Help: Edible Jewels On Gum Paste Monogram

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lrlt2000 Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 3:54pm
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I am making a cake that will have a "13" on top. I want to make the jewels that will sit into the numbers, but I'm having a few logistics issues. I've never made edible jewels, so when I researched how to make them yesterday, I read that I have to make them as last minute as possible because they can discolor and/or cloud up. But at the same time, I need to make my numbers today, so they have time to dry and set up hard so they stand upright. But I would need to push the jewels into the moist gum paste to get them to sit in the dough properly!!!

See what I mean!? icon_wink.gif

How should I do this!?

ETA: Also, what would you recommend for the numbers? 100% gum paste? 50/50? Or something else?

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bobwonderbuns Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 4:24pm
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??? I don't see what the problem is. I wouldn't bother with the isomalt, I would go with gumpste and color them up. You can dip those in isomalt after they are thoroughly dry if you are so inclined (looks good, but confectioners glaze does the same thing.) Have you worked with straight gumpaste before? Or are you more familiar with a 50/50 mix? Whatever you are most comfortable with is what I would recommend using -- save yourself any added grief! icon_biggrin.gif

mariacakestoo Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 4:24pm
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I make gumpaste gems in the same molds I make isomalt gems. I have one of each size I keep to make indentations in things like you need to do now, so the isomalt gem will slip in to the indentation when it's time, after your gp thingy sets up dry. Make sense?

justkist Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 5:10pm
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I agree. Gumpaste jewels would be the easier way to go for sure. Especially if you are not familiar with Isomalt.

lrlt2000 Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 4:13pm
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mariascakestoo: that makes sense. Thanks! What do I use to "glue" the jewels into the indentations? I know I can't just use water, like I can fusing fondant details. I have corn syrup, will a brush of that work?

Others: I don't think I explained things well icon_smile.gif I want to make a "13" with jewels set into it to look like the attached picture (which is probably not edible). I have to make the isomalt jewels separately. I don't want GP jewels, as they won't be translucent and sparkly. I need to make at least one GP jewel and let it harden, so I can make the indentations in the "13" before it dries. Then I will set the isomalt jewels into those indentations once the number is dry. KWIM?

justkist Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 4:15pm
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If the jewels must be made from isomalt then I would say attach them with isomalt as well.

lrlt2000 Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 4:17pm
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How? Just dissolve some to make a syrup? I've never used this. It's a bag of crystals that I must dissolve into water and cook.

justkist Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 4:51pm
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When I need to "glue" sugar I just melt some (the same as you do to make the crystals) and then touch a dot of the molten sugar to the back of the peice and stick it on.

lrlt2000 Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 5:31pm
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Ok, thanks!

But I just realized something as I went to make the GP model jewels. . . the jewels will end up with a flat back using these molds!!! DUH! I was thinking they'd be like a real jewel, and have a pyramid jutting out of the back that would need to sit into the number! All I have to do is "glue" the back of the jewel to the number. Or just make a slight gully for them to sit in.

mariacakestoo Posted 16 Nov 2011 , 5:47pm
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Basically yeah. They don't have to sit in the indentation at all quite honestly.

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