Out Of State Delivery...what To Charge?

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sleepy20520 Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 7:41pm
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I have a wedding booked thats in another state... Im in Kansas, shes in Iowa, so its about a 4 hour drive each way (or 500 miles total). Any input on what you charge for mileage? In town I usually offer free delivery....but i am clueless on what to charge for a mileage rate for out of town like this....?

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leah_s Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 8:10pm
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Yes, seriously.

jgifford Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 8:18pm
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Originally Posted by leah_s


Yes, seriously.

thumbs_up.gif Usual charge is $1.00 per mile - - per MapQuest.

jgifford Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 8:19pm
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Of course, you are perfectly free to set your own rates, there is no hard and fast rule.

bluedaisies Posted 11 Jan 2012 , 8:29pm
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I charge .60/mile, which is $288 if I'm doing my math correctly. But being the extended driving time involved, I would consider charging more.

TexasSugar Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 3:35pm
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Don't forget you want to charge for your way home too. That is at least 9 hours you will be delieverying the cake, you need to be compensated for it.

FaithfullyCakes Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 5:16pm
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This would be a $500 delivery for me as well. I currently charge $2 a mile, one-way to the destination, plus any tolls if there are any.
So 250 miles there equals $500.
Don't forget about the stress!! icon_lol.gif

Debbye27 Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 5:35pm
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Is this cake for a friend? I can't see someone paying an extra 500 to have a cake delivered when she can pick up a cake locally. I am not saying you shouldn't charge 500.....just wondering why you would go so far out of your way for a delivery? I hate travelling 20 minutes with a cake in the car I couldn't imagine driving slow and careful for 4 hours!

jmr531 Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 6:01pm
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Don't forget to check if you have to add a sales tax to the delivery charges. Around my area the delivery charges have to be included when you are calculating the sales tax.

SweetDreamsBoutique Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 6:21pm
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Make sure that you add delivery AND setup costs. I made a cake for my brother's wedding in May and drove it 6 hours to pensacola, fl. Biggest advice, SET UP there. I had each tier packed carefully in boxes and assembled once in Pensacola. It made for a much easier drive so I wasn't constantly thinking about what every bump was doing to my cake. I wasn't aware that the reception venue would be outside and when I went to deliver the cake, you can imagine my reaction to find the cake table sitting outside in the sun in 90+ degree weather. Good luck!

AZCouture Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 6:48pm
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I had a request for a carved camera cake once, and delivery to the Grand Freakin Canyon area for a destination wedding. There are a few people way closer than I am, but nevertheless they kept asking. Their camera would have been about $600, but the delivery was going to be $1,000. If I'm driving the full length of the State of Arizona in one day and staying over and coming back...it's going to be worth my time. Didn't get the job, but I can't say I was disappointed. icon_wink.gif

sleepy20520 Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 7:57pm
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So, I can honestly say I am not sure why she is so insistant i do it. I will tell you she seems like money is no issue in her wedding ...i met her at our bridal show booth and she said she had had other tastings in her area and didnt like any of their red velvet and tasted mine at the show and loved it. i belive her exact quote was "ill pay you whatever to drive it to me...its about 4 hours each way"
she even already put down her deposit to save the date with me. so idk...maybe money really is no issue so thats why?
im thinking we will be driving it there (4.5 hours) setting it up and then driving back home. its literally out in the middle of nowhere in a barn she owns so no need for me to stay the night lol
plus i have another wedding to deliver to the next day so i really cant.
i will defintely be setting up there, esp since its a 6 tier wedding cake for 400 people. sheesh.
i was thinking about charging $1.50/mile... hopefully thats a good price...

my other question now is do i charge sales tax on the delivery fees
do i charge her my local sales tax or hers?

kelleym Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 8:24pm
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Originally Posted by sleepy20520

my other question now is do i charge sales tax on the delivery fees
do i charge her my local sales tax or hers?

That is a good question for your state's comptroller or the agency responsible for collecting sales tax.

Debbye27 Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 8:30pm
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well if she made it clear money is no option- and she only wants you- then definitely charge 1.50/mile....at least! It's a big inconveniece for you, so make sure you get compensated for it...I'd do a gas calculator online, too, the kind where you put your car model in and exactly where you are going...so you know what it's going to cost you to begin with.

leah_s Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 8:43pm
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Just remember to charge BOTH ways. Cause yaknow, you gotta get back to your home kitchen.

GGFan Posted 12 Jan 2012 , 9:36pm
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Don't forget to accounted for the time that you will be gone to deliver the cake.

KoryAK Posted 13 Jan 2012 , 2:03am
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Out of my city, I charge $2.50/mile calculated one way

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