Good Castle Cake Without The Wilton Set?

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pebblez87 Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 9:33pm
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I searched the galleries and noticed alot use the wilton towers to finsih a castle. They look beautiful and definetly finish it off but im trying to make a simple cake for my neice ( since my sil waits til theeee last minute literally) What could be a substitution i was thinking waffle cones for the points but im stumped on the towers. I dont need alot like the wilton cake maybe just 4 one for each corner? any ideas?

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cakelady1802 Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 9:52pm
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You could use the inner tube from kitchen paper. Cover the tube with cling wrap then fondant

auntginn Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 9:55pm
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Do you have any dowel rods? Or may papertowel (or even bathroom tissue) cardboard holders? Then just wrapp them with aluminum paper and decorate. If they are too wide, cut a slit down the side, squeeze it closer together and tape to the finished size. HTH

ajwonka Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 9:59pm
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I've used swiss cake rolls covered in fondant & then the cones for the points. That way they're edible!

cheatize Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 10:10pm
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Push RKT thru plumbing pipe.

mariacakestoo Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 10:26pm
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Originally Posted by cheatize

Push RKT thru plumbing pipe.


debbief Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 10:31pm
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Originally Posted by mariacakestoo

Originally Posted by cheatize

Push RKT thru plumbing pipe.


I've done it with RKT (pic in my gallery) and just rolled it like a log (making sure the RKT is compact). Then covered the RKT with candy melts to make them smooth before covering with fondant. Worked really well. The only thing to keep in mind is they will be heavier than if you used a paper towel roll or something like that. But totally edible.

zetasilver Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 10:55pm
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Cake boss did a tutorial on castle cakes, heres the link I like the turrets on this one


carolinagirlcakes Posted 4 Oct 2011 , 11:34pm
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You can also use ice cream cones... there are serveral different ways to do this. I just googled castle cakes I found lots of helpful ideas that didn't use the Wilton kit. I had the Wilton kit and the 2nd time I used it, I trashed it cause I was so frustrated with it, lol. The last castle cake I did (in my photos) was with sugar cones and they loved it.

Good luck!

cheatize Posted 5 Oct 2011 , 3:58am
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If you push it through a pipe, get it out as fast as possible. Otherwise, they cool in there and don't have much give to get them out. Once out, push a skewer into it. Push the other end of the skewer in the cake board and it's very stable once the RKT are covered in chocolate and fondant.

Yes, they are definitely heavier but they are a treat on a stick for the guests.

jenvoigts Posted 5 Oct 2011 , 4:06am
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I used ice cream cones and dipped them in colored chocolate in the castle cake in my pictures. It was really easy and turned out pretty cute.

PJ37 Posted 5 Oct 2011 , 4:09am
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I just finished a castle cake for my grandaughter (in photos). I used the Cake Boss Tutorial as previously mentioned. I used waffle cones (I carefully cut about 1 inch off them), then I placed the cone in a "cup" cone (flat bottomed) and then just rolled some cardstock (or you could use paper towel roll, etc). and placed the cup cone in the cardstock roll. I then covered with fondant. They almost felt like plaster of paris when they dried. Cake was a big hit. (Someone at the party asked if they were rice krispies..she watched Duff). RKT would definitely make it edible, but that dried fondant, ugh!

milkmaid42 Posted 13 Oct 2011 , 2:05am
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I made a castle cake recently and for the towers I used RKT shoved into empty gift paper roll molds. I wish I had seen the tip about removing them before they got hard! icon_cry.gificon_redface.gif I had to peel the cardboard off and were they dense! At any rate, I covered them with melted chocolate and fondant. I didn't want really pointy tops to the turrets, so made a form out of cardstock and used gumpaste. When dry, I covered them with gumpaste discs and petal dust. The cake was a big success but I doubt anyone could eat the hard RKT!
You can see it in my photos. (The kids played with it like a Barbie house when the top layer was removed.) icon_biggrin.gif


cheatize Posted 13 Oct 2011 , 4:17am
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Milkmaid42: I learned the same way. Fortunately, it was just one of them. I had to soak it in water to get the RKT out. Blah.

I do own the Wilton kit. I used the triangular piece as an impression mat as well as the window and door pieces. The picture of that cake is in my pictures. By owning the kit, I can make a cake as if I used the kit but without having to charge the client for it.

tarabara Posted 13 Oct 2011 , 4:42am
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The most beautiful castle cake I've ever seen was made by mrsmudrash here on CC. It's in her photo gallery if you want to take a look: I don't think it was "simple" though...her cakes look pretty darn hard! She has instructions on how to make it at in her September 18 entry.

ChristineCMC Posted 14 Oct 2011 , 11:03am
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I have made 3 castle cakes and have never used the Wilton Set. You can see them in my gallery. You could certainly cover paper towel holders if you do not have enough time to let gum paste dry. I've made my castle towers out of Gelatin Icing and love the way the towers come out. You do need to have time to allow them to dry though - at least a day.

Good Luck and post pictures when your done!

ShellBell69 Posted 14 Oct 2011 , 2:28pm
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I've only made one castle cake but I really enjoyed using the cake ice cream cones for the turrets. I used the sugar cone for the pointed top. It was really easy and fun. I covered mine in fondant. Good luck and have fun with it!

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