Freezing Bananas??? Is This Normal????

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mom2twogrlz Posted 27 Mar 2012 , 8:52pm
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I froze some over ripened bananas last few weeks knowing I would be making a banana cake this week. I put them in the freezer as is, with the skin on. I pulled them out a few hours ago to defrost and just noticed they are a watery slimy mess.

Is this normal? Can I still use them to make a banana cake? The texture is scaring me.

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elliespartycake Posted 27 Mar 2012 , 9:02pm
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Never fear. If your recipe is calling for pureed bananas they'll be fine. I do it all the time.

Dayti Posted 27 Mar 2012 , 9:03pm
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I know that one way to ripen bananas is to freeze them overnight and squeeze the pulp out the next day. Sounds like you overripened your overripe bananas! I would get the pulp out and see what it tastes like. If it tastes ok go for it, but also you may find that it is very liquidy and your recipe might need adjusting to account for that. But don't throw them out without trying them icon_wink.gif

mom2twogrlz Posted 27 Mar 2012 , 9:26pm
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This is the recipe I am planning on trying. It says mashed bananas. I guess pureed and mashed are kind of the same. icon_smile.gif There is a ton of liquid in the bowl, so maybe I will try to get as much as I can out. I can't stomach the thought of trying the banana goo myself, the texture is grossing me out to look at it...tasting....BLECK!!!!

I guess I will give the recipe a try today, then if it doesn't work, ripen some fresh bananas in the freezer tomorrow.

Thanks guys. I feel a little better about it now.

jason_kraft Posted 27 Mar 2012 , 10:04pm
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When bananas start to get overripe we freeze them to use in vegan cakes and breads (they are a great egg replacer). The texture can be somewhat disconcerting but we've never had a problem with them.

mom2twogrlz Posted 27 Mar 2012 , 11:06pm
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OK. Thank you Jason_Kraft. I am gonna give it a whirl right now.....

KoryAK Posted 28 Mar 2012 , 3:07am
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Do not remove the liquid. Where do you think it came from? It was in the banana the whole time. You will not get the same result (probably ok but not the same) if you remove it. Been there, done that.

AnnieCahill Posted 28 Mar 2012 , 12:48pm
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Agree with Kory. I was watching an episode of America's Test Kitchen where they were making banana bread, and they actually nuked the bananas for a few minutes to break them down and render their juice. Save that precious liquid!

southerncross Posted 28 Mar 2012 , 1:09pm
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Actually,thawed frozen bananas (liquid and all) makes for a better tasting banana bread than mashing "fresh" ones. IMHO.

mom2twogrlz Posted 28 Mar 2012 , 9:03pm
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Thanks guys. I decided against removing the liquid, since the recipe called for 2 cups, and all I had was 1 cup. It turned out fantastic, adn very banana-y, even with hlaf the amount called for. I will be freezing the bananas from now on and try to NOT look at the gooy result!!! Textures get to me....and not in a good way. icon_sad.gif

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