Please Watch Me On Food Network Challenge This Sunday

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BosCakes Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:33pm
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Hi everyone!

I'm making my tv debut this Sunday (November 6th) on Food Network Challenge - LEGO Cakes! I selected a fellow cakecentral member, psurrette, as my assistant.

While I'm not allowed to talk about the show in any detail (including the audition process) I hope you'll tune in to see this episode to find out what happens!

I will say that this episode will be unlike any other you've seen!

Rebecca Bosque

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dukeswalker Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:38pm
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Good luck!!!

Lon6523 Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:40pm
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wow good luck

cupcakemkr Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:41pm
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BosCakes - what time Sunday? Can't wait to see it!

vaniti716 Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:42pm
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cool, congrats and me and my family will be watching icon_smile.gif

robinmarie Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:51pm
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awesome! i already set my DVR. Good luck to you!

ReneeFLL Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:55pm
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Congrats and I will be watching.

CalhounsCakery Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 1:59pm
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I would love to, except the Canadian Network doesn't show the challenges anymore... icon_sad.gif

So upset about that!!!

theresaf Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 2:15pm
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How exciting! Good luck! Even though its only US that doesn't know what happens!!

chassidyg Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 2:18pm
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Setting my dvr for it! How Exciting, I hope you had as great of luck as Paul & Edna did!!

cakegrandma Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 2:32pm
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How exciting! I will be watching and I hope you win....

Bri122005 Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 2:33pm
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I record all the challeges...I'll definitely be watching. Congratulations!

cupadeecakes Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 4:15pm
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Me too, I record them all! I'll be rooting for you BosCakes!

sexysnowtiger Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 4:39pm
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Me too. Congratulations and I hope you win.

Rosie2 Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 9:16pm
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OMG, I'll set up my DVR!!! thank you for telling us...I'll make sure I'll tell my whole family icon_smile.gif and I whish you the best of luck.
You will win---actually 'see/view' yourself winning this very moment icon_smile.gif

mrsg1111 Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 9:33pm
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I'll do as everyone else and DVR it in case i miss it! I never know what my kids have in store! But i hardly ever miss it! Cake Central family support!!!

sugarlover Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 9:54pm
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Good luck. Make us proud!

BosCakes Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 10:58pm
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thanks everyone! It's on at 8pm EST, not sure about the other time zones. sunday we also change the clocks back, don't forget!!

flourconfections Posted 3 Nov 2011 , 11:07pm
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Hi Rebecca,

We will be watching too, as this is Lisa's US Food Network debut as well.

BTW, Lisa says hi!

BosCakes Posted 4 Nov 2011 , 1:58am
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Lisa!! What a day that!!! Been a long time keeping our mouths sealed!

kakeladi Posted 4 Nov 2011 , 12:56pm
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It will be most interesting to see you! Of course we all hope YOU WON! icon_smile.gif

I don't think I could ever be on any of those types of shows because I most likely could NOT keep my
from telling the whole world every tiniest of detail! HAHA

psurrette Posted 4 Nov 2011 , 6:03pm
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Hi Everyone! Cant wait to watch it with you all! Rebecca is so talented!

bunnyslippers03 Posted 5 Nov 2011 , 5:04am
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Good luck & can wait to watch. My daughter & I never miss a show. I am not a caker but have a wonderful friend who I refer to as my "Cake Lady". I love this site and seeing all of the talent, art & hard work that you all do. It really is AMAZING!!! Again.... good luck. I am sure you will do yourself & your Cake Central family proud.

gidgetdoescakes Posted 7 Nov 2011 , 1:17am
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good luck to all of you

cakegirl1973 Posted 7 Nov 2011 , 1:54am
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You should be very proud of yourself! You "dug down deep" when things got tough, and you were able to finish your piece. You are a very strong lady, and I am sure that your family is proud of you.

Good luck with your business.

goodvibrations Posted 7 Nov 2011 , 2:12am
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Can't wait to see you WIN next time! You absolutely have the talent!!!

goodvibrations Posted 7 Nov 2011 , 2:14am
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Can't wait to see you WIN next time! You absolutely have the talent!!!

Rosie2 Posted 7 Nov 2011 , 2:16am
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Rebeccaaaaaaaa, I'm so proud of you!!!! not only are you talented, but beautiful too!!! it was so nice to be able to put a face to a name. And, in my world you are the winner!!! thumbs_up.gif

BosCakes Posted 7 Nov 2011 , 12:50pm
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thank you everyone!!! it was INTENSE!!! more than I ever imagined. thank you to Paula for enduring that with me!!!

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