough to beat the heat though! icon_smile.gif

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