Ideas Needed For "breast Off" Cake

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clare076 Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 2:00am
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my step mum's sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she has asked me to do a cake for her breast off party. I have done breast cakes before but for this one they only want one breast on the torso. This in itself I don't have problems with, what I am battling with is they want it to have a lacy bra over the breast. How am I going to do this on the breast that isn't there? I am thinking of making the 2 cups, one to go over the breast and the other I will pad until it hold its form and then remove before they serve the cake, so its just an empty cup. Does that sound ok? Any other suggestions would be appreciated

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Annabakescakes Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 4:43am
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Does the woman who is having the breast removed want this or the sister? I can tell you if it is the sister, it is likely to end in tears! But if it is the patient, I think I have an idea. Google "knitted knocker" or "tit bits". They are knitted breast replacements that are worn in the bra. They are cooler and more breathable than a silicone replacement and less reminiscent of a veal cutlet stuck to the chest. Many woman have fun with color and even embroider tattoos on them. They are also used while a woman waits for her prosthesis. They are never to be sold, just donated but maybe the sister can get her one as a gift in her size and you can use that. Or decorate an additional breast sized cake to be the knitted knocker, then make the bra cover it with the knitted knocker poking out.

Please let me know what you decide to do. Nearly every woman in my family on both sides has had either cancer or a growth and I had my first lump removed a month after turning 14, so this hits close to home.

BTW, the knocker can be used in a lacy bra, not just the hideous medical device bras designed for the silicone.

clare076 Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 7:12am
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personally I think the idea of the cake with one breast is a really bad one, I know the sister is having reconstruction immediately after the mastectomy because she doesn't want to have one breast missing, so I would have thought it would be a really bad idea. Its not my step mum's idea, it was actually the daughter of the lady with breast cancer that is organising the party and cake. I thought they would want something tasteful but they actually want a lacy bra with the nipple showing icon_eek.gif

I am not sure what to do, I have run it past a few friends and they too agree it could end in tears, but what do you do? I do not know this lady, I am purely the cake maker. I might ring my step mum and have another chat with her too.

I actually thought that maybe I could do the cake with one breast, but then make another breast out of foam and put it on top, that way they can "remove" the breast if they think she is going to be ok with it or leave it in place if its not going to plan.

Annabakescakes Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 7:22am
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Absolutely call her again! I would be sick if someone did that to me when I was going to have a breast removed. It is not a laughing matter. I also would say just put two breasts on there, to hell with what daughter says, but that may send the woman off in tears also.

Just tell her the truth. Losing a breast is a very sensitive matter and that you are fearful it will end in tears if you provide a cake that is insensitive to the feelings of the guest of honor.

SuzyNoQ Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 6:26pm
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I'd do both breasts and put an awareness ribbon over the side that is to be removed.

Annabakescakes Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 7:26pm
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Not a bad idea at all, SuzyNoQ! I hesitate to actually say good idea, because I think the whole idea of the boob cake is distasteful.

clare076 Posted 6 Jan 2012 , 12:16pm
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well I spoke to my dad today who seems to think she is fully aware of the cake, but doesn't know if she is aware of the one breast cake. He is also in agreeance that it is distasteful and is likely to end up in tears, but like he said I am only the cake decorater, I have to decide if I am prepared to do a cake that goes against what I think is right. I have emailed my step mum and still waiting for her to get back to me with whether the sister knows about it. Will keep you informed. Thanks for the ideas

Annabakescakes Posted 6 Jan 2012 , 1:21pm
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Another thing I just thought of is that e en if it is 2 whole boobs, it is CAKE and it is going to have to be cut to be eaten! Even the guests are going to be sick about thinking about her breasts and cake beasts and cancer in the breasts. No cake for me please! And who will cut it? A surgeon? The patient? Tears, there will be tears!

I never am just a cake decorator. It is my final decision when I accept an order. If you feel strongly about it as I do, don't do it. I would have to tell them no, and suggest a pretty cake with roses or something.

msthang1224 Posted 16 Jan 2012 , 5:57am
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persomally, I myself would turn this order down. But, thats just my opinion

jeananf Posted 17 Jan 2012 , 6:27am
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some people use humor as a way with dealing with things . Ann just because you don;t choose to use humor to deal with the situation( and i am very sorry for you and all your family) doesn't mean everyone else does. Personally i would just make the cake that was ordered.

Annabakescakes Posted 17 Jan 2012 , 7:13am
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Originally Posted by jeananf

some people use humor as a way with dealing with things . Ann just because you don;t choose to use humor to deal with the situation( and i am very sorry for you and all your family) doesn't mean everyone else does. Personally i would just make the cake that was ordered.

Who the hell is Ann? I use humor to deal with my sad things, but that is the point. I use it for my stuff. It's not freaking funny when some jack off thinks your tragedy is so effing funny. You are not allowed to use humor towards other peoples tragedy. Insensitive much?

How about if a lady has a miscarriage we get together and make one of those baby cakes in a pale blue and then hack it to pieces? Or when your house burns down we can make a house cake and set it on fire? Ooh! When your dad passes we can do a life size cake of him in a casket for the funeral. There are some events that just don't need to be re-made in cake!

vtcake Posted 20 Jun 2012 , 6:48pm
post #12 of 13 did this story end? Did OP do the cake?

(ewww btw, in my opinion)

Annabakescakes Posted 20 Jun 2012 , 6:53pm
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Originally Posted by vtcake did this story end? Did OP do the cake?

(ewww btw, in my opinion)

I'd like to know too. I was pretty passionate about it, huh? I still feel the same way, it's making my blood boil thinking about it again icon_wink.gif

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