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jjohnson2610 Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 7:41pm
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So I need some suggestions. I am going to be making a graduation cake and they would like black as one of the colors. I have heard that the black can have a bitter taste to it. I thought about using chocolate as the base but the only problem is the graduate does not like chocolate so I can not do that. Any suggestions on how I can make it taste better would be much appreciated.

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cashley Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 7:51pm
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Use Americolor Super Black and you won't have bitter taste and it doesn't take much to make it black. If you make MMF put it in the melted marshmellows then add powdered sugar.

Moovaughan Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 7:56pm
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I find that if I add black to already prepared mmf it really breaks down the integrity of the mmf, I get elephant skin and crumbly mmf. So when I have to have black I mix it at the beginning with the melted marshmallows. I find that if I add my color up front I don't get that bitter taste (I do this for black as well as red). I also use Americolor gel and not Wilton. Get the melted marshmallows as black as you can then add your powder sugar, you may still have to add a bit of black after you mixed all your sugar but not much.

If you have the moola and the coupon for MIchels and don't want to fuss with it all get Duff black, it works great and taste pretty good!

icer101 Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 8:10pm
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I am for buying duffs or satin ice black or red fondant. They both taste very nice. hth

TinkerCakes Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 8:19pm
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If you can find black candy melts they are awesome for making black MMF! I melt the candy melts and add it to the melted marshmallows then just a little black food coloring then continue making the MMF. It works with red too....another hard color to achieve without using a ton of food coloring.
I bought my black candy melts at halloween but you could probably find some online. Good Luck!
This is where I learned how to do this...

justsweet Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 8:38pm
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Just like red start off with a base color. Color your fondant brown then you can add black. Americolor black is good and deepens with the brown color. Remember to make your black a day or two ahead of time - as it sits the the black will deepen. Good luck and have fun.

MacsMom Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 9:01pm
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I use powdered food color combined with paste.

three 10.5 oz MM
two 2 lb bags PS
9 gm jar powdered food color
1 oz jar Wilton black (thicker than Americolor)
1 tbls glycerine

Best when used immediately.

But I do want try it with candy melts!

nicunurse Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 9:16pm
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I learned on here to add cocoa powder to MMF to start and then add black color to achieve black. You might have to lessen your PS by a bit to get the consistency, but it works like a charm for me. I also add glycerine, oh, a couple of tablespoons while kneading. It seems like all the moisture gets sucked out of it when you try to go dark icon_smile.gif HTH

planetsomsom Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 10:06pm
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I hope they realize that if they order a black cake, everyone is going to end up with a dark blue mouth! Hope no one is taking photos, lol

Cupcations Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 11:45pm
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Originally Posted by cashley

Use Americolor Super Black and you won't have bitter taste and it doesn't take much to make it black. If you make MMF put it in the melted marshmellows then add powdered sugar.

And if it becomes too soft try kneading some icing sugar into it, not too much though or it will become dry.
P.S make sure you wear glovesthumbs_up.gif


joyandcake Posted 14 Mar 2012 , 12:21am
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I have not found the Satin Ice black fondant to be bitter. I prefer that to making my own. I find that the amount of food coloring you need to add to get it really black DOES make your recipe or prepared fondant bitter.

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