Friday Night Cake Club 12-02-11

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catlharper Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 3:58am
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Opening another session of the FNCC! Who's Up? Whatcha workin on?


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catlharper Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 4:01am
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Two cakes this week...a fresh lemon poundcake with lemon zest glaze and a 2x10 white cake with vanilla bavarian cream filling that was decorated to look like a peppermint candy. I'll post photos later next week when I have some time! We have family coming in so I have a bunch of stuff to do over the next two days that has nothing to do with cake<G>



cheatize Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 4:01am
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I just got home from a day of shopping. I need to bake a pillow cake tonight and make ganache, frosting, and fondant. A late night tonight means an easier day tomorrow!

bobwonderbuns Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 4:04am
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Just winding down tonight. I have a ginormous wedding cake due next Saturday and I have LOTS of work to do this week. Today was prep day! icon_biggrin.gif

catlharper Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 4:11am
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How ginormous is the cake? I don't do many large wedding cakes..mine usually feed 100 but I recently did one for 175 and felt it was just huge! LOL! Cat

crushed Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 4:19am
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I just finished 3 dozen cupcakes and a 6-inch cake for two kids who are receiving their black belts in karate tomorrow. I made some cute cupcake toppers that looked like little karate uniforms.

bobwonderbuns Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 4:29am
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Originally Posted by catlharper

How ginormous is the cake? I don't do many large wedding cakes..mine usually feed 100 but I recently did one for 175 and felt it was just huge! LOL! Cat

It's a typical four tier -- 15, 12, 9 and 6 with topper but those cakes are HEAVY!! I'm stacking the bottom two then the top two so all I have to do is put the top two on the bottom two at the venue and I'm done. Thankfully!! It's going to be fabulous though -- white, glittery, blingy with snowflakes and poinsettias, etc. I can't wait!! icon_biggrin.gif

catlharper Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 4:39am
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Ok, to me that is ginormous! LOL! The 4 tier I did was 12/10/8/6 and it weighed a TON! Thank goodness I have a husband to help me lift it. I did transport it totally stacked in my Cake Safe but my dh helped me get it into and out of the truck and onto a handcart to take it inside. I think I'm more fond of my usual 3 tier! LOL!

catlharper Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 6:02am
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Well, I'm off to bed..early I know, but I am going to have a houseful tomorrow morning and that morning is only 8 hours away so if I want to get any sleep I had better head up now! Hope everyones deliveries go well!


cheatize Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 7:20am
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The first half of the pillow is done. I'm not terribly pleased with the Wilton pan. I covered the corners in foil, so they're not overly done. I used a flower nail in the center to help it bake better, too. Two of the sides (across from each other) are cracked all the way through. If the second half does the same, I will not be a happy caker.

The ganache and buttercream are made but I think I'll make the fondant tomorrow. I'm winding down and I still have to wait for the second half to finish baking and cool.

cakeandpartygirl Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 8:49am
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I haven't been on the fncc for a bit but I am working on a baby shower cake in turquoise brown and white. It has a blanket draping over the top and baby blocks that spell the baby's name with assorted fondant baby paraphernalia on the sides, onesies, bottles, bibs, etc and polka dots. I am almost finished but I don't have a glue on the type of font to do for the name. I only have the funky alphabet tappits and it seems a little too feminine. I could sure use some suggestions for the name, anybody have some???? TIA

catlharper Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 5:21pm
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Ok, so I'm dying to did the pillow cake turn out? I have looked at those pans and I'm sure at some point someone is going to want one of those cake but wasn't confident on how the pan would work. To be honest I've never been a fan of the character cake pans from Wilton...they do seem to stick or break or something the few times I have used one.

CakeandPartyGirl...I think with a baby you can get away with frilly touches like the letters you are talking about. Use your most masculine color to cut them out with and I think you will be fine! On that note, can't wait to see it!


cheatize Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 6:39pm
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The pillow cake is still a work in progress. The second side cracked, too, but not as bad and not directly across from each other. It's dammed and filled and is now settling. So far, so good!

I'm trying to get info on next Friday to see if I can open up FNCC. I may have a couple of little ones for the weekend and they take all my attention. As soon as I know for sure, I'll let you know.

CakeandPartyGirl: can you pipe it?

catlharper Posted 3 Dec 2011 , 8:02pm
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Thank you for the info on the pillow they may be ok after all! Please do let me know here when you have it up in your gallery! Also! If you could take FNCC that would be great. PM me here if you can and if I don't hear from you before Thursday night I'll just post that we'll be missing that week.

BTW...piping the name is a great idea too. My piping skills leave a lot to be desired so cut outs are wonderful for me<G>


cakeandpartygirl Posted 4 Dec 2011 , 2:24am
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Sure I will do it! It's 10 pm EST, right!

Oh I posted the pic of the cake!

catlharper Posted 4 Dec 2011 , 4:56am
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I always open up FNCC at 745PST (I'm in California) and go till 11pm PST. So it really depends on where you are for that timing.

The baby cake looks GREAT! Your blocks are just perfection! Are they chocolate? They look great and, yup, the more frilly font still looks great.


cakeandpartygirl Posted 4 Dec 2011 , 1:12pm
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Ok I will do! Yes they are chocolate. I had to turn on panel around because each one had a letter on it, to allow me to personalize it! I think its a mold by ck.

catlharper Posted 4 Dec 2011 , 5:52pm
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Thanx! Glad to know we won't have to skip a week!

That is a very cool time I have something like that come up I'll go looking for it. Last time I did baby blocks I actually did them in cake with fondant and drove myself crazy trying to get straight corners! LOL!

Have a great week!


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