Why Doesn't My Orange Cake Taste Of Orange?

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idontknow Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 10:28am
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I used a scratch WASC recipe as the base, substituted all of the water, 250ml, for freshly squeezed orange juice. Plus I used orange oil instead of the almond extract...the cake turned out lovely, moist and really flavoursome....but no taste of orange at all!! so i'm wondering how do i make the cake taste of the fruit i add?? this happened with a strawberry cake i made, i used fresh strawberry puree but still no strawberry flavour in the end product. can anyone shed some light??

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audrey0522 Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 10:58am
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I am thinking the fresh juice is not concentrated enough and the flavor is overpowered by the other ingredients. You might want to you check Macsmom recipes to see what she uses?

mivea Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 11:11am
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Try pouring a syrup made from sugar and orange juice over the cake. It will absorb more syrup when both cake and syrup are warm - almost straight from the oven icon_smile.gif
The flavours that make up the 'taste of orange' are very volatile, so most of them will evaporate in the oven.

Occther Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 11:50am
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Try adding orange jello. (Same for strawberry cake.)

leah_s Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 12:12pm
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I use icing fruits. Really concentrated flavors.

inspiredbymom Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 12:54pm
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I recently did a gluten free orange cake that used whole cooked oranges (pureed) and almond flour. It had such a strong orange flavor that it was like eating an orange! Since I am one who has no tolerance for orange juice, it was more than I could handle tasting the practice cake!

stephaniescakenj Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 1:15pm
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I use orange extract and the zest of an orange too. the zest is very flavorful and it makes the cake pretty when you cut in and see all the little flecks of zest.

idontknow Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 7:07pm
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Originally Posted by inspiredbymom

I recently did a gluten free orange cake that used whole cooked oranges (pureed) and almond flour. It had such a strong orange flavor that it was like eating an orange! Since I am one who has no tolerance for orange juice, it was more than I could handle tasting the practice cake!

thanks for all the tips ppl, maybe i need to try the syrup and a more concentrate extract, plus the zest and maybe even some cooked orange.

IBM - i thought of trying this kind of cake but is it suitable for layering and stacking?

pinklatte Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 7:33pm
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I include the zest of the fruit and it really adds the flavor. You can tell the difference.

grama_j Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 7:38pm
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I always use jello powder...... it makes both the flavor and color more intense......

inspiredbymom Posted 2 Sep 2011 , 11:22pm
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idontknow, sorry that it has taken me so long to get back. My new email lumps all of the posts together as one email! Anyway, I did layer it but it was a single cake. It was "heavy" and very moist. However, that cake was actually originally done in the UK with regular flour. It may produce a lighter product. If you would like, I will try to pm you the recipe and information.

jewels710 Posted 2 Sep 2011 , 11:29pm
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Zest for sure!

momsgoodies Posted 2 Sep 2011 , 11:51pm
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inspiredbymom; Can you pm me too the orange gluten free recipe, pleaseee??

Thank you!!!!

BizCoCos Posted 3 Sep 2011 , 12:17am
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valencia cake sorry had to translate from spanish
2 & 1/2 cups( 300 grams )
2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1/2 cup orange juice( 125cc. )
150gms of butter
1 .5 cups of sugarr ( 300 grams )
4 eggs
zest from 1 orange
1tablespoon orange extract

beat the butter with theugar until it is creamy.
add the 4 yolks and the orange zest.
mix flour with the baking powder and pinch of salt..
add this mixture to the prepared butter alternating with the orange juice
Agregar esta mezcla a la preparación de mantequilla alternando con el jugo de naranja.

incorporate the egg whites that have been beaten to soft peaks
bake at 350, 35-40 minutes.

QTCakes1 Posted 3 Sep 2011 , 12:48am
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I reduce my o.j. and use orange extract.

cakeyouverymuch Posted 3 Sep 2011 , 12:50am
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I use my regular vanilla cake recipe for both orange and lemon cakes. I zest the fruit (2 -3 oranges or lemons) the evening before I am going to bake and add the zest to the measured amount of sugar that the recipe calls for. I seal the sugar and zest in a zip lock bag till I'm ready to bake then proceed as usual with the zest infused sugar and eggs. I replace part of the liquid called for in the recipe with the juice of the fruit I zested the evening before (usually about 1/2 cup) and omit the vanilla called for in the recipe. Both my orange cake and my lemon cake have a very intense scent and flavor. In fact, the last lemon cake I baked the flavor was intense enough to hold up to a cream cheese buttercream frosting.

scp1127 Posted 3 Sep 2011 , 4:32am
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I use Olive Nation extracts in my baked goods. I also use the zest and a little juice, but the extract allows me to add as much flavor as I want without changing the chemistry of the recipe. You could also reduce your orange juice or use frozen 100% juice concentrate. And my favorite, brush the finished cake with Grand Marnier.

SweetcakesCT Posted 3 Sep 2011 , 4:40am
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I agree with scp1127 about the frozen juice concentrate. I've used other concentrates in cakes, and the flavors definitely pop.

pianocat Posted 3 Sep 2011 , 4:50am
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I lik3 Beth's wedding orange cake recipe here on CC. It uses grapefruit zest, and for whatever reason that works. Good recipe-well received!

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