Help Needed For Daughter's Wedding Cake!

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Apti Posted 6 Aug 2012 , 6:09pm
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Originally Posted by Haven

Hello friends,
I am totally confused about what size pans to get for the cake tiers. Could someone please help me? The cake is pictured on the cover of the January/February issue of American Cake Decorating magazine. Also on pg. 9. I have got to get started on practicing doing this cake - but really don't know what size to make the tiers. Thank you so much for your help!

It is more helpful if you can scan and post a photo of the cake. Is this the cake you are talking about? It is the Jan 2012 magazine cover of ACD.

Apti Posted 6 Aug 2012 , 6:12pm
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You need square and hexagon pans.

You can purchase the hexagon pan set by Wilton at a craft store with a 40% off coupon:

You can purchase square pans from Magic Line or Fat Daddio's from a number of online retailers.

My guess on the size is:

14"-16" bottom square
10" or 12" square on top of bottom
and hexagon shapes for the top three tiers

Haven Posted 7 Aug 2012 , 1:14am
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Thank you, Apti. That's the cake! I don't have the equipment to scan a picture, so thank you for putting the info up so others can see the cake! I appreciate it! Also thank you for your suggestions on the sizes. I am thinking that 6 inches is the normal for the top tier? Is that right? Then should I go 2 inches bigger, or try 3 inches bigger for each tier below? Thanks again.

srkmilklady Posted 7 Aug 2012 , 3:15am
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Sorry, there isn't much I can offer you in the way of help with your cake, but I wanted to wish you luck with it and say congratulations! I too made my oldest daughter's cake in April and although I thought it would be a "nerve wracking" endeavor I was so happy that she asked me to make it! However, not being a "pro" my daughter and I chose a very simple cake design. That made things a lot easier for me and it came out just fine.

I also baked and froze my cakes ahead of time so I wouldn't be baking the week of the wedding which allowed me more time to spend with my daughter doing all the last minute things that have to be done. Then I just had to do minimal decorating and assembly on the big day.

So I now have my youngest daughter's wedding coming up in October and I will be making her cake also. This cake will be quite a bit larger with about 50 gumpaste roses on it, so my nerves are a littled frayed! icon_redface.gif But, hopefully all will go as smoothly as last time!

Again, Congratulations and I hope you'll be posting your cake pic after the wedding! Can't wait to see it! icon_smile.gif

paulstonia Posted 7 Aug 2012 , 4:19am
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Ok my guess starting from the top, 6, 8 10, 12 and then there looks to be a little more space on the bottom tier so I'd guess 16 but not sure with the hexagon mixed in. Just tried the lemon and lemon zest in buttercream this weekend and loved it. I don't see why the change on the bottom tier, it should be done before the day you set up. Be careful getting wilton hexagons. I have a set of the square and the sides are NOT straight. Did a wedding cake and had to carve all the tiers, pain in the A$$. Bought an older used set and those are straight. And yes, your freezer is your friend, bake ahead. I attatch my swags and flowers to fondant with a little alchohol (vanilla, vodka)

Haven Posted 7 Aug 2012 , 12:04pm
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Thanks to all of you for your advice! How long ahead of time can I make and freeze the cakes and they still taste fresh? Another change in this cake is that she wants all buttercream frosting - not fondant. I'm not sure if that will make it easier or harder to decorate, but I will give it a go!

Apti Posted 7 Aug 2012 , 3:27pm
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Originally Posted by Haven

Thanks to all of you for your advice! How long ahead of time can I make and freeze the cakes and they still taste fresh? Another change in this cake is that she wants all buttercream frosting - not fondant. I'm not sure if that will make it easier or harder to decorate, but I will give it a go!

Happy to help, Haven. The reason I suggested buying the entire set of Wilton Hexagon pans is because you will find that you need to physically place the pans on top of each other to SEE how it looks to you as a finished tower. I had trouble with this in mixing pan shapes, so now I put 'em together "pretend", and see what works and what doesn't.

If you purchase the hexagon pan set BEFORE you purchase your square pans, you can make a pretend square shape out of cardboard. I'd suggest a cardboard 16" square and a 14" square. (Note: Make SURE you oven can accomodate a 16" square and/or 14" square pan size! Some ovens are not deep enough.)

The square pans will be more expensive ( Magic Line or Fat Daddio's), so you will be able to purchase exactly what you need with this method. I strongly recommend that you do NOT purchase the Wilton square pan set available in the craft stores. Although the hexagon set is wonderful, the Wilton square/rectangles sold in craft stores with coupons are STUPID and have angled sides.

Freezing: Place your nearly cooled or completely cooled cake on a cardboard cake circle. Wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap. (I wrap mine twice in plastic wrap.) Then wrap the whole thing in heavy duty aluminum foil. Two hours before you are ready to tort/fill/assemble/decorate, put the STILL WRAPPED cake on the counter to defrost. Condensation will form on the outside of the wrapper, not on the cake.

I've frozen and defrosted cakes after a month and they are still wonderful, but I'd recommend one or two weeks. Do not freeze with other non-cake food items that may impart an odor you wouldn't want in a cake.

Haven Posted 15 Aug 2012 , 2:32am
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Apti, thank you for all of your help. I am going to do a trial run next week, and bake and freeze the cakes for a week to see how it turns out. I appreciate everybody's 'tips and tricks' in helping me with this cake!

kazita Posted 15 Aug 2012 , 5:08am
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I went to a site called and on the left hand side picked cake stands and toppers than i went to the second page they have beauiful cake stands there was a few silver ones that would be just beauiful with your cake good luck on the cake and make sure to post pictures of the cake

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