Alabama Cottage Food Law Bill Sb352 Letter Writing Campaign

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cakeymom Posted 19 Mar 2012 , 12:59am
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If you are from Alabama and have the desire to become a "LEGAL" home baker please draft a letter to the Alabama Health Committee Legislature respresentatives.

Below is a copy of the bill along with the link of the Health Committee and their contact info.

LETS GET THIS DONE!!!!!!!!! thumbs_up.gif

To view the bill access this link then click on "View" at the top of page to read the bill in it's entirety.

For the committee member list follow the link and then click on "Health"


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cakeymom Posted 19 Mar 2012 , 11:00pm
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Ok, sent my letters out today!!!!!!!

This appeal goes to any Alabama CC'ers. Please send your letters out as well to get SB352 passed becuase if we do not show that it is important to us it's not going to be important to the Senators on the Health committee thumbs_up.gif

LCBakinCAKE Posted 20 Mar 2012 , 1:37am
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I was researching Alabama cottage law on google and found your post. Do you know what the current restrictions are relating to cakes? Thanks!

cakeymom Posted 22 Mar 2012 , 1:54am
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The restrictions are outlined in this link:

cakeymom Posted 22 Mar 2012 , 5:15pm
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It's not too late to get that letter sent. Please do so thumbs_up.gif

I can't be the only one in the State of Alabama that's for this.


LCBakinCAKE Posted 26 Mar 2012 , 3:19pm
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Im drafting my letter now. I currently live in Texas, but I am thinking about moving back to Alabama.

LCBakinCAKE Posted 26 Mar 2012 , 3:54pm
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The proposed bill is very similar to the one in practice in Texas. I really hope it passes. It would save me a lot of stress of finding and building a kitchen just to make cakes.

cakeymom Posted 28 Mar 2012 , 12:58am
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cakeymom Posted 1 Apr 2012 , 9:43pm
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The Senate begins to meet this week starting on April 4th, so please get your letters in.



jenmoye Posted 16 Apr 2012 , 1:31am
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any word on when a decision will be made on this? i just found out we are moving to AL and just saw this post. I guess it is too late to send a letter in??

LCBakinCAKE Posted 16 Apr 2012 , 1:40am
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There hasn't been anything posted. Im moving to Alabama as well, but Im looking into different kitchen spaces to rent for my business because I just feel like it will never pass. Its kinda sad leaving Austin when their cottage law just was signed.

jenmoye Posted 16 Apr 2012 , 1:48am
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it is so sad! where in AL are you moving to?

LCBakinCAKE Posted 16 Apr 2012 , 2:05am
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Im moving to Birmingham.

craftyrachel Posted 16 Apr 2012 , 8:35pm
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The bill is on the schedule for the Health Committee meeting today. Hopefully, we'll hear something soon. I really hope this bill passes.

LCBakinCAKE Posted 17 Apr 2012 , 12:54am
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I hope it's good news!

cakeymom Posted 17 Apr 2012 , 3:42am
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The bill is set to reviewed on Wednesday April 18th. Calls and/or faxes to the Senators would help!!!!!

While I am OPTIMISTIC I am a REALIST and unfortunately Alabama is not anywhere in the running when it comes to progressive thinking.

But, I am keeping my fingers crossed thumbs_up.gif


cakeymom Posted 17 Apr 2012 , 6:27pm
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Just a friendly reminder that faxes and/or emails will be greatly appreciated. The link is towards the top of this post.



cakeymom Posted 18 Apr 2012 , 12:47pm
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TODAY is the DAY the bill will be reviewed. Calls at this point would be AWESOME!!!!!! Find the link to the Health Committee in this thread.

Thanks in advance,


LCBakinCAKE Posted 18 Apr 2012 , 3:03pm
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Fingers crossed! Maybe the smoke ban will keep their heads clear : )

sissy_girl Posted 19 Apr 2012 , 2:04am
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Senator Glover called me tonight and said that Channel 5 in Mobile is interested in this bill. Perhaps this will give us some needed support. There are only 9 more session days left and over 100 bills to be discussed. Please call or fax you senators or members of the health committee before it is too late.

sissy_girl Posted 19 Apr 2012 , 2:11am
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Senator Glover called me tonight and said that the bill got out on the AP wire and Channel 5 in Mobile is interested in this bill. Perhaps this will give us the needed support we need to pass this bill. There are 9 more days in this legislative session and over 100 bills. If you have not called or faxed your support, please do so ASAP. IF we can get enough support, Senator Glover feels that is the bill does not pass this session, it will have a good chance of passing next Spring.

cakeymom Posted 19 Apr 2012 , 5:15pm
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Take a gander at this link on Senate approval of SB352 from a Montgomery station:

The only thing now is that 5000 would be the limit. Let's try and get that to 10K or 15K. Texas has 50K limit and I know that is asking a lot for Alabama but again 10K to 15K is more realistic!!!!!

Great going and thanks to everyone that rallied with us!!!! Let's just pray that the Governor signs off on it.


LCBakinCAKE Posted 23 Apr 2012 , 3:14pm
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That's great news! (minus the 5k limit). I think 5K makes the point of a home bakery pointless. I most likely would spend 5K just to make my equipment better equipped for the business. I hope that's a misprint and they meant 50K haha. Highly doubtful though...

redheadfairy2003 Posted 15 Jul 2012 , 2:41pm
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Hello all ! Just moved to Alabama . So does this mean I am able to bake non Hazard goods from home and sell them . Up to 5,000 a year ?

kelleym Posted 15 Jul 2012 , 4:27pm
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According to this site, SB 352 was "indefinitely postponed" (which sounds like "died" to me) on 5/9/2012.

cakeymom Posted 16 Jul 2012 , 1:23pm
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It will be reintroduced, as the State of Alabama Health commitee did APROVE it. I was told by Senator Rusty Glover that he will re-introduce the bill and he assured me that it should pass in the next session which starts next February.

I was told that there were MANY other bills that had to get through and that's why it did not make it this time.

I will be sending out a reminder for those in the state of alabama or anyone else that would like to help us to contact the state's Legislators to help get some momentum going early in the process.

But, in answer to your remark. No, it did not completely die and yes I am looking forward to the next session to get it passed.

kelleym Posted 16 Jul 2012 , 2:51pm
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Ah. In Texas, when a bill fails to pass in one session and must be reintroduced in the next session, we call that a dead bill. It's what happened with our first cottage food bill. Good luck to you. Do you have a Facebook page set up?

KMKakes Posted 5 Aug 2012 , 10:53am
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Does anyone have any further info on this matter?

redheadfairy2003 Posted 5 Aug 2012 , 10:58pm
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KMKakes I don't have any new info yet. I wish I did .

EnjoyTheCake Posted 17 Aug 2012 , 6:30pm
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I moved to the Huntsville area in February from Texas. I was so excited to start baking in Texas, then got here and was disappointed. I didn't hear about this bill until today.

I will be writing and sending letters of support and making phone calls as soon as it's time again. I fully support this idea and hope to see it pass in the near future.

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