Cricut Cake Machine 49.95

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cashley Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 5:54pm
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Anyone wanting the cricut cake machine it is 49.95 from

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pinklatte Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 6:19pm
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Is this a good one to get? I was going to get the regular Cricut but if this one is better I just might have DH get one for me for Christmas. icon_lol.gif

Spuddysmom Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 6:27pm
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How can this be? I know the price has gone down but this seems "too good to be true". What's the catch?

cashley Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 6:34pm
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I have bought from them before and never had a problem. It is only a one day sale then the price goes back up.

TerriLynn Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 6:37pm
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Seriously?! That does seem too good to be true. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. Don't know if I would use it that much, but you can't beat that pric3e icon_smile.gif

SweetcakesCT Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 6:43pm
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Quite a good price. I bought one a while ago at JoAnn's for $99, but returned it before using. (wasn't sure if it would really work well with fondant and gumpaste). For this price, I may just give it a try again. Thanks for the link!

livlou Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 8:51pm
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thanks for posting, ive just purchased one and with postage to uk im still saving £200 from original price icon_biggrin.gif

icingimages Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 9:04pm
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I am partial to the Silhouette Cameo due to the fact that you run it through the your PC, but that is a great deal!!!

Reyna Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 9:46pm
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Works perfectly once you learn how to use it. I ONLY use modeling chocolate with mine never been able to do use gumpaste or fondant. Modeling chocolate works very cool and easy.

mom2twogrlz Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 10:34pm
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I have wanted one since it came out but wasn't willing to spend the money. YAY!!!!!!!!!

Monster03 Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 10:38pm
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Thanks for that. I have just bought a Cricut Cake Personal, a Gypsy & a set of replacement blades which along with shipping to the UK is £137.

Great link icon_biggrin.gif

janeoxo Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 10:58pm
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Fab link, thanks so much, another one winging its way to the UK

Bonald Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 11:16pm
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Thanks for the info. I just ordered one, can't wait to try it. icon_smile.gif

travmand Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 11:37pm
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I got mine on clearance at Hobby Lobby for 20 bucks. It AIN'T worth 20 cents!!!

audrey0522 Posted 11 Nov 2011 , 11:42pm
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I sure hope it is a legit website. I just ordered mine. I have a cricut that I use for scrapbooking. The no shipping cost was an added bonus!

Vista Posted 12 Nov 2011 , 2:27am
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I always feel better when I can use my paypal. I ordered one also, thanks sooo much for letting us know. I have been wanting one for a long time!

Michelep Posted 12 Nov 2011 , 3:45am
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I ordered one too. Thanks for the info!

ailika Posted 12 Nov 2011 , 4:13am
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Wow! I paid almost 350.00 2 months ago & it's still in the box. Now that I know it's down to 49.95 It'll be in the box longer lol

Polarcakes Posted 12 Nov 2011 , 4:18am
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For anyone considering this deal, please read reviews posted on the internet about the site offering this.

Brendabeeper Posted 12 Nov 2011 , 4:28am
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ok so I have wanted one a long time, read very bad to very good about them , price is right so I am going to order it. Did it on Pay Pal, I work for a credit card company and will watch this like a hawk . will let you all know. Crossing fingers, I know there are companies this happens too but watch your card on line or call and check your charges and balances often, Change your number on the card if you are concerned at all. The banks will help you block or put a hold on the cards and work with you to clear them up. Best wishes everyone. and I hope it all works out

Monster03 Posted 14 Nov 2011 , 1:46pm
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Thanks for the warning on the card scam/paypal scam that is the risk for this link.

I saw the warning after purchasing through them, but luckily I paid with Paypal.
I recieved an email this morning saying:


Dear Value Customer,

We regret to inform you that some of your personal data (full name, email, home phone number, etc) are incorrect .Please re-enter your personal data correctly.

This was (apparently) from Paypal, and me being half asleep, I clicked on the link. It said that my account was restriceted & it was asking me for my full name, address, email address, date of birth & all credit card details. I could tell that is was fake & went onto the proper Paypal site which was all normal.

The sender's address from the email is [email protected]

As I said before, thanks you for the warning, as I made sure that I removed all card & bank details from my Paypal account after the transaction for the Cricut machine had gone through.

Polarcakes Posted 14 Nov 2011 , 4:10pm
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Originally Posted by Monster03

As I said before, thanks you for the warning, as I made sure that I removed all card & bank details from my Paypal account after the transaction for the machine had gone through.

Glad you were able to catch this before anything else went fishy. I`d continue watching your information just in case anything else does pop up.


designdiva22 Posted 14 Nov 2011 , 4:30pm
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So this is a fraudulent website then??? the one that OP posted?

RheaCakeQueen Posted 14 Nov 2011 , 4:40pm
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Polarcakes Posted 14 Nov 2011 , 4:42pm
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Originally Posted by designdiva22

So this is a fraudulent website then??? the one that OP posted?

Do a Google search on reviews for the original site posted. There are many people complaining of credit cards/Paypal being charged for purchases they did not make through the original site, or being scammed in other ways.

It is a risk, so buyer beware. The link I posted to some of the reviews is here:

Monster03 Posted 14 Nov 2011 , 4:44pm
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Originally Posted by designdiva22

So this is a fraudulent website then??? the one that OP posted?

As far as I know it's not a fraudulent site, but I don't think their security is very good. I will let you know when my order arrives.

ufo9978 Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 6:03pm
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Just an update..I ordered one couple of days ago from paper crafting pro for $40 and today it came in mail through fedex..EXCITED!!!!!!!!

labmom Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 6:11pm
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you can buy the mini and regular cricut cake on ebay for low prices. I think from people who haven't had much luck with them. That would be my guess.

Also I have seen them discounted for clearance at many stores and even on HSN they were marked down along with the cartridges

Has anyone gotten the Martha stewart cake cartridges? I have a total of 6 cartridges if I include my regular cricut. I just need time to play with them.

I have heard great things about the frosting sheets to use with the cricuts how do I find them? (not wilton.)

tiggy2 Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 6:28pm
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The premium sheets from work the best for me. I've tried other brands and they tend to slide off the backing when cutting. I trim a little off each side of the sheet( leaving the backing) and tape the backing to the cutting mat. I have no problem cutting small, detailed images.

labmom Posted 15 Nov 2011 , 7:34pm
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I agree they did come off the backing when I did try the one from cricut

Do you put the crisco or shortening on the matt to hold it? or just use the tape?

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