Help With Beer Mug Cake Please!

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vgereis Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 7:55pm
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Hi all!

I am hoping to make a cake for my brother in law this weekend in the shape of a beer mug or a pint of beer (no handle)... just a quick question for you experts out there... I'm thinking to cover it with fondant (at least the mug part)... and just wondered what you guys thought... should I cover it "upside down" and then flip over? I'm thinking the bottom of the mug will be that little bit narrower than the top... which made me think to cover it upside down first... any ideas or tips on this one?

Thanks everyone!


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vgereis Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 9:20pm
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Anyone? pretty please?

kathie-d Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 9:36pm
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When I did mine I wrapped a pannel of fondant around it. I wanted it to keep it's shape and figured that would be the best way. It worked out great and I covered the top with whipped cream for foam. HTH

vgereis Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 9:40pm
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ahhh.. ok... I don't know why I hadn't thought of that!! But hey.. do you mind if I just ask... what did you do with the seam where the two ends of the fondant met? Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

All the best,


kathie-d Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 9:45pm
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I just piped a little buttercream over it and blended it with my finger. I used white fondant...I painted on the colour after and then I added the handle to where my seem ( which you couldn't see anyway) was.

vgereis Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 10:02pm
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Thanks so much for giving me that advice kathie-d! Hoping mine turns out ok!! Just saw yours in your gallery and wow... it's great! Sure hope I can end up with something similar! Oh.. quick question... did you airbrush the color? or did you use diluted color? Love how it looks almost marbly... kinda like when the bubbles are still traveling up through the beer. Well done!! I love all your other cakes too... may have to pick your brain one day soon about some of the others! hehe!



kathie-d Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 10:11pm
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Awwe shucks... thanks! I used some golden yellow with a little brown colour mixed with vodka and painted it with a paint brush, then went over it with a corn syrup and vodka mix to give it some sheen like a real beer mug. I am more than happy to help when ever I can!

vgereis Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 11:17pm
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Well, I, for one... truly appreciate your help! I posted a yesterday asking if anyone has a good chocolate cake recipe that would stand up to stacking and a bit of carving etc... and like 30 views but no replies! So when this post went unreplied for a while.. I was starting to get paranoid! lol!!

Thanks again!!


kathie-d Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 11:35pm
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I have never tried this...but the reviews are good! Just sub a chocolate mix and pudding.

vgereis Posted 15 Sep 2011 , 11:50pm
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Thanks! I'd seen that one.. but here in Paris, it's not as easy to come by the cake mixes and puddings... It's possible to find the mixes.. though very expensive from the "American store" hehe!.. and I tend to prefer to bake from scratch... though I guess I'd be open to trying anything! icon_surprised.gif))

instant-gratificaketion Posted 16 Sep 2011 , 12:00am
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Planet Cake uses a chocolate mud cake recipe for their cakes and they carve the heck out of them! I didn't have as much luck with the consistency, but I am in the south (US) and the heat and humidity has been RIDONKULOUS!

The cake is delicious nonetheless. I'll PM you the recipe.

instant-gratificaketion Posted 16 Sep 2011 , 12:07am
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Oh, and p.s. kathie-d, I just went through your gallery and HOLY SHIIIITAAKE MUSHROOMS YOU ARE AMAZING!

kathie-d Posted 16 Sep 2011 , 12:29am
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Wow, you guys make me blush! Thank you so much! and.....would I be able to get that recipe too???? icon_biggrin.gif

instant-gratificaketion Posted 16 Sep 2011 , 12:31am
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Of course! Coming to ya!

jcrew216 Posted 16 Sep 2011 , 12:42am
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Oh, I am so glad that I found this discussion. I have a beer mug cake to make next weekend and I was also looking for a good chocolate mud cake recipe. This kills two birds with one stone! Can someone send me that recipe too, pretty please?!

instant-gratificaketion Posted 16 Sep 2011 , 12:52am
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Sure thing!

jcrew216 Posted 16 Sep 2011 , 1:01am
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Thanks so much! I can't wait to make this!

vgereis Posted 18 Sep 2011 , 8:44pm
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Hi everyone!!

Just wanted to thank you all for your help and advice... finally finished my cake today... nowhere near the amazing quality that kathie-d's is... but hey.. I gotta start somewhere right? hehe! What was "technically" supposed to be a simple cake... ended up being a total nightmare because the batter kept going wrong!! I baked this 4 times! lol! Anyway.. ended up being delicious... and my bil absolutely loved it! Have uploaded a pic to my gallery if you want to have a look! icon_surprised.gif) Thanks again!


saapena Posted 18 Sep 2011 , 9:19pm
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Great cake Vicky! Don't mean to hijack the thread but I have a question. What did you make your beer mug handle out of? I have made two of these cakes and I cannot get the handle to stay in place icon_cry.gif . I have tried just fondant and rice krispies treats covered in fondant; both were on angled skewers. I tried attaching with BC and melted vanilla chips and the handle would NOT stay in. I wound up supporting the handle with an upside down shot glass and just put shot glasses around the rest of the cake icon_redface.gif . Any help you give me would be greatly appreciated since I may be making another one soon.



vgereis Posted 18 Sep 2011 , 9:38pm
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Hi Sheryl!

Thanks so much for the compliment! Yeah the handle is kind of a pain... This cake caused me lots of problems in the actual baking so unfortunately ended up decorating last minute. Handle I made of fondant. Shaped it and stuck the toothpicks in (at an angle) and then just lay it our for as long as it took me to finish decorating the cake (which is nowhere near long enough as it just wasn't enough to dry properly)... Anyway generally it stayed in. I also used a bit of vodka on the ends of the handles to try to stick it a bit to the fondant on the mug. Only thing I can think of to maybe do... Is use really long skewer that you can almost pierce into the cake board? Hmmmm.. Maybe someone else will pipe in?

I guess it was to my benefit that this wasn't a "paying" cake! Lol! I made it as a surprise for my bil! Hehe! Anyway sorry I couldn't be of more help! If i think of anything else, I'll let you know! icon_smile.gif



kathie-d Posted 18 Sep 2011 , 10:22pm
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Hey Vicky! Your cake turned out great!!!! As far as the handel I made mine out of gumpaste and stuck some toothpicks in it and let it dry. Once it was dry I stuck it in with a little gum glue. Didn't have any troubles with it.

vgereis Posted 18 Sep 2011 , 10:32pm
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Thanks Kathie-d! Couldn't have done it without your help! icon_smile.gif Next... You can teach me how you did that wedding cake with the draping! Love!!! Hehehhe!!



saapena Posted 18 Sep 2011 , 10:52pm
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Vicky and Kathie-D: Thanks for the tips on the handle. I will try to use a long enough skewer to pierce the cake board and I may try it in gumpaste--or just use less fondant lol. Thanks again!


Brendabeeper Posted 26 Sep 2011 , 3:41am
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Ladies, Thank you for all the information sharing on the beer cakes. The question I have is the ( stick that holds the can up on the beer cakes) what is over the stick?

vgereis Posted 27 Sep 2011 , 8:10pm
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Hi Brendabeeper!

Sorry for the late reply but I just couldn't get cc to work yday! I knew someone had posted on here but every time i clicked, it would give me an error page! Grrrrr! Anyway... The way I did the "beer pouring into can" bit that you're asking about... I stuffed skewers into a straw and then wrapped fondant around it in uneven sorta bumpy way and then painted it with the same color I painted the mug!

Hope that helps!

Good luck with your cake! Can't wait to see it!



vgereis Posted 27 Sep 2011 , 8:16pm
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Ps - omg I love your work! That minion cake is too cute!! Can't believe you wrote you were embarrassed to post it! If I could do that I'd be posting it left, right & center! Hahah! Great job! icon_smile.gif

Cakeladybu Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 11:18pm
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When you say you painted the cake with the piping gel to make it shine, didn't it run down the sides?

MBalaska Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 11:29pm
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to attach handles could you use Paper Lollipop sticks?

has anyone tried this?  Those cakes you all are making are nice. Bravo.

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