What Mixer To Buy?

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avani534 Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 3:53pm
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What are the brands of mixers that we can buy ? I want a good one that does most of the work on its own and doesnt have to be mintored constantly. Something like KitchenAid but are there any others?

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decoratingfool Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 4:37pm
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There has been alot of discussions on what mixer is best, and what to buy, i say it is a personal thing. But as far as brands that you can buy, there is Cuisinart, Viking, Kitchenaide, sunbeam, Kenmore, Bosch and so many more.
If you are trying to decide, i googled the brands and read the reviews, i personally own 2 kitchenaides, and 1 7 qt cuisinart, one kitchenaide is over 25 years old and still works but it is missing a few speeds, the newer one works but has had to be repaired 2 times.. Again i think it is a matter of what you like and want out of a mixer...

Good luck with your quest, i hope you find the perfect mixer for you!!!!

auntginn Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 5:00pm
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Well put decoratingfool!! I wouldn't be able to say any more than that.

avani534 Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 5:40pm
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Thank you so much guys. This helps a loticon_smile.gif

sberryp Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 5:55pm
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I do love my KA, but I loved my other stand mixer I think it was rival because it had a spinning bowl and it was cheaper. The bowl was very heavy and it worked great and it was under 100 bucks. But I use my KA for icings and I like the other one for batters.

avani534 Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 5:58pm
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Hi Decoratingfool
So i found two kitchenaid mixers that I liked , one is 4 and a half quart (300 W) and other is 5 quart (325 W). There is a price difference of around 125 dollars between the two. Which one would you recommend looking at these settings?

mrsg1111 Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 6:37pm
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I have a kitchen aid and my parents have the cuisenart. The think i love about the cuisin art is that the top part lifts which what i wish my KA did. I've had it for about 5 years now so i'm not sure if the newer ones lift.

decoratingfool Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 8:49pm
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avani534, Well there are many differences in the kitchenaides, there is the Artisian, the ultra power with tilt head, the Pro series, so it depends on thata, so i really can't answer it if i don't know what one it is.

But one thing i would suggest is when googling do a comparative, like kitchenaide artisian vs the kitchenaide Pro and see what the difference it..

Hope that helps, also do that with any brand vs is always a good thing, makes you think of things you wouldn't have thought of... I did it with my kitchenaide vs the 7 qt cuisinart and thats how i decided.. Good luck!!!

chaka1 Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 9:19pm
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avani534 - It all depends what you will use the mixer for as well as how much batter will you be making at one time. I bought a refurbished KitchenAid Pro 600 at the online KitchenAid outlet: http://www.shopkitchenaid.com/more-ways-to-shop-1/outlet-2/102020032/

It was a big investment and I did alot of research before I finally bit the bullet and bought it. I have no problems buying refurbished items. Most of the time they are overstock and they have to label them as refurbished in order to sell them at a lower price. The only difference is that with refurbished, you only get a 6 month warranty versus a 12 month warranty with a brand new KitchenAid. You can get a lemon with a new mixer or refurbished, so you are always taking a chance. I bought the Pro 600 because it's a bigger machine. Bigger bowl, bigger stand, lots more power. I make double and triple recipes that my older mixer couldn't handle. It's big, it's heavy, and I love love love it. Since I got it I also started making bread, since it came with the dough hook. But that you can also do in the smaller KitchenAid's. Do some homework and figure out what you want to use the mixer for first, then figure out what you need. Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Kohls has lots of them on display. See if you like the kind where the head lifts up or the bigger ones where the bowl gets lowered. Lots to think about. Good luck.

Gerle Posted 11 Oct 2011 , 9:37pm
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Well, I bought a 7 qt Cuisinart last year and love it. I had KA before and still use it, but wouldn't trade my Cuisinart. I love the larger bowl and the timer, so when I'm making Indydeb's buttercream, I can set the timer and do other things. My KA is definitely one of the older ones in the pro line series and it still works beautifully, but I wanted a bigger bowl and at the time, the research I was looking at wasn't favorable to KA's new mixers, so chose between KA, Cuisinart and Viking. Couldn't be happier with my choice.

decoratingfool Posted 12 Oct 2011 , 3:37am
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Gerle, I also LOVE my cuisinart the 7 qt bowl is great, i can double recipes and sometimes triple them if need be... And i agree the timer is the best, i just walk away and let it do its thing....

LoverOfSweets Posted 16 Oct 2011 , 4:01am
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I also just got the Cuisinart 7 quart and I LOVE it for my purposes. If there was a fire in my home I would grab my Cuisinart and Agbay. The brand is a personal choice but it is a good idea to know what is important to you. Do you care about the warranty, customer reviews, customer service, timer, size of the motor etc... Once you figure out what is most important to you, the decision should be narrowed down pretty quickly. This should give you a place to start comparing: http://www.beststandmixerreview.com/

love2bake68 Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 4:59pm
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I have a kitchen aid bowl lift and was wondering if anyone has used the scraper blade and if it works well?

jamawoops Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 5:17pm
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I just got the KA Pro600 a couple of months ago and I don't know how I lived without it! I love it!! But I've never used any of the other ones so I don't know how they compare. The one con I have with my mixer is that the head doesn't tilt which I wasn't aware of when I got it. It's annoying but you get used to it.

I agree with everyone about researching before you buy, but I definitely suggest getting something with a bigger bowl! It's definitely worth the extra money!!

Jackie_S Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 5:24pm
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Lovetobake, I have the scrapper blade and absolutely love it. I don't have to scrape the sides as often. Its wonderful.

love2bake68 Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 5:36pm
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Ok great, is it a KA brand or after market? Does it matter which one? Thanks for your help

Jackie_S Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 5:40pm
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I think its a KA brand. I am not sure my mom gave it to me.

playingwithsugar Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 5:49pm
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For a beginner, Sunbeam re-introduced their MixMaster a few years ago. They are very, very sturdy, and very affordable.

Buy the best mixer from the ones mentioned, that you can afford, then bank up as you can for your dream mixer.

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