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funtodecorate2 Posted 17 Dec 2011 , 11:58pm
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When you make a big tiered cake ......
1. should the focal point only be the front of the cake?
2. should the whole thing be uniform in decorations because people like to look at the back too?
3 Is it a Big NO NO to not have as many decorations in the back?
What would proper decorating standards be or is it up to the individual?

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AnnieCahill Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 12:20am
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It all depends on the decorator and the design. I have seen some cakes with hardly any decorations that were just as beautiful as cakes with very detailed decorations. Minimal can be beautiful too (i.e. less is more).

As for me, I love detail. I love to see a cake with lots of color and hidden detail everywhere. I think some people will say that sometimes their cakes have a good side and a bad side. For me personally, if my buttercream gets dinged or if something happens to one side during transport, depending on how bad it is it may become the back side. But I always pack extra decorations in case there is an emergency snafu that needs to be corrected at the last minute.

As a decorator you should be prepared for the cake to be sitting out in the open and exposed on all sides. It depends on the bride and the venue as to how the cake table is set up.

Wildgirl Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 2:27am
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Annie, I LOVE your decorating! And I am especially in love with your adorable acorns. icon_smile.gif

This was a good question - I can see how it could depend on how it will be displayed, but also on the artist. Amazing work.

AnnieCahill Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 10:05am
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icon_redface.gif Really? I really appreciate that. I get a lot of inspiration from CC, and in looking through the galleries you will see how many talented decorators are on this site. I love using color but I do stick to buttercream which limits me on some things. Maybe one day I will take a journey into the fondant world. Who knows. Right now everyone in my neck of the woods just likes buttercream.

I think once you get the hang of decorating you will develop your own style and you will know just what to do. My problem is that I get so many ideas in my head that it's hard to pull everything together sometimes.

esq1031 Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 12:57pm
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My opinion, and it is just that, an opinion, is that the entire cake should be decorated. Even from a bakery, you don't get a cake that is only decorated in the front. I always assume that a cake is going to be visible from all sides and i do think it balances the cake out better when the entire cake is adorned. I agree with AnnieCahill as well that decorations can help hide any snafus. Lord knows that I have saved a cake by hiding little dings with decorations.It really is a personal preference and could really just depend on the cake.

kakeladi Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 1:56pm
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Here's my opinion:
1. should the focal point only be the front of the cake?
Depends but as a general rule yes, it should have some decorating 360 degrees. A few themes/styles don't need.

2. should the whole thing be uniform in decorations because people like to look at the back too?
See answer to #1
3 Is it a Big NO NO to not have as many decorations in the back?
Not at all...refere to answer #1 icon_smile.gif
What would proper decorating standards be or is it up to the individual?
Mostly it is individual ideas/theme/style

poohsmomma Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 3:04pm
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Like others have said above, it's pretty much up to the decorator. I personally like to have something all around the cake. Obviously, some things like number toppers are meant to be seen from only one side, but I usually put a little something behind them that would show up from the "back". I'm strictly buttercream, too, so that does limit things a tiny bit. Like AnnieCahill, I love color and detail, and imagine that the cake will be seen from all sides.
Again, just my opinion...

funtodecorate2 Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 5:24pm
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I appreciate all the responses. Now I will be more specific which I guess I should of been in the first place.
Sometimes I just don't think!
Ok first off let me say that I love decorating cakes even just the few that I do. But.... my mind gets to reeling and so many ideas flood in that I can't make up my mind. I get out the paper and color pencils, look in the gallery and draw different designs to try and pic what it would look like.
This square 3 tier is a 16, 12, 8. It's for a good friend who used to babysit for me and it's their 50th Wedding Ann. I will be picking up her cake top today at church and was told I can do anything I want as long as I add some roses and have a Christmas theme to it. Well to me ... the door is wide open
I love being told that. icon_smile.gif I always get myself into positions of always learning and stretching because I always want to try new things. So I've made 4 4 inch choc pinecones, 4 21/2 inch pinecones , 4 poinsettias , gumpaste holly, fondant roses and a lot royal icing snowflakes. I don't want the cake to be overkill.Just like Anniecahill commented on more isn't always better. Simple designs are beautiful too.
But also wanted to have enough .. well you know why icon_eek.gif
I also have a rectangle side cake that I thought I'd use some holly on. So getting back to being more specific icon_surprised.gif I was thinking of only putting 2 -3 poinsettias in the front. Adding some pinecones mainly on the front and sides. Do you think I need to add a poinsettia to the back? Snowflakes all around. I've made white roses brushed with red dust and gold glitter.
Where in the heck do these go? I thought small pinecones and roses around the cake top (can't remember what it looks like) will get it today. No ribbon around the bottom . Want to do a ruffle. Oh and 3 dots by each pinecone which are light blue dusted in opal fluffy glitter icon_lol.gif can't remember what it's called. I didn't use white for snowflakes because cake is cream cheese frosting. I really don't think the roses fit in but that's what she asked for. Are you totally confused icon_confused.gif Anyway.. now you know what I'm trying to come up with in my mind. Sorry this is so long. Thanks for listening and any ideas you have floating around send . couldn't get my picture sized down so I put pic of what sample of what I'm working with in my photos. Thank you
Wendy icon_smile.gif

AnnieCahill Posted 18 Dec 2011 , 7:52pm
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It sounds like you have a lot going on, but I'm sure you can make it work with some strategic placement.

Since it's a square, you have those corners which is a great place to place decorations. I would make some arrangements out of your roses, pinecones, holly, and poinsettias and place them at every other corner of each tier. I'm not sure what you mean by blue dots but I wouldn't use those. I just can't visualize it in my head with the other Christmas decorations you have. Don't forget about placing decorations on the cake board. It really ties everything together. Just do one on the front of the board and one on the back. I also cover my drums in fondant and put a satin ribbon around the edge (something that coordinates with the colors in the cake).

If you really want to use the snowflakes, I would use them on either only the middle tier or on the first and third tiers. I think putting them on all three would be too much. Or, you could just leave the snowflakes off altogether and just pipe a simple bead border around the seams.

kakeladi Posted 28 Dec 2011 , 3:10pm
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Would love to see the finished design. Please post a pic icon_smile.gif

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