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Honeybees Posted 4 Mar 2012 , 9:38pm
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Hey, I am having an issue with a lady over a Rapunzel cake.
She wants me to sculpt the characters out of fondant. After reading about copyright (thanks everyone for all the info on that) on here a lot lately I have told her I do not want to do it and offered to get a plastic topper and even make the dress on the topper out of fondant. She is AMENDMENT she wants me to sculpt the character. She has seen a character I have done before and is using that in her favor. What I told her tho is I honestly didn't know about the copyright issues back then and that cake was just for a friend and was free.

So basically I want to know how I can either talk her out of it or tell her to sling her hook. I am not very good at telling people no. As much as I've tried with this woman I don't think she even understands the word.


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indydebi Posted 4 Mar 2012 , 9:57pm
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Tell her you'll be HAPPY to make the figures .... once she signs the agreement to pay your $100,000 fine and be responsible for the welfare of your children when you go to jail.

Ok, so it MIGHT be a little exaggeration but it helps get the point across. I had to tell a couple of folks, "I luv ya, darlin', but I'm not willing to lose my home, my business, and go to jail for ya!"

For cryin' out loud, who does this chic think she is to TELL you what you're going to do and how you're going to do it? Geesh! icon_eek.gif

matthewkyrankelly Posted 4 Mar 2012 , 9:59pm
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The story of Rapunzel is not copyrighted. It is a classic fairytale in the public domain. The specific character from the Disney movie "Tangled" (notice NOT Rapunzel) is copyrighted. You can freely do a character with long flowing hair from a tower, ...just not Disney's particular one. Many of Disney's stories are not original. Just the particular incarnation of the story is. Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

Make it your own and you are OK.

Honeybees Posted 4 Mar 2012 , 10:16pm
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Its actually the Tangled character she wants. Ive told her I'm not doing it, I'm not comfortable with it yes I've done it in the past but I DID NOT KNOW about copyright laws back then and I refuse to do it now I do know. Ive posted on my page also that I wont be doing it in the future. I think my offer to buy a character was a reasonable offer and any normal person would accept that. I highly doubt her 1 year old daughter has her heart set on eating an edible tangled character anyway.

Cakery2012 Posted 4 Mar 2012 , 10:21pm
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Tell her she could also be fined. Practice in the mirror saying Ive already said NO! icon_wink.gif
People are ridiculus .

Honeybees Posted 4 Mar 2012 , 10:23pm
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Originally Posted by Cakery2012

Practice in the mirror saying Ive already said NO! icon_wink.gif
People are ridiculus .

I will do!


kakeladi Posted 4 Mar 2012 , 10:33pm
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Definitely let her know *she* can & will be fined along with you if you proceed.

jason_kraft Posted 5 Mar 2012 , 1:52am
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If I were you I would agree to make the character as soon as she provides proof of express written permission from Disney (address below). Otherwise you would be happy to provide a licensed cake topper, at her expense of course.

The Walt Disney Company
ATTN: Margaret Adamic
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-6305
(81icon_cool.gif 569-3128

If the customer remains adamant I would politely wish her the best of luck on her event and apologize that you were not able to meet her needs.

mom2twogrlz Posted 5 Mar 2012 , 2:09am
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You have already given her your answer. Now they next step is to advise her you are willing to refund her any deposit she has already paid, at which point she is free to find herself another baker who is willing and to provide the cake she desires. I would walk away from her if you can, she won't be happy, whatever you provide from this point forward.

Bridgette1129 Posted 5 Mar 2012 , 2:32am
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Originally Posted by Honeybees

I highly doubt her 1 year old daughter has her heart set on eating an edible tangled character anyway.


Honeybees Posted 5 Mar 2012 , 2:46am
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She decided to look for another decorator who will sculpt it for her. I pointed out that she would be fined too, I don't think that seemed to bother her in the slightest. Oh well, her loss not mine.

vgcea Posted 5 Mar 2012 , 5:25am
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You stuck to your guns and did the right thing. thumbs_up.gif

scp1127 Posted 5 Mar 2012 , 5:37am
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You did the right thing. These images remain on the web and you could get the notice of the charge two years from now.

There are many of us who choose to work within the law. You just have to let the client go. It helps to not dwell on the money. Just count it as one inquiry that doesn't turn into a sale and go on to the next. You just need to immediately dismiss these inquiries in your mind.

We can't control clients who want something outside of the law any more than we can control those who agree to make them. You have your own moral compass and you need to live by what you think is right. Good for you for doing what is right.

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