wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 2:18pm

Yesterday I made this nice cake for a nice customer.. since she lives far away I talked to a delivery company to deliver it for her
here is my cake


I was praying this cake reach the customer safely but in the mid way I recieved a call from the dilvery man saying the cake was ruiined and he sent me this image


aaah ,, what can i do with this ,, I am sure he put some stuff on the cake box ,, no waaaay this can happen to the cake while dilvering

I called the customer now , she is very nice I offered her a free cake she said she will pay for it , but I insist its free for her

pleeeeease ,, would anyone tell me how this happened to my nicccce BC cake ??

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kel58 Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 2:32pm

OMG I hope you didn't still have to pay the delivery man. Oh my. I agree that it looks like something was put on top of the box or maybe dropped and flipped over in the process. There is icing all over the top of the box and unless the box was to short, im not really sure how else that would happen.
Im glad your client was so understanding, but it is still unfortunate that she had to be.
Did the driver give you an explantion? You certainly deserve one.
Sorry this happened to you

p.s. your picture links dont work but if you copy and past the url WITHOUT the [img] before and after into a new browser you can veiw them. Im not really sure how to actually fix the problem. Maybe someone else can help

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 2:58pm


I will never pay him , i will never deal with this shipping company again ,,

the box side never touch the cake I measured everything , the cake supposed to be in the middle of the cake board , as you see it shifted

the cover box doesnt touch the cake , I am wondering how BC can be all over the sides , its crusting BC , can this happen to all BC cakes ? since this was my first BC cake delivery?

bobhope Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 2:59pm

i'm sorry this happened to you..it did happen to me too a couple of years ago..when the cake reached my client, he said the cake looked like it has been "tossed" around... the courier people mishandled it as if it wasn't food, & they even claimed to deliver food as one of their services ... i felt bad for my client as it was supposed to be a gift to his aunt.. icon_sad.gif

by the way, your roses are lovely icon_smile.gif


Dinaz61 Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 3:59pm

Oh my goodness - I would have stopped breathing. I hope you sent your customer a picture of the cake you did make. The courrier should be held responsible. They say you can't have your cake and eat it too! I would be devastated if this happened.

QTCakes1 Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 4:02pm

They put a box on it, plain and simple. I would ask for them to cover the cost of the cake.

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 4:03pm

bob ,, what do you do usually to prevent this from happening

I am soo afraid this happen to me again while transporting the BC cake

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 4:07pm

dinaz I sent the pic to to the customer , I feelo sooo soorrry for her

I am still crying , its my work , my time , I feeeel soo saad and I am looking for a solution to avoid this happening again ,

it was my first BC transporting , Do you guys trabsport your BC cake the same way as your fondant cake ?

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 4:12pm
Originally Posted by QTCakes1

They put a box on it, plain and simple. I would ask for them to cover the cost of the cake.

I called the office , I said for sure they put a box on it , but the currior man said he didnt

the Bc was crusting BC, I am thinking if this was a factor

Unlimited Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 4:31pm

It does look like the basketweave icing was too dry, it cracked, and fell off. (Did you also ice the cake for the basketweave to have something to stick to?)

But, it also looks like nothing would have been able to stick to the cake because it appears the cake box was turned on its side (see the grease stain on the side panel of the box).

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 4:52pm


Its indydebi crusting BC , its very stiff when it dries , and there is a chocloate Butter cream beneath it so , it sticked to it ,why did it cracked?

I put cakeboard under the cake , then attach the cake with the square cake board , I made the cakeboard as the same size as the bottom box so the cake board dosnt slide off

how can I avoid this happen again , i agree it seems nothing stick to the cake , but i covered BC coat on the cake before making the roses and basketweave

mariacakestoo Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 5:55pm

Honey, you could have packed that thing up tight as a drum, and it could have happened. No one takes care of delivering products as well as we do ourselves. No one takes it as seriously as us, sorry!

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 6:08pm

maria I agree no one take care of delivering cakes as we do , but I want to know what I did wrong ,

the cake((which has a small cake board beneath it and its not seen)) was attached to the big cake board , so there is small cake board glued to the big cake board as u see it seems it shifted how can I secure this ?? how can I secure transporting BC cake ?

FromScratchSF Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 6:57pm

I'm confused, were you overnighting this cake somewhere or sending it across town? I'm sorry this happened to you but your packaging choices need improvement. Your cake board is huge and it looks like you used a 1/2 sheet box for what, an 8" cake? By the looks of it, you were taking a big chance of your cake playing pin ball in that packaging. I think the van/truck took a turn and your very small cake in a gigantic flimsy box slid all around... the weight of it could have tipped the box over all on it's own with no fault of the driver.

If I was trusting a courier to deliver a cake for me, I would have put the very refrigerated, cold cake in an appropriate size cake box, then put that in a sturdy tight-fitting cardboard box (so the cake box wouldn't slide around) marked "FRAGILE", "KEEP LEVEL" "THIS SIDE UP" and "CAKE HANDLE WITH CARE" written in big bold letters on all 4 sides, and put 'DO NOT PLACE OBJECTS ON TOP" on the top of the box.

Better luck next time!

dldbrou Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 6:59pm

I don't know if you can find them, but if they have boxes that have a clear window on top, it might make the driver realize that he has to handle it safely if he can see the cake.

BlakesCakes Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:00pm

Who says that YOU did anything wrong? You have NO responsibility for this disaster.

If you were a seamstress and made a dress for someone and the courier had let his wife try it on and she ripped all of the seams out, that wouldn't have been because you'd done something wrong............

Once a cake leaves your hands, if it's not treated properly, that's the fault of the person delivering it.

Your icing was fine.

It's clear from the picture that your courier hit the brakes very hard and/or allowed the box with the cake in it to slide around in the back of his vehicle. I'd also guess that you live in a very warm climate and that the cake was allowed to overheat in traffic or while he picked up other deliveries. ANY cake, BC or fondant, would have slid on the board, melted, and been ruined under those circumstances.

NO, this doesn't happen routinely with BC cakes--BC cakes that are kept cool in automobile air conditioning and are not allowed to slide around during transport.

If you have no-skid shelf liner in your part of the world, you may want to invest in some and be sure that future couriers put a piece of it under the cake box while the cake is in the car. You can also put it under the cake board in the box.



kelleym Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:02pm

You said "far away" so it's unclear how far this cake had to travel. Unless this was hand-to-hand service, just don't do it, ever. I tried it once. It was a fondant cake, frozen solid when it left my hands, packed in an appropriately sized box, doweled to its board, then in another box with newspaper and packing peanuts, marked fragile, this side up, etc. etc., and you can see how it turned out. If it had been buttercream, it probably would have looked worse than yours ended up. http://cakecentral.com/cake-decorating-ftopict-626570-shipping.html

Don't ship a cake. It's not worth the risk.

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:44pm


I was sending this cake where its 2 hours away to another city ,regards packaging I admit its my first time packaging a 6 inch cake ,, I used thin cakeboard as this is a small cake , i use thicker board for larger cakes
should I always use thick cake board??

my cake was refrigated very cold , Ithe cutior knew Its a cake ,, I wrote it on the cake box , I phoned the administration office saying this is a cake ,
I have had a fondant cake before delivered by my DH to the same city , I followed the same prcedure in packaging and it delivered fine, So I think its coz the BC cake ??

thanks Jen

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:47pm

I have nice clear box but its too expensice I was afraid the clent cant get it back
the curior knew its a cake it was written on the box

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:53pm


i live in the middle east , the hotteset place in the world , its summer here , but indeydebi BC works great in my area ,

no skid shelf liner very brilliant idea , I will buy one doest absorb car vibration so it protect the cake ?

wafawafa Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 7:55pm


I'm sorry for what happened to you , I dont like to ship cakes , I prefer deliveringthem but my self


BlakesCakes Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 8:01pm
Originally Posted by wafawafa

I have had a fondant cake before delivered by my DH to the same city , I followed the same prcedure in packaging and it delivered fine, So I think its coz the BC cake ??

No, it was because your DH delivered it icon_wink.gif and not some stranger who didn't care about the time and hard work you put into it.

The non-skid liner just stops the box and/or cake from sliding around when the car moves, turns, stops, etc.

To absorb vibration, I use a piece of memory foam on the floor of the trunk under my cake box. I think that it helps a lot. However, I wouldn't be giving a piece of that away if I needed to have a courier deliver--too expensive.


kakeladi Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 8:01pm

.......had a fondant cake before delivered by my DH to the same city , I followed the same prcedure in packaging and it delivered fine, So I think its coz the BC cake ??............

NO, No, no it is NOT because it was BC cake. It definately was NOT handled properly. The carrier is at fault.
Yes, packing it in smaller more size appropriate box then into a larger box w/stuffing around it *might* have helped but 99.9% of the problem is from improper handling.
Either something was placed on top of the cake box or it was placed somehow that the box turned over in transit.

LKing12 Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 8:05pm

It not only looks like something was placed on top of the box, but that it was allowed to get too warm. Did you paste the cake to the cake board with some buttercream icing? That might have helped it to keep from sliding, but if the delivery guy was driving like a wildman, nothing could have helped this beautiful cake to get to its destination in tact.

dawncr Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 8:28pm

If "nothing" happened to the cake during the delivery, why did the delivery person take a look at it and send a photo halfway there?

I know if I were delivering a cake and nothing happened to make me check on it, I'd deliver it to the recipient's address and go on my merry way.

Something must have happened for him to check on the cake. Another box fell on it, or the box was stacked without side support and fell over, or something. What happened to your cake was not even a slam-on-the-brakes injury, unless it also tipped over the cake or cake box.

The delivery company screwed up. The driver is denying it because he doesn't want to lose his job. Don't spend any more time trying to figure out what you did wrong. You may have been able to tweak a few things for it to be more secure, but it would have been a disaster anyway.

Time to figure out a new delivery method or service.

mariacakestoo Posted 21 Aug 2011 , 10:14pm
Originally Posted by BlakesCakes

Who says that YOU did anything wrong? You have NO responsibility for this disaster.


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