S'mores Cupcakes Question

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madicakes Posted 30 Sep 2011 , 4:34pm
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When you guys make your S'mores cupcakes do you use a graham cupcake, chocolate ganach and marshmallow buttercream? Choc cupcake with graham sprinkles? How do you like to do them. Was thinking about trying some this weekend, but wanted some direction in what you guys think tastes the best. Thanks!

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kmstreepey Posted 30 Sep 2011 , 4:40pm
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I've made them with a chocolate cupcake, chocolate ganache, and graham sprinkles with toasted mini marshmallows on the top. It was good, but the graham flavor from the crumbled graham crackers wasn't quite strong enough. I kept wishing I could taste the graham more. If I do them again, I will use graham flavored cupcakes or possibly bake some graham pieces into the cupcake.

pinkfluffycupcake Posted 30 Sep 2011 , 5:24pm
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I haven't tried these yet, but they look delicious!

shuswapcakes Posted 30 Sep 2011 , 5:55pm
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I use a chocolate cupcake with graham cracker pieces mixed in, chocolate ganache and then a marshmallow buttercream frosting. Last time I made them I used a graham cupcake recipe that my sister gave me but I found it didn't have the richness I was looking for like the chocolate cupcake did. I'm sure the recipe would be great with a few "tweeks" icon_smile.gif

madicakes Posted 30 Sep 2011 , 5:59pm
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Thanks everyone! I think I will go with the chocolate cupcake and add some graham pieces to it. Thanks!

ILoveDaffodils Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 12:35am
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I make a graham cracker crust in the bottom of the liner, chocolate cake and marshmallow frosting.

southerncross Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 12:51am
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I make the version of Trophy Cupcakes out of Seattle. The recipe is on the web. The bottom of the cupcake has a graham cracker crumb crust with a layer of chocolate so it has the taste of proper chocolate digestive....very graham cracker taste. The bottom is prebaked for 5 min. Then the cupcake liner is filled with a very moist chocolate cake. When baked and cooled, it's frosted with a marshmallow frosting then I run the torch over it to caramelize the frosting. Very very tasty and gives you the full flavour of a s'more.

kmstreepey Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 1:04am
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SouthernCross, that sounds wonderful! I'll have to look up that recipe. Oh, and I really love your signature line! Too funny!

southerncross Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 1:47am
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Thank you. I made a test run of the s'mores cupcake tonight for a large order due next week. My only concern about this recipe is that the graham cracker crust is a bit crumbly and makes a bit of mess if you're eating them whilst standing about (my order is for a book reading at the local library and the crumbs might be problematic) but the flavour of the resulting cupcake is outstanding...and just as addictive as the real thing. You can't stop with just one.

Let me know your opinion of them.

kmstreepey Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 1:57am
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Though it might just be the nature of a graham cracker crust to be a bit crumbly, I wonder if there is a way to make it less crumbly. People may forgive the crumbs because of the taste though!

madicakes Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 12:33pm
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Southerncross...am I correct in reading that the marshmallow frosting can remain out of the refrigerator for 2 days, according to the recipe? I think I'm going to try this recipe....looks delish!

southerncross Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 10:03pm
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Madicakes....I made the cupcakes yesterday and they are still great this evening...I put them in an airtight container (I use a long flat plastic bin when I'm storing or transporting cupcakes) and there's been no weeping that is so common with meringue. The recipe actually does make a marshmallow so they keep just like homemade marshmallows. The graham crust actually seems to have set up better overnight so I may just make this recipe for the book reading after all (the author is my daughter!...it's her first book printed in the USA!. The book is "1033 Reasons to Smile" so I figured the cupcakes will be the 1034th reason!)

kmstreepey Posted 1 Oct 2011 , 10:22pm
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Wow! You must be one proud mama! Congrats to your daughter!

southerncross Posted 2 Oct 2011 , 12:12am
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I am proud of her. Best of all she's the kindest, nicest and most caring person I've ever known. She's one big smile

southerncross Posted 2 Oct 2011 , 12:12am
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I am proud of her. Best of all she's the kindest, nicest and most caring person I've ever known. She's one big smile

kmstreepey Posted 2 Oct 2011 , 12:18am
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I just looked up the book and it sounds wonderful! A perfect day-brightener. I might just have to pick up a copy for myself. That your daughter possesses all of those wonderful qualities that you describe says a lot about you as a mother, too. Smiles all around!

amaryllis756 Posted 2 Oct 2011 , 9:13am
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I make mine like a graham cracker crust on the bottom, with a piece of chocolate on top of the graham cracker crust, then I put my batter in the liner, on top of the crust. Bake as usual. The cover with a marshmallow frosting and brule it, for a toasted marshmallow flavor. I decorate it with a piece of chocolate candy on top.

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