Pudding As Filling?

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Mae_mom Posted 1 Dec 2011 , 11:41pm
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Maybe this is a stupid question but I've never tried it before...

would it be dumb of me to use pudding as a filling between cake layers? I'm not sure if it would end up soaking into the cake itself or cause another problem but wanted to check here first. I'm thinking of doing a chocolate cake with banana pudding filling (with some pineapple and strawberry added for good measure icon_smile.gif ).

Be honest! You won't hurt my feelings if you say "Yes, that would be incredibly stupid". icon_smile.gif

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msulli10 Posted 2 Dec 2011 , 2:06am
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I use pudding all the time. Just make sure you make a damn around the edges of your first cake layer with thick buttercream. Then put in your pudding and place the top cake layer on that. This way no filling will squish out.

Mae_mom Posted 4 Dec 2011 , 12:04pm
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Awesome! I never would have thought of that!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!!

FlourPots Posted 6 Dec 2011 , 3:05am
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Also, replace the milk with heavy cream and your filling will be nice and thick.

I once did a taste test with 7 different filling recipes...2 of the recipes were just pudding (vanilla & white choc.) made with cream...

Right away, those two were at the top of my list...they tasted the best, were super easy to make, and less expensive than the more involved recipes.

This was #3: http://cakecentral.com/recipe/easy-bavarian-cream

....after allowing time for the flavors to blend however, the bavarian cream jumped to #1, and is still my favorite today.
It's similar to plain pudding, but better...

If you read the comments on the bavarian cream recipe, you'll notice that many have subbed heavy cream for Cool Whip...someone mentioned doing it, and others followed...
My advice...Try it with the Cool Whip first...I don't even eat the stuff myself, except in this recipe...
(I do sub half-and-half for the milk)

Smith2736 Posted 6 Dec 2011 , 3:56am
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I also use pudding all the time...it's easy and there are so many different flavors to choose from! I have had issues with the pudding soaking into my cakes and making them TOO moist... (once, had a beautiful 2 tier cake collapse because of moisture...but it was also one of my first cakes so it may not have been 100% due to the filling!!)

This is the recipe I use. I got it from somewhere here on Cake Central... can't remember where though icon_sad.gif

1 cup of heavy whipping cream
1 cup of milk
1 large package of jello instant pudding (whichever flavor)

Whip with a mixer to make it light and fluffy

sweettreat101 Posted 7 Dec 2011 , 4:08pm
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I use pudding to fill almost all of my cakes. I use two cups whipping cream and one small box of instant pudding. Whip until peaks form. Nice stable filling. I did try using pudding cups years ago didn't work so well.

KalliChristos Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 1:58am
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I will be using pudding as the filling for a 3 tiered birthday cake. My question is, what kind of crumb coat would/should I use so that the pudding filling can hold well with it? Any recommendations??

Thanks in advance! icon_smile.gif

FlourPots Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 3:18am
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I always use white chocolate ganache, but I'm a hobbyist, so for me it's the 12oz. bag of Nestle's white morsels + 1/2 cup of heavy cream.
I typically make a double batch for a cake project.

It's much easier to smooth than buttercream, and I love that it forms a firm shell on the cake...you can touch it and not mess it up, but it slices easily.
I also happen to like the taste.

KalliChristos Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 5:21pm
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@ Flourpots~hmmm thats a great idea!!! I will def try it! White chocolate ganache on any cake has to be delicious! I'll let you know how it goes. THANKS!!

chelleb1974 Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 5:25pm
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I use pudding a lot also as my filling. I usually use whole milk to make it, and only use 1 cup of milk rather than the 2 called for on the box - makes it nice and thick.

Though....I'm loving the whipping cream idea and may try that next time!


bmarlow001 Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 6:22pm
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there is a great recipe on here for lemon cream filling using pudding, cream cheese and whipping cream.. it says you can use different pudding flavors although I have never tried using anything other than the lemon it is a VERY yummy filling.. definitely worth trying icon_smile.gif

FlourPots Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 6:32pm
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KalliChristos...you're welcome, hope it works for you!

frostie Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 7:08pm
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I have always been afraid of using pudding as a filling, when I sell a cake for the safety factor. If it is not refrigerated, how long can this sit out? If it is a summer wedding, I will not use pudding for that reason. Don't want to get anyone sick from my cakes.

jesika3434 Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 8:47pm
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FlourPots: Do you still make a dam to prevent the pudding filling from seeping into your ganache?

FlourPots Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 9:00pm
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jesika3434 Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 9:13pm
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Do you make the dam out of ganache the same way you would buttercream?

FlourPots Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 9:20pm
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No, I've never made a dam using ganache...it's always buttercream, thickened w/ extra powdered sugar, or crumbled up cake.

jesika3434 Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 9:36pm
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Thanks for the advice! icon_smile.gif

FlourPots Posted 8 Dec 2011 , 11:47pm
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No problem icon_smile.gif

Cakery2012 Posted 9 Dec 2011 , 12:25am
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I m just a hobbiest baker cakes for family and friends . I made a pudding filling for a cake last week with candy cane jello pudding (yum). I mixed with2-3 tbs of dream whip 1/2 cup milk and a cup of cream . They loved the cake.

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