Best Selling Cupcake Flavors

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bakincakin Posted 17 Oct 2012 , 1:02pm
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Lots of good sounding recipes posted! Think I'm gonna give a few a try, especially the maple bacon!

lizabethy Posted 17 Oct 2012 , 1:38pm
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My top pick are also red velvet with cream cheese icing and any combo candy with chocoalte cake with salted caramel frosting. I make a lot of homemade caramels and also toffee to go with that combo. My 3rd best right now is pumpkin. People always like a vanilla cupcake filled with a lemon curd though.

I don't have as many that like coffee flavored cupcakes though, and I really enjoy that flavor combo myself.

Someone ask for a red velvet cake...this is the recipe I use with good results. It's very moist and decatent.

AMACakes Posted 17 Oct 2012 , 3:11pm
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Lizabethy, do you use that red velvet recipe from Bakerella for cupcakes as well? Does it turn out as well as the cake? I've heard that sometimes cake recipes don't translate well when converted to cupcake size.

lizabethy Posted 17 Oct 2012 , 3:33pm
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It bakes up beautifully. It is a very moist cake, and it bakes up very high with a rounded top. They stay fresh for a long time and are delicious. I skip adding 2 oz. of red food coloring and go for 1 oz, with an extra ounce of water added in. I've made them blue and green before as well. They are my daughters favorite cucpake so I'll be making them pink in a couple of weeks for her birthday. The recipe makes about 30 cupcakes if I remember correctly. It's delicious with cream cheese or whipped cream cheese frosting.

Pinterest is full of maple bacon cupcake recipes. It's a pancake/maple flavored cupcake with a maple swiss buttercream. I use candied bacon on them...and they are a hit! I made them for a tailgaiting party and they were gone in a flash!

Here is the recipe. I do not use her buttercream recipe though. I just make my swiss buttercream and then add in some maple syrup.

Vera-CupcakesGarden Posted 3 Nov 2012 , 10:11pm
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Yes! Red Velvet is always my choice! The taste is great and they are always look amazing! The second placed is reserved for chocolate!

youniquetreats Posted 7 Nov 2012 , 2:40am
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ABanana pudding Red velvet Strawberry moscato My top three Sellers

Cashismine Posted 11 Nov 2012 , 6:01pm
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I just really started baking but my family love the Red Velvet, Pink Lemonade, and 7up cupcakes

sophymalik Posted 8 Dec 2012 , 9:06pm
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maple bacon does sound sensational!

does anyone have a good recipe? 

cheers :)

kazita Posted 8 Dec 2012 , 9:28pm
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AIf you Google search there are a bunch of recipes ....don't know what the best one is

SecretGardenCcs Posted 22 May 2013 , 10:44am
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AVanilla rose Red velvet Chocolate toffee caramel Sometimes chocolate velvet Not much else...

And I have 20 flavours!

jatctt Posted 23 May 2013 , 1:39pm
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Originally Posted by youniquetreats 

Banana pudding
Red velvet
Strawberry moscato
My top three Sellers

OMG, I literally sucked in my breath at the mention of strawberry moscato.....if you are willing to share that recipe I would be delighted!

cakefat Posted 23 May 2013 , 2:16pm
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Originally Posted by SecretGardenCcs 

Vanilla rose


Vanilla rose! that sounds very nice. Do you use rose water or rose essence in the recipe? Just curious how you get the rose flavoring in there?

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