Gum Paste Flower Arranging

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TexasSugar Posted 23 Jan 2012 , 6:20pm
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Do any of you have Alan Dunn's Sugarcraft Flower Arranging Book or Jennifer Dontz's Fabulous Floral Arranging DVD?

I'm looking for help with arranging gum paste flowers and am trying to decide which is the better option, or if both are equally informative. I am not against buying both, but would rather not if they say pretty much the same thing.

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JWinslow Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 5:29am
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I have Alan Dunn books and a couple of Jennifer Dontz dvds but not these. Although I love Alan Dunn's techniques, I read a few reviews on the arrangement book. People felt instructions were thin but it is on sale at Amazon right now ($16). I know you can always contact Jennifer [email protected]) for assistance and I have. She is quick to respond with detailed instructions. I think I will get her arrangement dvd just for the tips & tricks she shares. Hope this helps a little.

TexasSugar Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 3:25pm
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JWinslow, the $16 is a great price to me, and since his name comes up alot when gum paste flowers are talked about I thought it may be a good book.

I've also heard great things about Jennifer, but don't have any of her DVD's.

I probably should also look outside the cake world. Everyone teaches how to make flowers, but I haven't come across anything that says, you should do this many full roses, this many half roses and this many rose buds per arrangement and arrange them like so. I know some of it is personal prefernce, but I want something that is pleasing to the eye as well.

JWinslow Posted 26 Jan 2012 , 3:35am
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I agree. I can make flowers of all kinds but arrangement is something I need to know more about. Please, please if you find a useful source let me know and I will forward anything I find.


TexasSugar Posted 26 Jan 2012 , 4:51am
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Dayti Posted 28 Jan 2012 , 7:59pm
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If it helps, on the UK Amazon site his book has the "look inside" thing so you can see a few of the pages. I see that the US site doesn't offer the option on this book (though it does on some of his others).

I too find it difficult to get any info on assembling the arrangements. I wonder if going to fresh flower arranging classes might help? They are probably a bit pricey though!

Editing to add that that link won't work since its blocked, just search the book on icon_rolleyes.gif

cakemom721 Posted 28 Jan 2012 , 9:19pm
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JWinslow Posted 29 Jan 2012 , 1:09am
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After searching the web I broke down and bought the DVD, But not before I realized it
was on sale icon_cry.gif Excellent price!

TexasSugar, I bought the dvd because of all the different styles in arrangements and because I think Jennifer Dontz has a florist background. I will eventually get the Alan Dunn book just because I have most of his work. I'm way up here in Erie, PA and there are no professional classes that I know of. Keep me posted

cheatize Posted 29 Jan 2012 , 8:48am
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I've gotten books about floral arranging from the library before. They talk about symmetry, height, number of flowers, etc.... I'd start with your local library and if you find a book there you think would be nice to have on hand, see if or a similar site has it.

TexasSugar Posted 30 Jan 2012 , 3:06pm
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Thanks for the ideas and the link for the sale on Jennifer's book.

JWinslow, let me know what you think about the DVD.

I'm still debating on what I want to do at the moment. I'm really trying to save money, so while I want them I keep asking myself how bad do you really need it. icon_wink.gif

JWinslow Posted 3 Feb 2012 , 1:53am
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TexasSugar, I just got through watching the DVD. I am pleased that I bought it. It will give me solid basics in a couple of different of styles. There is enough information for anyone to expand on the shown styles with confidence. I always love the tricks & tips and making the sugar vase. I will definitely refer to it. I know you are trying to cut back & save so if you are inclined I would look for it on sale.

TexasSugar Posted 6 Feb 2012 , 4:06pm
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I went ahead and bought the DVD for the $17 sale price. Now I'm just waiting for it to get here. icon_smile.gif Glad to hear it is a good one.

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