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KalisCakes Posted 29 Mar 2012 , 11:47pm
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Well then... after reading all the threads, here's what I have to say:
1.) Why do people insist on asking if you're legal or not? I dunno. I don't really have the time to try and police people who aren't legal. I have a business to run.
2.) Snarky comments... well, people are people. Nuff said.
3.) Questions taking a while to get answered: refer to the answer in #2.

That all being said, I enjoy helping people out where I can, offering any advice or expertise I may have, and learning from others in this industry, whether they are businesses, home bakers, or hobby bakers.

A while back, about a year ago, to be exact, I had quite an experience with how threads can go on this site. I gained quite a bit of valuable input and information, and received quite a bit of bashing as well. And I learned from all of it. I learned different ways to handle situations, business problems that can arise, weaknesses in my business concept and what I was doing as well as ways to improve how I was running my business, and, something really important that I would never have gained without all those snarky comments: how to handle myself in the face of rudeness, to be confident in the things I know I am doing right, to be willing to change the things I am doing wrong, most importantly-- that being emotional and sensitive will get me no where. I definitely grew some thicker skin after that ordeal, and have become a better business woman for it.

I would also like to say, jason_krafrt, scp1127, costumeczar, leah, and a few others who I can't think of off the top of my head, were actually very active in this one thread I'm talking about, and a critical part in my decisions during that time and how I handled everything. Some comments were nice, some informative, some not so nice, some down right made me cry. BUT, ALL their comments were useful to me, and very helpful during that time. And so in closing, I'd like to say thank you to EVERYONE who posts, for your advice, input, laughs, and even negativity; because I've found that I can always pull something from it all and apply it towards my clients and the way I run my show. icon_smile.gif

Annabakescakes Posted 29 Mar 2012 , 11:49pm
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Originally Posted by AnnieCahill

The thread was not removed. I remembered it because I had also responded with a recipe for you to try. To be fair, you were the one who flew off the handle first on page 4. Sorry, I call it like I see it.


With that said, this is an international forum and each person is entitled to his own thoughts or opinions. Some are factual, some are flippant, and some are nice. But each one is just that-an opinion. It shouldn't cause you to cry or jump off a bridge at the end of the day. Sticks and stones, remember?

This, exactly!

I read that whole thread waiting to see what the whole big deal was about, and I saw a whole bunch of nothing, except Sugar_Fairy being pretty dramatic. Saying she was going to quit posting and encouraging PM to her about how she should stay icon_rolleyes.gif I was waiting for the part spc popped off at the mouth (fingers) and said something all crazy to get this person all PO'ed, and it wasn't there icon_confused.gif

And I also got an email from someone called Sugar Pixie (coincidence? I think not!) that was complaining about the same thing, how there is a mean-spiritedness to newbies and the subject was "Try to be nice" because she posted a horrendous recipe in the comment section of a superior recipe and acted like hers was all that and a bag of chips,( when it is quite revolting...) and I said if she had a recipe to post it as a new recipe, not in the comments of someone else's recipe. THEN SHE STARTED A NEW POST ABOUT IT! LOL!!!!! icon_rolleyes.gif

Osgirl Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 3:12am
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I think this issue is online forums in general. I am a teacher who belongs to a teacher forum and the same thing happens on there day after day. It amazes me how rude some of these teachers can be to other teachers. Just last night I read a post where a teacher told another teacher to "grow up!" who was simply looking for some advice to a problem she was having.

I also belonged to a mom message board. There was a group of us who met on another forum 5 years ago and broke off to have our own private forum. Same thing happened on there. People took things personally, out of context, and became snarky. I said my good byes and left that one behind.

A few months ago I posted a question on CC (not on this particular board) and some of the responses were becoming rude. I made the decision not to go back to the post and read or respond because it just wasn't worth my time.

Unfortunately it happens everywhere. I think people feel more free to say what they want and how they want when they are in front of a computer. They forget that there are real people on the "other side" who read these comments and may take them to heart.

I don't really care of people are legal or not. It's not my problem. Honestly, there are some awesome home bakers who aren't legal who make way better products than bakeries. Unfortunately in some states (mine is one) you have to bake in a fully licensed commercial kitchen which makes it impossible for many people with real talent to open a bakery (as it's a big risk and a lot of work). I know I'd rather eat what I bake in my home unlicensed kitchen than a bakery that may hire a 17 year old kid who works for minimum wage and doesn't really care to much about cleanliness standards.

The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 4:25pm
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I can't read all of what's posted because the ads are cutting of the writing at the side, but I just wanted to say I only have ONE account on Cake Central. I have no idea who Sugar Pixie is. I've also never posted in the recipes section. It sounds a bit crazy to me to hear you go on and on about what I've supposably done and then laughing about it, when it is not even me you're talking about!

The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 4:33pm
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To AnnaBakesCakes: I sitting here and I just can't stop shaking my head wondering what you're even talking about... I tried searching for this Sugar Pixie and nothing's even coming up. Why would I post a recipe about chips? You're confusing me. Like I said I only have one sign on and I've never posted any recipes.. and I certainly wouldn't bother e-mailing you, where would I even get your e-mail address.

The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 4:56pm
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Okay I found Sugarpixy's profile and wow, her cakes are gorgeous! I wish I could say that they were mine, lol. Anyway, there's a lot of information there (on her Cake Central profile) about herself. She's from the Cayman Islands, I'm in Ontario, Canada. She even has a business called The Cake Studio and I don't have a business yet. I even found her business page on Facebook and I'm going to "like" it. There's pictures on her FB page and we look totally differnent as she's quite pretty and black whereas I'm white and on the chunky side, lol. Anyway, NO that's not me. If I were to add a second account on Cake Central, I don't think I could be that creative about my situation (where I live etc.) I'm sure she'll appreciate you insulting her though for no real reason. icon_smile.gif

vpJane Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 5:23pm
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There's sugarpixy:

And SugarPixie:

In any case, The_Sugar_Fairy, I know that your "problems" with that "poster" we're all talking about, didn't start in the thread everyone keeps on posting. It's been a loooong time before that, for you and others. It could look that you were being dramatic, but some of us knew that you just couldn't take it anymore.

Hope we don't get all the "pixies" and "pixys" out there involved in this mess. And you're right, you shouldn't be accused of doing stuff you're not doing, like emailing and posting horrendous recipes.

vpJane Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 6:27pm
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Oh, but The_Sugar_Fairy is right.

Sugarpixy just joined, she's from the Cayman Islands and something happened to her already in this wonderful place!

QTCakes1 Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 6:44pm
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Okay, so the thread that Annicahill posted, that Annabakescakes referenced to again, IS Sugar Fairy on THIS thread, with the same avatar on THIS thread, and it was posted in the Recipe section. All you have to do is click the thread and it's SUGAR FAIRY, not any sugar pixie or whatever. Why deny that you posted in a recipe section? I actually thought it was very good thread, drama aside. It had great baking info. And I have to say, being NO fan of the person, it's the first time I've ever seen SCP not be a complete condescending know it all. So, a really good thread. Boy, the things people deny and twist or double back on about on here. How strange.

vpJane Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 7:19pm
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I don't think The_Sugar_Fairy is denying anything that happened on that thread. Or that she posted a recipe.

She is denying that she and this person (Sugarpixy) are the same person. And Sugarpixy did happen to mess up posting a recipe in the wrong place the first day she joined.

Now, I'm all confused. How can Sugarpixy live in the Cayman Islands and The_Sugar_Fairy live in Canada and all be the same person?


The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 7:27pm
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Sorry I'm really confused I guess. I've never posted a RECIPE. Don't those go into a completely different spot? I have posted in the recipe forum though. Was AnnaBakesCakes talking about this Sugarpixie then or Sugarpixy? I know she thinks she was talking about me, but neither one is me.

The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 30 Mar 2012 , 7:33pm
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Originally Posted by vpJane

There's sugarpixy:

And SugarPixie:

In any case, The_Sugar_Fairy, I know that your "problems" with that "poster" we're all talking about, didn't start in the thread everyone keeps on posting. It's been a loooong time before that, for you and others. It could look that you were being dramatic, but some of us knew that you just couldn't take it anymore.

Hope we don't get all the "pixies" and "pixys" out there involved in this mess. And you're right, you shouldn't be accused of doing stuff you're not doing, like emailing and posting horrendous recipes.

Thank you vpJane! I appreciate it and yes, that's exactly what happened.. it was a long time coming and I got pissed off. I definately should have just ignored her comment instead of being dramatic. Unfortunately I think the pixies are already involved, lol! I'm a FAIRY, not a pixie, lol. I feel badly for whichever pixie Annabakes was talking about though.

sugarpixy Posted 31 Mar 2012 , 12:44am
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LOL! I am happy and I know that you all are happy, but I am not so sure about Annabakes cakes icon_biggrin.gif The revolting recipe that I posted was the basic buttercream recipe that uses shorteing and water which makes it vegan and work very well in the hot and humid climate that I work in . I was so excited to share it (no cake buddies here) that I posted it under another vegan recipe. Guilty of being overzealous yes, guilty of trying to be all that,hardly I have only being doing this for a year and a half so I am just excited about the whole cake thing.
Thanks for the heads up The Sugar Fairy. Though we are miles apart we do have an Ontario connection as I went to UofT and spent 9 years in Toronto.

Goreti Posted 31 Mar 2012 , 1:11am
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For the most part, I enjoy this site. Not only do I get to see everyone's beautiful creations but I have learned a lot from reading some of the posts on here. Notice I said some of the posts. Others just remind me of the reason why I quit my customer service/sales job. Really?! Someone asks a simple question and all the sudden there is a major issue. So sick of dealing with that. If this is all you have to worry about in your lives, then you are very lucky. Unfortunately, I have members of my family fighting for their lives right now and others who have lost the battle, at the ripe old age of 42. I just don't have the patience for this nonsense. I'm sure I'm going to be attacked for my attitude. So go right ahead.

costumeczar Posted 31 Mar 2012 , 1:48am
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Lots of busy identity detectives on here today!

Part of the problem in any forum anywhere, I think, is that if someone gets an answer they don't like they get offended and accuse the other person of being a bully, which is the hot topic word of the year. Then everything has to get dramatic.

For @sugarpixy, if you can get vanilla soymilk you can use that in vegan buttercream and it gives it a nice flavor but it's still vegan if you just use shortenting.

For @Osgirl, the moms groups bitchiness is the WORST. Maybe even worse than the PTA!

LoveMeSomeCake615 Posted 31 Mar 2012 , 3:16am
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Good grief, all that recipe nonsense was ridiculous! Why assume the worst of someone instead of thinking "you know, maybe they are just new and don't realize how posting recipes works." Not too mention telling them that their icing recipe is foul. Maybe you think it is, but that's no reason to be rude. If they use it and it works for them, who cares??

rosech Posted 31 Mar 2012 , 11:06am
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Sometimes you read a post and look forward to the answers, then lo and behold you see some battle starting and heating up and no one addressing OP's question. It's frustrating.

On the other hand if someone has a different opinion from yours it doesn't mean that they are offending or belittling (is that a word?) you.

Also those of you who stick to what is right regarding licenses/copywrite etc, rejoice! Be happy that you are doing the right thing. There is no need to waste yo energy being angry and grumpy about people who have chosen to take risks. They will be accountable for their actions. Let them be and focus on your business and bringing smiles to your customers.

Anyhoo, generally this is a good place to hang out. Never a dull moment! I should have made popcorn before going through this post. So entertaining!

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