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MYOM-Dominic Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 7:18pm
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Learn how to make sugar martini, wine, and champagne glasses with For this lesson, Chef Dominic has two versions of how to make sugar glassware.

The first is a 17 minute step by step overview for the veteran of how to make sugar glassware. The second version is a 4 part highly detailed instructional video for the novice.

Everything you need to know on how to make sugar glassware including a list of supplies and how to order your Sugar Glassware Kit at are mentioned in the videos.

Click here for the short version

Click here for the long version

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Postal_Cakemaker Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 7:57pm
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Appreciate this!! Thanks!

Postal_Cakemaker Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 8:00pm
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Appreciate this!! Thanks!

MYOM-Dominic Posted 22 Nov 2011 , 2:22pm
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Postal_ Cake Maker,

Thank you for your compliments. It is a pleasure to make the instructional videos. Watch for even more videos from in the future!

bobwonderbuns Posted 22 Nov 2011 , 3:06pm
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Dang Dom!! You just get better and better!! Thanks for sharing! icon_biggrin.gif

MYOM-Dominic Posted 22 Nov 2011 , 3:47pm
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Thanks for the complements. What was your favorite part of the video? I'll be coming out with even more videos in 2012. stay tuned.

Happy to be Here,

Dominic icon_biggrin.gif

redcherry Posted 2 Dec 2011 , 12:46pm
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I had saw the video ,it is very amazing.up to now I doesn't see the making of a glass ,I had a small doubt regarding the video.Is the mark glass is of sugar or material of the glass.
Thank u fr posting

MYOM-Dominic Posted 6 Dec 2011 , 4:29pm
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Dear redcherry
During the video Making your own Sugar glassware, I do use a glass wine glass to make the mold. after making the mold I pour Isomalt sugar into the mold and then what is unmolded is Isomalt sugar in the shape of a wine goblet. I hope this answers your question!

Happy to be here,
Dominic icon_biggrin.gif

redcherry Posted 7 Dec 2011 , 4:18am
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Thanks for clearing my doubt.
ya I had the answer from you.As you said that isomalt sugar is needed for making the glass,when any of the drinks pour in the glass,whether it would melts or not.

MYOM-Dominic Posted 14 Dec 2011 , 2:17pm
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The sugar glass will hold liquid, but only for a short time. maybe about 10 minutes. If the liquid is hot when you pour it in your sugar glass it will be even less time before the sugar glass starts to melt.

Happy To Be Here!

Dominic icon_biggrin.gif

redcherry Posted 30 Dec 2011 , 6:18am
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thank you ,
really from this thread I know the making of a sugar glass.I really wondered when seeing it.
Heart-full thanks for showing such a practical making of glass. icon_smile.gif

Brendabeeper Posted 30 Dec 2011 , 6:33am
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can't wait to see more videos .. scared to try it, may have to bite the bullet and give it a try

rosech Posted 30 Dec 2011 , 12:05pm
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Thank you soo much!

MYOM-Dominic Posted 3 Jan 2012 , 2:08pm
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You can do it! I have confidence in you!

Happy To Be Here:

Annabakescakes Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 4:22am
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Whoa! I am immensely impressed!

Dominic, when a mold is made from a real lace, is the lace destroyed or marked up or greasy? I have a bride who wants her bridal lace on her cake. There is only her dress for reference.

MYOM-Dominic Posted 5 Jan 2012 , 3:25pm
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Dear Annabakescakes,

When making a lace mold, the lace you are making a mold of has to have Seal-Dit applied to it, which is a food grade wax. This will leave a stain similar to an oil stain.

You need to use an actual piece of lace for the mold making process. If all the lace she has is on her gown, Check the inseam of the gown for any usable lace pieces that can be permanently removed, or see if after alterations there is any lace that was removed for you to use for mold making.

If you have further questions feel free to ask!

Happy to Be Here!
Dominic icon_biggrin.gif

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