First "official" Wedding Cake Order- Need Help

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karukaru Posted 24 Dec 2011 , 7:07pm
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Hello Everyone!
So I made a wedding cake as a gift for my friend's wedding and someone that went to the wedding recommended me to one of their friends. The bride called me up a few days ago and asked me if I could do her wedding cake (see attached picture) for January 7th. I know this is kind of a short notice but i figure I would do it. I still need to give her a quote (I am terrible at calculating prices but I am thinking about $3 per slice.) She said she doesn't care much about flavors because she isn't into cakes (she never eats them at weddings) and that her fiance loves food so he will pretty much like anything. She also mentioned that he liked amaretto and asked me if that was possible as a filling. I need help with contracts and I am not sure how to go about it. Should I get the payment in full since it is so close to the date? I have never used contracts before but since this is someone I don't know (and it is a wedding cake) I feel the need to do everything correct so that I don't have any regrets. What do you usually do when you have a wedding cake order? Also, is there a good place to get amaretto filling? Thanks for the help!

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mommachris Posted 24 Dec 2011 , 7:41pm
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Contract....oh, YES!!!
CASH only in full and TODAY if possible!
You haven't much time to gather your supplies.
No time to wait for sales so you'll be paying full price.
Get at least $3 per order late, to pay more.
Remember that her lack of time means you need to be in control of the situation.
You aren't going to have time to mess about with details going back and forth.
Your contract needs to focus on design( color, topper etc), flavors, and delivery information.

If she doesn't pay you in full by Monday, I wouldn't do the cake.
There is a reason she is looking for a cake so close to her date.
Did she cancel with another baker or get dropped by them?
Either the money isn't there or she may be one of those people who let things just slide..either way you don't want to deal with that mess.
Can't help you with the filling, but I'm sure someone will steer you in the right direction.

Good luck with this.
You'll do fine, just make sure you get paid first before you turn on your oven.


karukaru Posted 24 Dec 2011 , 8:53pm
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Thanks mommachris!

The bride doesn't live here. she lives in michigan but she has family down here. She seems to be doing everything last minute because she also needed a cake for next week for 15 people but her mom took care of that. She ordered it somewhere.
Do you know if there is a standard contract I can download and use? Or do I have to write it up myself? Also, what is the standard price for a delivery? $50?
We do have the new cottage law so I know I have to state somewhere that my kitchen is not licensed, just a cottage law facility. Thanks for the great advice! icon_biggrin.gif

Cakery2012 Posted 24 Dec 2011 , 9:32pm
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I'm just a hobbiest but read here all the time . As mentioned there is a reason its so close to the wedding and she hasnt ordered a cake yet. my suggestions.
FULL PAYMENT by Monday or no cake .
Delivery fee yes but how far you said Michigan ?How far is it from your house? Who is going to cut the cake ?If she asks you that is another fee. Also I think.$3 aserving is too cheap for last minute and special filling .Jmo.
There are some good threads on here on your questions about contracts . Do a search also look under the business forum. Good Luck and let us know how it works out .MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL.

DragonFly2333 Posted 25 Dec 2011 , 7:00am
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If you scroll thru here, you will find contracts. When I looked there were none on the first page and one on the second page. I know there are quite a few good ones in just gotta look.

kakeladi Posted 26 Dec 2011 , 3:19am
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Re filling: amaretto is basically just almond liquor. You can use almond flavored pudding OR buttercream as the filling. Pudding would mean you should keep the cake frig'd.

You don't say what area/state you live in so pricing is difficult....but I'm thinking more like $4 a serv.
Nor do u give us any idea how big this cake will be. Is it to be decorated much the same as the 1 u posted?

karukaru Posted 26 Dec 2011 , 8:46am
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Hello, thank you so much for your help.
I forgot to say that I live on South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area) and the wedding is going to be down here. The cake is for 85-100 people and she wants a cake like the one in the attached picture. Professional bakeries usually start around $4 per serving for buttercream and but I am just a hobby baker (although I would love to do it as a business since I'm now legally allowed to do so.) I need to email the bride today,she was out of the country, and if she wants to move forward I will definitely ask her for a full payment. How much more do you usually charge for a last minute order?

karukaru Posted 26 Dec 2011 , 6:09pm
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Originally Posted by DragonFly2333

If you scroll thru here, you will find contracts. When I looked there were none on the first page and one on the second page. I know there are quite a few good ones in just gotta look.

Thank you thumbs_up.gif

QTCakes1 Posted 27 Dec 2011 , 4:59pm
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Though she says she doesn't care what flavor, please make sure she picks a flavor. You just want to avoid any possible issues later if they don't like the flavor you pick. Make SMBC and add amaretto to it for a filling.

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