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letem_eat_cakes Posted 8 Feb 2012 , 9:38pm
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I know this is a cake forum but I couldn't think of a better set of folks to ask for a great pie recipe. I don't care what kind or anything.

We have an annual pie day at work on 3/14. I won the first year we did it but got over run the following years.

Any and all ideas would be greatly and extremely appreciated by the best bakers throughout the world.

Thanks in advance,

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AnnieCahill Posted 8 Feb 2012 , 9:43pm
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Who could go wrong with apple pie? And this is my absolute favorite recipe. It won on Emeril's contest a long time ago. It is so good.


letem_eat_cakes Posted 8 Feb 2012 , 9:48pm
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Thanks. Apple pie has won a couple of different years.

MsGF Posted 8 Feb 2012 , 9:56pm
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My all time favorite pie is Harvest Pie made with Apples, Pears & Cranberries and has a Streusel Topping. I found it in Food to Live By by Myra Goodman

It is always a hit at my house.

If you want it, I can scan it and email it to you. Just Pm me. I have to run out for the night so I can do it tomorrow just let me know.

Take Care

scp1127 Posted 9 Feb 2012 , 3:37pm
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Here is my over-the-top pie recipe that you can use with any recipe:

Make sure you always use a homemade crust.

Make a crumb for the pie as if it were a Dutch apple pie.

Next cover it with lattice work from your homemade crust. Big strips cut with a ruffled cutter are great.
Here you can add piecrust leaves. Brush with an egg and a little water for shine.

Last, while it is baking, make a caramel sauce that is from sugar only. When the pie comes out of the oven, pour the liquid hot caramel over the pie. It will sink in and just blend with the rest of the pie. You won't see it. My guess is that I use between 1/3 and 1/2 cup. You don't want it soggy, so go easy on it.

With these additions, any apple pie that is already fabulous will become a showpiece. And your competitors can only guess what you did.

AnnieCahill Posted 10 Feb 2012 , 2:43am
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Holy smokes Susan! That sounds awesome! That recipe I posted has serious crumb topping; it almost rolls off the top of the cake it's so thick. But the best part is, when it bakes, part of that crumb underneath gets soft and creamy where the apples are, but the top part gets nice and crunchy and golden from the oven.

scp1127 Posted 10 Feb 2012 , 8:28pm
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That pie is amazing, and big. The nice thing about it is that any baker can make it their own with the same results. You could possibly use a caramel with a little water in the sugar, but the idea is for it to be invisible.

Alton Brown has an apple pie I want to try. I bought the 3 inch high tart pan and the Grains of Paradise. This pie is so sturdy that you can take the sides off of the tart pan and leave it free-standing.

Even bad apple pie is still pretty good. Kind of like a grilled cheese sandwich.

AnnieCahill Posted 10 Feb 2012 , 10:23pm
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I agree. I love pie. I will have to come up with an excuse to make one so I can try the caramel sauce.

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