From Scratch SF's Vanilla Cake Recipe

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FromScratchSF Posted 10 Mar 2013 , 3:58am
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Originally Posted by Krypto 

FromScratchSF, do you make any adjustments when making cupcakes? Your recipe works perfect for cakes but sometimes the cupcakes turn out almost too "light". Also, I get about 36 cupcakes per recipe because they rise so high. Is this normal? It is my favorite white/yellow cake recipe. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with everyone! icon_smile.gifbirthday.gificon_smile.gif


Yup, sounds right!  

Jasmine33 Posted 19 Apr 2013 , 4:16pm
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Thank you for sharing. I will have to try it!

sdeldridge2 Posted 4 May 2013 , 4:29pm
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wheres the recipe thanks

pink40 Posted 6 May 2013 , 3:11am
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AI'm a newbie and in awe of all the help everyone provides! Thanks you!!

kazita Posted 6 May 2013 , 4:06am
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TheLoveOfSugar Posted 6 May 2013 , 7:33pm
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AI'm so excited to have all these from scratch recipes to try out. Why didn't I discover this site sooner? Thanks everyone for sharing recipes and tips! I aspire to be an all scratch baker and never use a doctored box mix again.

dukeswalker Posted 21 Jun 2013 , 7:11pm
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Hmmmmm.....I just made these as cupcakes and have a few things to note:  

1) These are REALLY light and airy.  REALLY.  Not sure if I'm digging that or not.

2) I needed to bake mine at 375 for 14 minutes to get them to rise, otherwise, they baked flat.

3) I really tasted to baking powder in them

4) They bake up very dark/brown on the tops & bottoms

5) they DO NOT pull away from the wrappers at all - in fact, I left a good deal of cupcake IN the liner.

LoriMc Posted 8 Jan 2014 , 3:42am
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This is my favorite vanilla cake, hands down, but am I the only one here still struggling with the sinking issues?  I noticed there were a lot of comments on her blog where people said their cakes sunk.


What should I toy with?  I always bake cakes at 325.  Should I raise it?  Use a flower nail even in small cakes?  Suggestions would be great.  I really don't want to give up on this one.

liz at sugar Posted 8 Jan 2014 , 5:02pm
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If you are only having it sink in the middle, I think you just need to bake longer.  I only make 8" rounds, so I don't use a flower nail and don't have any problems as long as it is baked.



liz at sugar Posted 8 Jan 2014 , 6:15pm
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AUsually to 200, but range is 195 to 205 degrees F. 325 oven takes almost 40 minutes for 8" round.


FromScratchSF Posted 8 Jan 2014 , 7:25pm
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AHello! when I originally wrote the recipe i had stated to bake at 325 because that's what I'm used to cooking at at work. Somewhere in the comments I responded to somebody to cook at 350 and I believed that solved the sinking in the middle problem. So yes bake at 350 and watch for exploding cake!

pamlovestobake Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 5:56am
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AThis cake is amazing!!:-D I have yet to try the yolk version but the white is absolutely wonderful! I made the peanut butter version using laura schudders(sp?) peanut butter and I noticed it was a tad drier than the white oh and I also used 3 whole eggs. What kind of peanut butter should be used in this cake? I've heard of bakers using jiffy and the like for the extra oil in it, has anyone tried it?:detective:

FromScratchSF Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 6:59am
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Thank you!  Yes but ONLY use fresh ground PB.  That stuff in the jar like Jiff has so much sugar it can kill the chemistry of the cake.


Thanks again!

pamlovestobake Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 6:50pm
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AI completely agree with you! The peanut butter that I used has only 1 ingredient; peanuts. I'm thinking about trying it with the egg yolks and see if they make a difference. I was wondering if I can make it using almond butter, it only has almonds in it8O

FromScratchSF Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 8:10pm
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If I wanted a peanut cake I'd probably just do regular vanilla cake, do a layer of strawberry jam and make honey roasted peanut butter buttercream.  But that's just me.


It's so much easier to alter the flavor of your buttercream and fillings then it is to alter the flavor of your cake.  My blog gives you a LOT of options based on one basic cake formula, but when in doubt just make regular cake but alter the filling to get the same flavor profile.

pamlovestobake Posted 21 Jan 2014 , 12:35am
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AYum that honey roasted peanut butter buttercream sounds delicious!! Any chance you'll share that recipe :D Thanks a lot for your input! I'll be reading up on your blog!

SPCOhio Posted 27 Jan 2014 , 9:13pm
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AThis recipe is no joke, people. Try it and you will love it. I made the all-yolk version with butter and it resulted in a perfect crumb and smooth, mellow flavor. Ate so much I made myself sick! I am going to make every variation of this recipe there is now and rule the world with cake.

-K8memphis Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 12:21am
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these are variations of the betty crocker recipe? yes?

SPCOhio Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 12:26am
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Original message sent by -K8memphis

these are variations of the betty crocker recipe? yes?

I think FromScratch mentioned that the base recipe is an adaptation of an old Betty Crocker recipe, but I am not sure if it is the exact same recipe since I haven't tried to compare the two. But the variations to which I refer are those offered on FromScratch's blog with this recipe.

FromScratchSF Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 2:39am
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I have now actually removed the recipe and am charging for it.  Please feel free to go to my blog to buy it.  If you already have it, I ask that you don't share it.  I'm trying to make a living and doing the best I can and since this recipe seems to have launched a thousand careers, I feel that a little compensation is not asking too much.  I hope you don't disagree.  I'm not charging that much and if you love my recipe, I would appreciate some slight compensation for your using it, especially if you use it your bakery and make money using it for sale.  Thanks.

Gerle Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 5:40am
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If I didn't already have the recipe, I would definitely pay to get it.  I LOVE it!!  I do have one question, however, which you can answer by PM if you want to, but I tried to double the recipe one time and it failed miserably!  Really, really sunk in the middle, before I even took it out of the oven.  I happened to look through the window and saw still had 10 minutes left to bake.  I know I must have done something wrong, but couldn't figure out what.  So I just made two separate batches the next time and baked them together.  It worked fine, but that's not really what I want to do if I ever double the recipe again.  Any suggestions?  And if I have to pay for that, too, I will.  Thanks for sharing it in the first place.  And I hope you're feeling much, much better by now after your surgery.

rbcakes Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 8:22am
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AI read through this recipe the other day and had it bookmarked to try - it sounds amazing! I've got a few recipes up my sleeve but I'm always looking to try new ones. I've sent a request to buy a copy. More than happy to contribute towards all the work that has gone into this. Can't wait to try it :)

MBalaska Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 9:15am
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here's a page that has leavening info on it,  HTH

FromScratchSF Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 5:06pm
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Thank you, as soon as I figure out a payment system I can add to either my blog, faceboook or webpage I'll let you all know.  A few months ago I wrote a 3 page addition that I was going to post on the blog but decided against it full of tried and true variations of that cake batter and it's basically all stuff I use in my bakery.  So again, if you use my cake recipe I hate having to do this, but because of my surgery I need to start charging for things I've been giving away for free and would appreciate the small monetary amount I am asking for.  Keep in mind that Paypal/Etsy etc. takes a cut of all sales so although it may seem steep, you are paying them almost more then you are paying me for a recipe that I think has changed so many people's baking.  


Thank you again for your support.  

Gerle Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 5:40pm
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Is the 3-page addition you completed a while back part of the recipe?  If so, I'm definitely interested.  Let us know when you have a payment system up.  Hopefully it won't be just facebook as I don't use facebook.  Thanks again for all your help and sharing of your recipe.  You've been a big help to me.

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